2020.08.26.  17,359 read Porsche Panamera Facelift Unveiled, Turbo S·4S e-Hybrid Additional Autocast 23

2020.08.26. 17,359 read Porsche Panamera Facelift Unveiled, Turbo S·4S e-Hybrid Additional Autocast 23

[오토캐스트=정영철 기자] Porsche AGend 26Work afternoon 10city(Korean time standard) 4door luxury sports Sedan New Panamera(The new Panamera)To real time Live broadcast through in the beginning Revealed. this time Released New Panamera 2Generation model With face lift Exercise performance even Strengthen Top level Turbo SWow new PHEV Model 4S e-Hybrid Added.

Newly Added Panamera Turbo SIs existing Panamera Than turbo even more strong Performance Exert. 4.0liter V8 Twin Turbo Engine Crankshaft, Connecting rod My back Newly Design Output 620horsepower, Torque 83.5kgf.mTo Exert. At standstill Per hour 60mile(about Per hour 96.5km)Until Accelerating 2.9Thatch Takes, The maximum speed is Per hour 315 kmUntil It is possible.

Porsche Plugin hybrid(PHEV) To the lineup Panamera 4S e-Hybrid diagram Newly Added. 2.9liter V6 Twin Turbo Engine Electricity Motor and Combine Sum Output 552horsepower, Torque 76.4kgf.mTo Exert. At standstill Per hour 60Up to the mile It takes time is 3.5Seconds, The maximum speed is Per hour 298 kmUntil It is possible.

Battery is existing Plugin hybrid On the model Used 14.1kWh Battery 17.9kWh With battery Upgraded. This through Electric motor only Use it maximum 54 kmTo To drive Number have.(WLTP standard)

Basic type Panamera Applied 3.0liter V6 Single Turbo Engine 2.9liter V6 Twin Turbo By engine Replace.

Porsche Face lift through Chassis and Lower body Newly Tune it Overall Ride comfort Improve and Cornering Performance Also More Dynamically Improved Revealed.

New Panamera Turbo S directly On the track Driven Pro racing driver Timo TurnDe(Timo Bernhard)IsCornering Performance Improved Thing Feel Number haveAndlarge Advanced Sedan High performance Sports car Between Balance surprisingHigh said.

Exterior Design The width of change is Not big not. in the middle a little Divided Had Rear LED Rear lamp The graphic is completely Leading up Graphically Morphs More Stylishly Organized. Front Bumper Until the past As an option Applied Sports design Package By default Install. Also, new Design Wheel Add andTruffle Brown Mattalic‘,Cherry Red Mattalic two Branch Paint Color Newly Added.

Indoors New Steering Wheel Applied. Also spot Chrono Of the package Characteristic medium One person Above the center fascia analog clock Design diagram Newly Changed.

Meanwhile, New car In public previously Last 7month 24Work(local time) New Panamera Turbo S Model German Nuremberg ring In Nordschleife 7minute29second81of Lap time Recording Executive class(Executive Class) sector Lap time New record Recorded.


Porsche Taycan, a four-door electric sports car closer to the 911

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