2020.08.11.  17,634 read Car wash in rainy season?!  Erase the water spot Ssangyong Motor 15
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2020.08.11. 17,634 read Car wash in rainy season?! Erase the water spot Ssangyong Motor 15

The rain news continues day after day without stopping. Can I not wash the car if it rains? It’s not like that. During this rainy season, you have to wash your car regularly. This is because various impurities contained in rainwater can cause stains, or water spots, on the car. If the water spot on the car is left unattended, it will settle and become more difficult to remove over time. Today we’ll learn more about why these waterspots occur and how to eliminate and prevent them.

Why do water spots occur?

Water spots are called water spots that resemble scales that remain in the place where moisture has evaporated after water droplets get on the painted surface of a car or windshield. In other words, it’s a stain created by the water drying on the painted surface. This waterspot is particularly prone to the rainy season when it rains heavily.

In addition, water spots can also occur when washing with groundwater. This is because the groundwater used for car washing contains components from various minerals and other substances. If these components remain as residues on the vehicle’s paintwork, they may penetrate into scratches or scratches and cause corrosion. If you treat the water spot as a simple stain and pass it over, corrosion and damage to the painted surface will be inevitable. Water spots are not only messy, but also cause difficulty in securing visibility. So, let’s take a look at what kinds of waterspots are and how to get rid of them.

Type of water spot

There are three main types of water spots. There are common water spots we know, water spots with minerals adsorbed, and etching.

First, the common water spot we know is a trace left by the evaporation of water mixed with foreign substances such as dirt or dust. For this reason, if it rains on a day with a lot of fine dust, it is easy to spot stains on the painting surface. Normal water spots disappear quickly after washing or wiping with a soft towel.

Source: Maguire’s Forum

Second, it is a water spot that contains minerals. Minerals are contained in groundwater, and even rainwater contains various harmful substances in the air. Water droplets containing this material are adsorbed onto the car paintwork. Minerals are difficult to see with the naked eye and at first glance it is easy to be vigilant because it is clean water.

This is called the top stage of the last water spot, called Eching. This is a trace of corrosive substances contained in water seeping into the painted surface. Corrosive substances that quickly evaporate from the sunlight are the best conditions to seep into the paintwork. Once etching occurs, it may be difficult to remove with general products and may require polishing. Here are some ways to eliminate and prevent these water spots.

How to remove and prevent water spots

One) Periodic washing and dehydration

The best way to remove and prevent water spots is to wash your car as quickly and thoroughly as possible after rain. In general, groundwater contains more minerals than tap water. If the water remaining after washing with groundwater is not properly removed, mineral-adsorbed water spots may occur. However, tap water also does not contain any minerals, so it is best to wipe the water off properly after washing.

2) Vinegar and purified water

This is a great way to use it when you have a general water spot in the early stages. The acidity of vinegar helps corrode and remove alkaline minerals. Mix vinegar and purified water in a ratio of 1:1, sprinkle it on the painted surface where water spots appear, and wipe with a towel.

3) Product utilization

Source: Capro

Using a water spot remover or clay bar is one of the ways to remove water spots. There are two types of water spot remover, compound and liquid. It is recommended to use a compound type water spot remover because the liquid type has weak removal power. In addition, clay bar is a good product for effectively removing debris from vehicle drawings. However, it is recommended to use it properly as it may scratch the vehicle if it is used excessively.

Water spot, let’s manage it in advance!

You can’t completely prevent water spots from occurring, but it’s best to prevent them before they get difficult to deal with, right? Did you know that there is sunlight as a good condition for water to evaporate, but the heat from the body also plays a role? One of the most prone places in a car to generate heat is the bonnet with the engine. One of the ways to prevent water spots is to cool the engine sufficiently before washing the car.

Recently, due to the rainy season, the interior of the vehicle has become very humid. In a damp vehicle, it creates a good environment for mold and bacteria to live together with a pleasant odor. In preparation for this, we will also provide you with tips on managing the damp vehicle.

Indoor car wash with baking powder

Baking soda is characterized by absorbing odors and moisture around it. Sprinkle household baking soda on car seats, floors, mats, etc. and wait half a day. After that, vacuum every nook and cranny and you’re done! It’s surprisingly simple, but it’s a quick way to catch the moisture and smell of your car during the rainy season, so try it after the rainy season is over!

Because of the rain that continues day after day, you must be paying attention to car management. We hope that SsangYong Motor Company will make every effort to take care of the car along with the tips provided by Ssangyong Motor and take care of health above all.

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