2020.09.07.  81,048 Read The most regrettable specification was added, Chevrolet new car car zoom expected to be released in Korea 147
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2020.09.07. 81,048 Read The most regrettable specification was added, Chevrolet new car car zoom expected to be released in Korea 147

Chevrolet large SUV Traverse Facelift was unveiled months ago. Traverse boasts a larger body size than a large SUV in its class, and provides generous driving performance through a large displacement gasoline engine. In Korea, this point is also being promoted as a Super SUV.

It was released at a lower price compared to the same imported SUV, the Explorer, so it was evaluated that its cost-effectiveness was good, but some of the preferred specifications were not applied, so I was disappointed.. Although there are several improvements in the facelift, there are still many reactions that are unfortunate in the specification, but there are still many consumers expecting to be released in Korea.

To existing design
I added detail

The traverse facelift is showing the finished look by adding details to the existing design. The existing headlamps have been changed to separate top and bottom headlamps like a trail blazer, and the dual-port radiator grille is changed to a more orderly style than before.

In addition, the traverse is equipped with an LED daytime running light that doubles as a turn indicator, and the rear lamp design has also been changed to a three-dimensional appearance by adding details. Other cosmetic changes are known to change only the wheel design as it is a face lift model.

Indoor change

There is almost no change in the interior. All that is equipped with an 8-inch LCD instrument panel like The New Malibu. Except for this, the center fascia, center console, and door trim are all the same as before.

This instrument panel boasts a stylish charm with a combination of digital and analog, and features a variety of information delivery tailored to the driver’s taste. However, it is regrettable that a full digital instrument cluster is still not provided as an option. Otherwise Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with wireless connection are supported.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Finally put on

The biggest feature of this Traverse Facelift is that it is equipped with an optional adaptive cruise control. This adaptive Like the trail blazer, the cruise control is expected to include stopping and restarting functions, as well as maintaining the distance between cars, and maintaining the center of the lane. As the absence of this function has been pointed out as regret in the traverse so far, the satisfaction of consumers is expected to increase.

Also The safety alarm haptic vibration sheet introduced by Equinox can also be installed as an option. Besides Emergency automatic braking system, Lane departure warning and lane departure prevention assistance system, Auto high beam, The front distance indication warning function, etc., is included as standard for all trims.. The powertrain is provided with the same 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine and 9-speed transmission.

Traverse was initially scheduled to be released in the North American market at the end of this year, but production was disrupted due to the influence of the novel coronavirus infection, and it was postponed to release in 2021. Accordingly, the timing of domestic release will also be delayed. Roughly, domestic launch is expected in the first to second quarter of 2021.

Traverse’s price has not yet been revealed. Traverse currently on sale in Korea The base price of the current model ranges from 44.47 million won to 54.57 million won, and the price including acquisition tax ranges from 47.36 million won to 58.31 million won. The face lift model is expected to increase slightly.

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