2020.09.15.  115,659 read Hyundai Motor's 4th Generation Tucson World's First Motor Speedy 334
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2020.09.15. 115,659 read Hyundai Motor’s 4th Generation Tucson World’s First Motor Speedy 334

prefectureOn September 15th (Korean time), Dae Motors held a digital world premiere event (the world’s first public event) of the best-selling SUV’The all-new TUCSON’.

This event was organized so that customers can intuitively understand the main specifications of the new Tucson by introducing various graphic elements. This event includes Hyundai Motor’s global and domestic official homepages and social media channels (Youtube, Naver TV, etc.), as well as the recently launched smart TV by Hyundai Motor Company. It was broadcast to major regions around the world through’Channel Hyundai’, a global content platform based.

The new Tucson is a 4th generation model reborn in 5 years after the 3rd generation launch in 2015. It is a future-oriented design through technological innovation, expanded space with a 3rd generation platform, improved driving stability and safety, and a new powertrain. Hyundai Motors explains that the enhanced power performance, fuel efficiency, pleasant sensibility air conditioning system, and state-of-the-art infotainment specifications harmonize with each other and have a marketability that surpasses the vehicle class.

SUV with Sensual Sportiness applied to complete the best sporty style

The new Tucson is a new SUV model with Hyundai’s design identity,’Sensuous Sportiness’, and has an innovative and sporty design with the theme of’Parametric Dynamics’. It.

Lee Sang-yeop, head of the Hyundai Design Center, said, “The new Tucson will be the SUV that best represents the challenging and bold spirit of Hyundai Motors while completing Sensuous Sportiness.”

The front part is equipped with a’parametric jewel pattern grille’ that sparkles three-dimensionally according to the change of light like a finely crafted jewel. In particular, the’Parametric Jewel Hidden Lamp’, which turns on as a daytime running light when the engine is turned on, is mounted to create a strong image.

The side section has a significantly longer overall length, axle distance (wheelbase), and a short front overhang (distance from the end of the vehicle to the center of the wheel) to achieve a dynamic ratio as if running forward even when stopped. In addition, a three-dimensional and sensuous body was completed through the harmony of the sharp side character line, the rich volume of the fender, and the angled wheel arch.

On the rear part, a’parametric hidden lamp’ is applied over the black frame surrounding the tail light, and the image is differentiated with the’hidden lighting’ technique that reveals the shape of a triangle when the tail light is lit.

In the interior, an open cluster (instrument panel), a 10.25-inch infotainment system positioned below the dashboard, a full-touch center fascia, and electronic shift buttons (SBW) provide a futuristic user experience.

In the driver’s seat, a 10.25-inch open cluster with no cover enhances the driver’s front opening. Along with this, the silver decoration (silver garnish line) that starts from both sides of the center fascia, goes through the dashboard consisting of slim air vents, and extends to the rear door trim, gives the visual effect of expanding the space.

The center fascia is arranged ergonomically by integrating a 10.25 inch infotainment system and a touch-type air conditioning system.

The exterior color includes 4 new colors including Shimmering Silver, Titan Gray, Crimson Red, and Amazon Gray, as well as 6 types including Phantom Black and White Cream.The interior color can be selected from 4 types including Black, Indigo, Brown, and Gray. Do it.

Reinforced safety by applying a new platform and powertrain, and installing intelligent safety specifications

Hyundai Motor Company has significantly enhanced space utilization through an optimized design applying a new 3G platform to the new Tucson. With an overall length of 4,630mm (+150mm compared to the previous version), a shaft distance 2,755mm (+85mm compared to the previous version), and a second row legroom of 1,050mm (+80mm compared to the previous version), as well as the largest two-row space in the same class, as well as a medium-sized SUV-class interior space I did.

In addition,’Fold & Dive’ seats that are folded and stored underneath are applied to the second row so that the expanded space behind the first row can be used freely.

In addition, by expanding the high-rigidity lightweight vehicle body and hot stamping, it has secured weight reduction and collision safety at the same time, raising the level of safety to the highest level in its class, and improving overall basic equipment such as handling, quietness, and braking performance.

