2020.10.09.  7,949 read Avante CN7 Hybrid Test Drive Beanie 14
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2020.10.09. 7,949 read Avante CN7 Hybrid Test Drive Beanie 14

Now, talking about #hybrid fuel efficiency has become a bit boring.
In fact, I don’t think it would be possible to ride a vehicle with good fuel economy in the past, but I hope that the content will have a good fuel economy.
By the time the accelerator comes into force, without knowing it “Oops!!” There was a case that I did it haha
However, as we quickly move on to the eco-friendly era, I wonder if this is meaningful, and the price of oil is really cheap these days.

Anyway, please see #Avante Hybrid once again

As always, reset the trip window
It will definitely come out well, but anyway haha

There seemed to be no rain forecast on the day of the test drive, but it rained.
Ah! The day I took a test drive to shoot this content was the day after Chuseok. It was Friday.

At that time, we had to go to Taean, so we started considering that it would be blocked.

Of course, the road to the western arterial road was a continuous blockage…

The western arterial road is also quite blocked.
Anytime after work… Isn’t it closed around dawn?

If it was normal, it would have come out from a sigh on the way to get stuck…

As you know, #Avante #Hybrid…
If there is enough battery, it is possible to move easily with an electric motor without the engine borrowing power!

Since then, when I climbed up the west coast in earnest, the road was unpredictable

Now I move forward with the engine
While driving, I thought and felt it, but it seems that when I turn on the #HDA and run, it seems to use more of the engine power than when I normally drive
When driving in general, they also use elastic driving, but HDA continues to drive by continuously borrowing the power of the engine.
So, when you want better fuel economy, don’t borrow the power of the machine…
But speaking of the convenience of HDA, what …. The fuel economy is worth about 1~2km/l.

Early model #Tucson… It still looks very good..
Now it’s about the size of a compact suv, Kona or Seltos.
As much as that, when a new model comes out, the vehicle continues to grow.
I wonder if Tucson will go beyond the size of Santa Fe if we think about 20 more years to come.
But… Now, as we move on to the electric car era, the existing models will also become cheaper.
So, Tucson wondered that the suv vehicle that was released this time, named Tucson, will be the last … (Well, I think haha)

As expected, the upbound line is a hell road… I’m already worried about the butter coming up

However, from the vicinity of Seohae Bridge, the down line also starts to be blocked.
I thought it was a good thing that it wasn’t blocked so far.

Now one here….
Despite obviously holding on to the steering wheel, the Avante Hybrid continues to scream to hold on to the steering wheel if it is less sensitive.
At first, I didn’t really care, but even though I kept holding the steering wheel while driving, I was annoyed when I asked him to hold the steering wheel
There seems to be room for improvement… “Please fix it!!”

Another one.. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t care much when I was testing the general Avante
In the case of hybrids, the lower body noise used to be toxic.
I heard the driving noise in my ear, like running through the highway, and I used to play the music loudly.
uh? It’s weird. I think the general model is like this…
Rather, it’s a hybrid, so the engine noise is quieter, so I’d like to hear more noise from the lower body.

However, the driving balance was good, but the hybrid was better.
First, I added an electric motor, so I felt a bit faster driving
The battery and hybrid system were added, so I used to feel the heavy driving feeling thanks to the feeling of pressing the vehicle slightly.
However, there was no place to blame the general model for the Avante driving sensibility.
It’s because the output is a bit insufficient..^^ (What about the N LINE test drive soon?)

That’s how I got to Taean…

It goes a little deeper along the national highway.

Arrival at destination….

Looking at the result…
Total mileage 153.4km
Driving time 2:39h
Fuel economy 24.3km/l
Well, when I look at other test drives, I used to see it exceeding 30km/l, but 24.3km/l doesn’t even come close.
Isn’t there a hybrid that doesn’t come out like this?… ^^

Now, after the tour, we head back to Seoul.
The way to go up is, as expected, the road is blocked …
It was said to be congested but not clogged, but you can think about the length at the time of normal work

So, we arrive at the final destination, the E-Mart in front of the house..

The design is so good…

But seeing the N line and seeing the general model…

The general model is still very general… I want
Then you see the total driving result.

Total mileage 320.9km
Total driving time 7:04h
Fuel economy recorded 25.3km/l
I did it more when I came up than when I went down, but the fuel economy is better
On the road where the reason was blocked, I used more electric motors to run the engine that much…
That’s right…^^

Now standing on the borderline to rise to the eco-friendly era
It is clear that the hybrid model has done its job well.
But now it’s clearly moving fast into the era of electricity and hydrogen.
These days, the end of internal combustion engines. Hybrids also have a slightly longer lifeline than internal combustion engines, and in the end, they will have to hand over the seat to electric and hydrogen vehicles.
Nevertheless, the convenience and efficiency of the hybrid is something that cannot be ignored.
If the vehicle itself develops without an engine, that would be the best.

This was the Avante Hybrid test drive.

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