2020.08.12.  35,552 read Ford to introduce compact pickup'Maverick' next year Kaholic 42
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2020.08.12. 35,552 read Ford to introduce compact pickup’Maverick’ next year Kaholic 42

One of the recent trends in the automobile market is that SUVs are growing rapidly. And this trend led to the growth of’pick-up trucks’, which were temporarily forgotten in the market.
Accordingly, Ford is not only introducing the Ford Ranger, a’mid-sized pickup truck’ that has disappeared from the North American market, into the US market, but also is adding strength to the expansion of new markets by continuing the move of’input expansion’ to the world.
In this situation, Ford is known to develop a new pickup truck with a smaller physique than the Ford Ranger, that is, a’compact pickup truck’ and put it into the market.
Ford’s new pickup truck, named Ford Maverick, is said to have a compact four-door chassis cap with a compact physique under the rigid silhouette of the pickup truck, and a deck that is about 61 cm (2 ft.) shorter than the Ford Ranger.

Although specific specifications or powertrain are not known, it is known that Ford Transit and the powertrain and related parts of Ford’s existing vehicles will be used to prevent efficiency and redundant investments in the development process.
The new compact pickup truck, Ford Maverick, is set to debut in 2021.

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