2020.09.11.  45,394 read The new Tucson real driving appearance revealed!  Performance and quietness are all OK?  Daki 161
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2020.09.11. 45,394 read The new Tucson real driving appearance revealed! Performance and quietness are all OK? Daki 161

The latest new Tucson(The all new Tucson) Ahead of the official release, final testing took place in the Czech Republic and Austria..

According to Hyundai Motor Company, the new Tucson will be produced not only in Korea but also in Europe, and this test was conducted to adjust overall quality such as ride comfort and steering feel..

The new Tucson is characterized by a sporty, futuristic appearance that combines Hyundai’s design philosophy Sensuous Sportiness and geometric silhouette, parametric dynamics., At the time of design release, explosive interest continued..

Also in addition to the design 4It is known to have wheel drive and trailer towing capability., Attention from domestic and foreign consumers was focused on the level of detailed specifications and practicality of the new Tucson.. In response, Hyundai Motor Company, along with a dynamic engine and transmission combination 4Equipped with wheel drive and traction functions, He mentioned that it has both the pleasure and practicality of driving in everyday life..

Meanwhile, when the development of the new Tucson is in full swing, Green hellThe Nurburgring Nordschleife called(Nürburgring Nordschleife)It is known that the performance test was also conducted in. In addition, Sweden Arjeplog, famous for being the coldest place in Northern Europe(Arjeplog)The preparation process was thorough, such as conducting a cold test at.

Other targets across Europe, It is known that the test was conducted in very hot environments in the Alps and southern Spain.. Especially Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) Consumers waiting for the release are increasing by saying that various noises generated in a specific situation were checked and minimized for improvement..

As well as, Heavy rain falls 20~30cmWhen running on a road full of water,, I checked the condition of various parts such as the lower cover and wheel guard, Braking performance, Checked the transmission performance when driving on a slope.

The new Tucson silverParametric dynamicsSporty and future-oriented feel predominates by applying themes. The interior is configured with a wide front view by lowering the dashboard and is characterized by a simple design according to the application of a large screen display..

In addition, silver garnish is applied from both ends of the center fascia through the dashboard to the rear door trim., Designed to look visually wide. The cluster is an open cluster without borders, helping to improve openness..

In particular, the center fascia display recently Sclass, In the form found in Toyota Avalon, etc., It seems that the latest design trends have been applied.. According to Hyundai, The center fascia design is ergonomically designed and, To this end, it revealed that the infotainment system and the touch-type air conditioning control system were integrated into a form on a single display..

The new Tucson is among consumers
Angel wing lights
It is the best among the recently released new Hyundai cars.’
It would have been nice if Kona had been made like this… ‘
It is known that there are many positive reactions such as.

The new Tucson will be officially released in the next few days.. Price after launch, Performance, design, Attention is drawn to how the functions, etc. will be disclosed..

The new Tucson real driving appearance revealed! Performance and quietness are all OK?
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