2020.08.25.  7,481 read Ford Transit Custom Nugget Plus Tilt Loop Option Added!  Kapein Magazine 5

2020.08.25. 7,481 read Ford Transit Custom Nugget Plus Tilt Loop Option Added! Kapein Magazine 5

Ford is the first to introduce a tilt-roof option to the Ford Transit Custom Nugget Plus camper, a long wheelbase model.

This new model allows you to conveniently lower the height of the roof while on the go while keeping the interior space intact, using roof racks, and easy access to limited height parking and camping facilities.

The Ford Transit Nugget Plus Tilt Roof, built on the basis of the Long Wheelbase Transit Custom Van, was developed in collaboration with Westfalia, a motorhome manufacturer.

The new Ford Transit Custom Nugget Plus features high-quality conversion work, advanced driver assistance systems, a 2.0-litre eco-blue diesel engine with 130 hp or 185 hp, and provides a complete camping interior with built-in toilets and sinks and additional interior space.

The tilt roof, which is the most consultative of the vehicle, can be used without much effort thanks to its lightweight materials and self-folding system, and provides a sleeping space with a double bed when expanded. Raising the tilt roof and securing it in place provides up to 2.4 meters of interior space and provides a large amount of light into the room through the large rear window and two side windows.

If you don’t like waking up in the dazzling sunlight, you can use a sunshade that blocks sunlight and protects your privacy, and side vents and LED reading lights are provided as standard to keep you comfortable while using the sunshade. When the bed is not in use, it is also possible to fold and store more interior space for organization.

In addition to the space provided by the tilt roof, the new Ford Transit Nugget Plus has the same L-shaped interior layout as when it was extended with the tilt roof.

Amenities include a living and kitchenette area that can be converted into three travel seats on the go, and two water tanks that can hold up to 42 liters supply fresh water and wastewater to the built-in toilet and fold-out sink.

In addition, Ford’s new long wheelbase camper offers high-speed internet as standard via the Fordpass Connect modem.

Currently, there are four models in the Ford Transit Nugget line, including a short wheelbase with a fixed high roof, in addition to the tilt-roof model, and orders will start in the European market this November and will be shipped in early 2021.

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