2020.09.01.  47,756 Read September 2020, Domestic Car Discount Promotion Summaries Auto Buff 72
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2020.09.01. 47,756 Read September 2020, Domestic Car Discount Promotion Summaries Auto Buff 72

2020year 8The month is over, 9The month has started. 9Domestic production with the start of the month 5Dog brands offer various discount promotions 9Month to expand the domestic car market. In particular, Ssangyong Motors 7%We have prepared an aggressive promotion that will give you a discount, Chevrolet is also the largest for some models 250Offer a discount of 10,000 won. this time 9For drivers who plan to purchase a new car monthly, discount promotions for each manufacturer are summarized.

Renault Samsung Motors,
Promotion focused on QM6

Renault Samsung Motors SM6, QM6, XM3, SM3 ZE Max for all models 100Offer a double discount for customers who repurchase 10,000 won. Last 7Released in month SM6And popular model XM3There is no additional discount other than this, 3.5% Maximum interest rate 72Provides smart installment program, monthly installment and deferred installment program. On the other hand, the popular model QM6Up to the purchase cost of options and extended warranty 200It provides a benefit of 10,000 won, If you want a cash discount 50It gives a discount of 10,000 won. but SE Excluding trim, The bold edition 50Only 10,000 won discount can be selected. In addition, the electric vehicle model SM3 ZEWhen you buy cash 60010,000 won discount promotion or 1 million won discount+maximum 72Maintain interest-free promotion for months.

Up to 2.5 million won discount

Chevrolet is up 60Interest-free installment program or up to a month 250Combo installment with a discount of 10,000 won/You can choose a discount program. Maximum for Spark when choosing interest-free installments 60Apply for up to months, Trax, Malibu, Equinox, Traverse is up 36Can be up to months. only, Trail Blazer and Bolt EVIs excluded. Up to Malibu when choosing a combo installment program 250Ten thousand won, Trax Max 150Ten thousand won, Spark max 120Ten thousand won, Equinox Max 250Ten thousand won, Traverse max 100Ten thousand won, Trail Blazer 50It gives a discount of 10,000 won. Other customers who have acquired a new driver’s license, 10For customers with vehicles older than one year, 50An additional discount of 10,000 won, Used car sales customers 3010,000 won discount and mobile gift certificate 10Provide 10,000 won.

Ssangyong Motor,
Super Save Festival with up to 7% discount

Ssangyong Motor Company 9Month maximum 7% Discount or maximum 60We are holding a Super Save Festival that offers monthly interest-free installments.. Target car model 8This vehicle was produced before the month and can be applied to all models of Ssangyong.. Tivoli and Korando are up to 6% Sale, G4 Rexton Max 7% Sale, Rexton sports&Khan is the maximum 5% discount is available, Interest-free installment is the largest for all models 60Can be up to months. Even if the model does not apply the festival promotion SUV Max on model 60Provides an interest-free installment for months, Lump sum or 3.9% Installment 60Homecoming fee for more than a month 100Support 10,000 won. Rexton Sport, a popular model&In the case of Khan 0.9~3.9% (36~72month)Provides installment benefits of. Also coming 14Customers who contract by work 30Ten thousand won, 21By day 20There is also an early bird promotion with a discount of 10,000 won..

Kia Motors,
Chuseok fuel expenses support benefits

Morning is the default for Kia Motors’ sedan models. 20Ten thousand won, K3 30Ten thousand won, K7silver 70It gives a discount of 10,000 won. Subsequent production monthly morning, Ray on the max 4010,000 won discount, K3, K5(Hybrid included)Is the maximum 50It gives a discount of 10,000 won. K7(Hybrid included)In the case of 100It gives a discount of 10,000 won, K9Case default 3% discount on production monthly maximum 3%To give an additional discount.

RV For the model, Niro is the default 50Ten thousand won, Sportage is basic 80Ten thousand won, Mojave 50It gives you a discount of 10,000 won, Soul by production month, Stony is 40Ten thousand won, Niro 80Ten thousand won, Sportage 100Ten thousand won, Mojave 50It gives a discount of 10,000 won. Also 9Chuseok fuel fee for monthly customers only 30It provides 10,000 won support benefits, Target car model K3, K7, Niro, Become sporty.

Hyundai Motor,
Up to 10% discount

Hyundai Motor Company is an old car for most models 30Ten thousand won, H Family discounts,, Maximum for non-popular models 10% Offer a discount. The target vehicle is Veloster(N except)in 5Only for vehicles produced before the month 10% Offer discounts, maximum 235Other benefits of 10,000 won can be enjoyed. Ioniq Electric too 7Only for production before the month 10% Discount is provided. The mid-size sedan Sonata 4Production before month 5% discount, Kona and Tucson are basic 3% At a discount 8Add to production before month 2% Sale, Tucson Silver 7For production before the month 3% Offer additional discounts. In addition, Ioniq Hybrid and i30 N Line is 6Only for production before the month 5%Offers a discount of.

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