2020.09.02.  31,598 reads Even fuel economy is good now!  Lincoln Aviator PHEV launched in Korea CARLAB 34
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2020.09.02. 31,598 reads Even fuel economy is good now! Lincoln Aviator PHEV launched in Korea CARLAB 34

Lincoln Korea is launching a 7-seater plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model of the luxury large SUV Aviator launched in April in Korea. This model, released as’Aviator PHEV Grand Touring’, is sold along with the existing reserve and black label trim.

Add a powerful motor to a huge engine

Aviator PHEV Grand Touring is equipped with a 3-liter V6 gasoline turbo engine based on a rear-wheel-based four-wheel drive powertrain, and exhibits strong performance with a maximum output of 405 horsepower and a maximum torque of 57.7 kgm.

In addition, an electric motor with a maximum output of 75Kw and a maximum torque of 30.6kgm has been added to further enhance efficiency and driving performance. The transmission is a combination of a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.

Increased economy by adding a motor

Aviator PHEV Grand Touring has a maximum mileage of 29 km in city center and 31 km on highway, and a combined mileage of 30 km per battery charge. In the case of driving in pure electric mode, it is 2.3km/kWh in the city and 2.6km/kWh on the highway, and the combined fuel efficiency is 2.4km/kWh.

The gasoline and electric motor combined mode fuel economy is 12.7km/L. When driving in gasoline mode, the combined fuel economy is 9.3km/L, which shows how much the electric motor helps improve efficiency. The driver can increase fuel efficiency as much as he wants by selecting the EV mode and the gasoline engine driving mode according to the situation.

Still a luxurious driving experience

Aviator PHEV Grand Touring provides the luxurious driving experience provided by the existing reserve and black label. The dynamic lower entry function automatically lowers the body height when the driver approaches, making it easier for the driver to get on and off.

The 30-way perfector positioning leather seats can be finely adjusted to suit the driver’s body shape, and the high-end sound system Level Ultima 3D Audio System delivers sound close to the original sound.

In particular, the AirGlide suspension mounted on Aviator PHEV Grand Touring creates a comfortable and smooth ride that only air suspension can provide, providing a luxurious driving experience with advanced convenience equipment.

David Jeffrey, CEO of Lincoln Korea said, “Aviator is Lincoln’s representative SUV that is rapidly gaining attention and building trust from consumers in the domestic luxury SUV market.” It is an SUV with advanced technology, upgraded power, and economic feasibility of PHEV.”

The officially launched Aviator PHEV Grand Touring costs 98.5 million won including VAT (3.5% individual consumption tax, including VAT). For more information, please visit the Lincoln Korea exhibition hall, website, and customer center (1600-6003).

Image: Lincoln Korea
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