2020.09.18.  13,941 read It's cheaper than domestic cars... Imported cars Automobile Korea said to be cheaper than Tucson Full-off 22
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2020.09.18. 13,941 read It’s cheaper than domestic cars… Imported cars Automobile Korea said to be cheaper than Tucson Full-off 22

[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] Chevrolet, which leads the traditional pickup truck line in the domestic off-road market, is a new off-road pickup truck., “Real New ColoradoWas released. 9month 15Chevrolet’s new Colorado, which started sales in Korea from Japan, is expected to continue the reputation of Colorado with its luxurious exterior design and best-in-class performance..

Chevrolet this time Real New ColoradoSegmented launch line to expand consumer options and increase price merit. Especially off-road functionality Z71-X‘S option is expected to capture the hearts of domestic off-road enthusiasts.. Let’s take a look at Chevrolet’s new Colorado, leading traditional pickup trucks..

Chevrolet’s position in the off-road market is so significant that Chevrolet Colorado is always mentioned in the vehicle choice of domestic off-road enthusiasts.. The new Colorado, which was released this time, emphasized the strength of the off-road vehicle of the existing Colorado, and added luxury with detailed design changes..

The radiator grille, which occupies a large front part of the vehicle, is designed in black, expressing the strong impression of Colorado.. At the same time, a new bumper design that covers the entire air intake located under the grill creates a fresh image that was not found in previous Colorado models..

The design of the skid plate that continues from the bumper that completely surrounds the lower part of the vehicle’s front is a point that reveals the characteristic of Colorado specialized for off-road driving.. Stronger impression and three-dimensional lower bumper, The skid plate creates the image of an authentic off-roader..

Chevrolet will be in the new Colorado Z71-X Separately operated trim to expand your options. Emphasizing off-road driving Z71-X Trim code to mark off-road packages inside Chevrolet “Z71”It’s a burp name conceived in.

Expressing the emotion of off-roader
Z71-X design details

Real New Colorado highlights Colorado’s off-road performance Z71-X Trim is basic Extreme By adding details to the trim exterior design, it emphasizes the stronger off-road driving performance and at the same time makes use of the feeling of off-roader..

The front grille that represents the first impression of a powerful Colorado LED With black bow tie emblem Z71 The badge is engraved to add a profound and luxurious feel to the dynamic and powerful image.. The color of the lower skid plate connected to the bumper is also changed from silver to dark gray..

Unlike basic trim on wheels, new 17Inch bright machined alloy wheels, The color of the door handles and side mirrors has also been changed to black, giving an overall heavy and profound image.. On the rear bed “Z71 Off road Decals are added to differentiate it from the existing trim.

Of the Z71-X trim
Powerful off-road performance

The code that represents the off-road line of Chevrolet Colorado, the symbol of the classic off-road pickup truck model “Z71”With the name of Real New Colorado Z71-X burpAs its name suggests, it has more powerful off-road performance..

Z71-X Trim is conventional Extreme-X Hill descent control has been added to the vehicle body to improve driving performance for more stable driving on downhill roads.. In addition, a transfer case shield was installed to protect the main parts of the engine to protect the powertrain, which could be damaged in rough road conditions..

Forward collision warning system as a safety feature(FCA), Lane departure warning system(LDWS), Head up LED Warning system(RLAD) The high-tech safety system in all directions has been applied to increase safety from accidents that may occur not only in off-road situations but also in general road driving..

In addition, a smartphone wireless charging system was installed inside the vehicle, and a high-definition rear camera and a chrome bezel remote key, Speech recognition support 8In terms of convenience features, such as installing inch’s high-end Chevrolet infotainment system, premium specifications that are clearly contrasted with previous models were applied..

As much as the wider options
Various price range

The price of the new Colorado released this time also has considerable merit.. existing Extreme Add to line Z71-X As the options are expanded by adding trims, the price range varies according to the trim.. In the case of the most basic model, Tucson, which has become a hot topic recently NX4Full options It is cheaper than (43.4 million won).

The price of the new Colorado is 3,830The base of 10,000 won ExtremeStarting with hyung trim Extreme 4Wheel drive model 4,160Ten thousand won, Extreme-X The model is 4,300Form a price range of 10,000 won. Enhanced off-road driving performance Z71-X The basic form of the line is 4,499From 10,000 won Z71-X Midnight Edition 4,649Will be released for 10,000 won.

Real New Colorado’s top model, Z71-X Midnight Edition Bose Audio system, Red recovery that can give the front point a point, Wheel protector, Front under body shield, 2Heat waterproof seat cover, Cargo compartment divider and black side rails, Black sports bar, Loading box The cost of adding options such as a set of covers and hooks is 5,380Ten thousand won(Full option)to be.

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