2020.10.14.  9,133 read'Extreme sophistication' World's first hyper limousine'Palladium' released The Drive 2
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2020.10.14. 9,133 read’Extreme sophistication’ World’s first hyper limousine’Palladium’ released The Drive 2

Aznom Automotive, headquartered in Monza, Italy, unveiled the interior of the world’s first hyper limousine’Palladium’.

Aznom introduces this vehicle as’a model that suits the best business people’, and is expected to be released later this month. Now Aznom has finished the interior work of palladium, and is undergoing final testing and evaluation on a public road in Northern Italy.

Aznom, who unveiled the interior teaser, said, “I can immediately recognize the high value of the design and the quality of the materials used is extremely refined.” In the image, you can see two seats at an angle, a refrigerator, and a few drawers in the rear seats.

Aznom said it plans to discuss all possible features and materials with palladium purchasers prior to final order. Aznom said, “With the best materials makers and the most talented craftsmen from Italy, we will deliver almost unlimited customization options to our customers.”

Aznom Palladium, the world’s first hyper limousine, will be unveiled for the first time in Milan later this month. It will also be revealed during the Milan Monza Open Air Motor Show.

Reporter Cho Chae-wan

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