2020.08.24.  36,276 read The overwhelming hybrid leader 21-year ES 300h release LEXUS KOREA 272

2020.08.24. 36,276 read The overwhelming hybrid leader 21-year ES 300h release LEXUS KOREA 272

21 year ES 300h

Good morning. <Lexus Korea> This is the official post.

17/L. 20 year ES 300h It was a certified combined fuel economy. 2021Born again ES 300h The fuel economy is higher than this.

2021Year ES 300hIs today(24Work) It’s a hot new car that just appeared. Last 2018Released in the year 7Generation ESModel of change of year. There is no huge change as it is the year-old change, but with delicate improvement ESI have raised the charm of the bay to the fullest..

Core specifications of the 2021 ES 300h

The most representative figure is efficiency.. Compound fuel economy 17.0/LThan before 0.2/L higher 17.2/LIncreased to. Without a doubt, the fuel economy class is by far OneGrade and, CO2 emission diagram Party 93gin 91gDecreases to. It’s like an overwhelming hybrid leader.

21 year ES 300h powertrain

City fuel economy is LParty 0.2High 17.3/L, High-speed fuel economy LParty 0.1High 17.1/LUploaded to. Tolerance weight is also 5Kg Decreased.

ES 300h comes with’LEXUS SAFTY SYSTEM +’as standard.

The second major change is safety. originally 7Generation ESYen driver monitoring helping safe driving Lexus Safety System Plus(LEXUS SAFTY SYSTEM +, LSS+)’Went in, 2021It has changed to a year-old model, and a more active safety system has been added..

Rear Braking Assistance System (RCTAB)

Parking assist brake (PKSB)

chamberlain, It not only warns you in advance of a dizzying situation where a car is running from the left and right blind spots while reversing, but also stops the car on your own. Rear braking assistance system(RCTAB) Went in. The same is true while parking. When there is a risk of contact with obstacles in front and rear while parking, The car warns first and controls the brakes directly Parking assist brake(PKSB)’Actively avoids collisions(PKSB operation and termination conditions: driving speed less than about 15km/h).

Increase the efficiency even more, Even more safely. New ES Is the key to change. 1989It reflects the consumer-oriented values ​​that have been steadily maintained since its first appearance in 2012. More attractively evolved 2021Year ES 300h, that Please enjoy the delicate charm yourself.

Meanwhile, ES 300hSelling imported hybrid cars since its launch OneI have been keeping my stomach firmly. First year of release 2018Not only the year but also last year OneAbove. The same goes for this year. Last 7Overwhelming cumulative sales of imported hybrids by month OneIs above. Thanks for your support, Lexus Korea will continue to take the lead in supplying eco-friendly cars in Korea by releasing more attractive premium hybrid cars..

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