The new Tucson is equipped with a SmartStream 1.6 turbo hybrid engine, which has improved power performance and fuel economy, for the first time, and has a high performance of 180ps maximum engine output, 27 kgf m maximum torque, 230ps maximum system output, and 16.2km/ℓ combined fuel consumption. It. Along with this, SmartStream gasoline 1.6 turbo engine (maximum output 180ps, maximum torque 27.0 kgf·m, combined fuel consumption 12.5km/ℓ), Smartstream diesel 2.0 engine (maximum output 186ps, maximum torque 42.5kgf·m, combined fuel consumption 14.8km/ℓ) ℓ), and is operated with a total of 3 engine lineups.

Hyundai Motor Company also applied state-of-the-art intelligent safety and convenience specifications to the new Tucson. Multi Collision Brake (MCB), Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), and Lane Keeping Assist (LFA) for all trims Following Assist), Driver Attention Warning (DAW), and High Beam Assist (HBA) are installed as standard to greatly increase safety and convenience.

In addition, rear-side collision avoidance assistance (BCA, Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist), safe exit warning (SEW), rear-side monitor (BVM, Blind-Spot View Monitor), navigation-based smart cruise control (NSCC, Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control), Highway Driving Assist (HDA), Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA), Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA), You can additionally apply a rear occupant alert (ROA).

Provides a convenient customer experience with the first applied emotional air conditioning system and state-of-the-art infotainment specifications

The new Tucson emotional air conditioning system, applied for the first time by Hyundai, provides the best indoor environment. In the active air purifier system, the sensor monitors the air quality in the vehicle in real time, displays the level of fine dust numerically, and purifies the indoor air by operating the air cleaning mode according to the concentration of the fine dust. The multi-air mode provides a gentle breeze at the touch of a button and maintains a constant indoor temperature to create a comfortable indoor space.The after blow system turns off the engine and operates the blower after a certain period of time to reduce the remaining condensate in the air conditioner to suppress the occurrence of odors.

In addition, the new Tucson is the first Hyundai Motor Company to apply a voice recognition complex control function that can simultaneously control the air conditioning, seat, and steering wheel with a single command when setting the temperature, and Hyundai Digital, which enables vehicle entry and starting through a smartphone application without a smart key. Keys, Hyundai CarPay, where you can easily pay through the vehicle navigation screen without a separate card when paying for payment at affiliated gas stations or parking lots, and K2Home, where you can check and control the status of home IoT devices such as lighting and air conditioners in the house. Connected car services, such as customer-friendly, are installed.

In addition, after parking near the destination, a final destination guide that can be guided by an augmented reality navigation from a smartphone app to the actual destination, and a calendar linkage that informs the departure time in advance considering traffic conditions if the destination is set on a smartphone. Automatically recommends destinations that recommend customized destinations without setting destinations through analysis of the driver’s driving pattern, valet mode that protects personal information when parking by proxy, and allows you to identify the vehicle’s travel time and current location, and download and install software updates wirelessly User convenience has been improved by applying possible automatic wireless navigation updates (OTA, Over-the-Air).

Various marketing activities such as performances reflecting the post-corona era, and domestic pre-contract start

Hyundai Motor Company announced that it is carrying out various marketing activities with the release of the new Tucson. First, we unveiled five TV commercials featuring the new Tucson, which provides a variety of personal life spaces beyond simple means of transportation.

The video shows the new Tucson, which has been transformed into a movie theater, cartoon room, office, yoga room, and DJ room. Plans to show the charm of

In addition,’Non-face-to-face New Tucson Showcase’ will be held in October through collaboration with SM Entertainment, which organized the world’s first online concert, Beyond LIVE. With the theme of “Jolt to Your Ordinary,” the theme of “Jolt to Your Ordinary,” the performance of Tucson and K-pop singers like a musical, and a performance that combines cutting-edge augmented reality technology to raise customer interest. is.

Hyundai Motor Company will enter into a pre-contract for the new Tucson from September 16th. The sales price ranges from 24.35 million to 31.5 million won for gasoline models and 26.26 to 34.6 million won for diesel models. The price of the hybrid model will be announced separately around October. (Based on trim price and 3.5% individual consumption tax)

Through a lottery among pre-contracted customers, props that can be produced in the same way as the theme spaces in Tucson advertisements (movie theaters, comic book rooms, offices, yoga rooms, and DJ rooms) are provided, and all pre-contracted customers 3,000 km within 3 months When driving more than /5,000km/7,000km, we plan to present special maintenance coupons for each mileage section.

A Hyundai Motor Company official said, “The new Tucson, which applies innovative design and cutting-edge technology, will set a new standard for the next-generation SUV. We hope that many customers will experience the colorful life space provided by Tucson.”

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