2020.10.07.  8,063 read Volkswagen Korea, this year's cumulative sales exceeded 10,000 units in 3 quarters Auto Morning 39
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2020.10.07. 8,063 read Volkswagen Korea, this year’s cumulative sales exceeded 10,000 units in 3 quarters Auto Morning 39

Sales of 1,276 units increased three times from the same period last year… Tiguan, Arteon, 3rd generation new Touareg propaganda

New Arteon

[오토모닝 정영창 기자] Volkswagen Korea announced on the 7th that its cumulative sales volume this year exceeded 10,000 units in the third quarter.

Volkswagen Korea sold a total of 1276 units until September this year. This is an increase of more than three times compared to the same period last year (3080s). The company explained that this was the result of the promotion of premium sedan Arteon and luxury flagship SUV new Touareg, starting with Tiguan, the unrivaled best-selling SUV division.

Tiguan is the first imported SUV model that surpassed 50,000 units of cumulative sales in June, and since its first release in 2008, Tiguan has ranked first in the monthly best-selling model of imported cars 21 times. The cumulative sales volume until September was also 8,039 units (including Tiguan All Space), accounting for 78.2% of the total sales.

In particular, with the launch of the 20-year Tiguan this year, the main factor in accelerating Tiguan’s popularity is the diversification of the lineup according to the needs and lifestyles of customers while providing a total of four trims ranging from front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, and 5-seater to 7-seater. It is counted as.

2020 Tiguan

In addition, Tiguan has excellent competitiveness in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO) that not only has both safety and economics based on Volkswagen’s unique solid driving performance, as well as various costs incurred during operation after purchase. As a model, the satisfaction of the owners is high.

Arteon, one of the most beautiful sedans in the history of Volkswagen, is a representative sedan model within the brand leading the popularization of the domestic imported car market with SUV lineup under the Volkswagen Korea 5T strategy.

In particular, it captivated the tastes of 3040 customers with a strong front part that catches the eye and a unique design with a fastback style, and thanks to the high space utilization and running cost, various promotions provided by Volkswagen Korea, and the low total cost of ownership. In fact, it brought out high satisfaction from owners.

Volkswagen Korea reinforced its marketability by reflecting the tastes of 3040 owners in the 2020 Arteon, with an upgraded infotainment system, addition of convenience functions, and wheel design changes. In addition, for customers who want more dynamic sports driving, the four-wheel drive model, 4 Motion, has been added to expand the choice.

3rd generation new Touareg

A total of 294 units of the 3rd generation new Touareg were sold for a month in August, and after the establishment of Volkswagen Korea, it successfully settled in the market through the ‘5T strategy’, a strategy for completing Volkswagen Korea’s aggressive SUV lineup. .

In early August, Volkswagen Korea re-adjusted the price of the Touareg V6 3.0 TDI to KRW 83.9 million to KRW 97.9 million, increasing accessibility and price benefits for premium SUVs. In addition, in the same month, we launched the Touareg V8 4.0 TDI, which boasts the strongest torque among SUVs sold in Korea, and launched a flagship SUV lineup that satisfies the needs of various customers, from the affordable V6 to the V8 for customers who want the strongest product power. Finished.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen Korea is conducting reasonable price promotions for each car model every month. During the month of October, discounts of up to 17% (applicable to the purchase of the Arteon 2.0 TDI Prestige and the Arteon 2.0 TDI 4 Motion Prestige through the Volkswagen Financial Services Program) are provided.

7-seater Tiguan All Space

In addition, various after-sales programs such as’Care Free Service’ that replaces major consumable items free of charge for 3 years,’accident vehicle support program’, and’Service Package’ that allows you to receive maintenance service for major consumable parts at a reasonable price even after the 3-year warranty period. It boasts high price competitiveness and low total cost of ownership compared to domestic/imported cars.

“Volkswagen Korea has endeavored to provide customers with a wide lineup of models, trim and reasonable benefits with the aim of popularizing imported cars this year,” said Stephen Cropp, president of Audi Volkswagen Korea’s Volkswagen Division. “I think it’s not just sales results, but the result of customer support for our efforts.”

Reporter Jeong Young-chang jyc@automorning.com

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