2020.09.14.  86,163 read If this is real, it's jackpot, Kia's Telluride pickup version renders Auto Herald 160
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2020.09.14. 86,163 read If this is real, it’s jackpot, Kia’s Telluride pickup version renders Auto Herald 160

[김훈기 오토헤럴드 기자] Kia Motors is planning to develop a new pickup truck and sell it to Australia and some countries, and the news was delivered through foreign media. Truck predictions appeared.

On the 14th, Auto Evolution delivered information related to Kia’s new pickup truck under the title of’Kia pickup rendering that looks like a Korean cousin of GMC Sierra’..

The media expects that the model will be released in 2022 or 2023 at the latest, and the vehicle name has not been decided yet, but it is expected to share the design method with Hyundai pickups..

In addition, they cited the contents of Kia Motors’s Australia subsidiary’s interview in July of last year, and emphasized once again that “there is already under development in various body styles ranging from single cap or miniaturized dual cap version” to the North American pickup market. If it enters the market, it is predicted that it will target the market at a lower price than the Ford Ranger, the most popular mid-size pickup..

Previously, Australian automobile media Motoring evaluated that Kia Motors is preparing large sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks specialized in off-road performance, and is competitive as it has already introduced various powertrains..

On the other hand, compared to Kia Motors, Hyundai Motors’ entry into the North American market using pickup trucks is in fact visible. Hyundai Motor Company plans to release a tentatively named Santa Cruz pickup for North America with the aim of May 2021. The model, which will be Hyundai’s first pickup truck, is said to be produced at a local plant in Alabama where Avante, sold as Elantra in the US, is produced..

In addition, Hyundai Motor Company plans to share the platform that will be the basic skeleton of Santa Cruz with the new Tucson, which is about to be released in Korea.Through this, it is focused on developing a concept suitable for outdoor activities with camping equipment, mountain bikes, etc., rather than various cargo loading purposes. I guess it will be.

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