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				"This is the car I want." Top Hyundai models in North America and Europe Hyundai Motor Company 28

2020.08.05. 17,434 reads "This is the car I want." Top Hyundai models in North America and Europe Hyundai Motor Company 28

Published by a global brand consulting company ‘2019 global 100Teen brandAccording to, Hyundai Motor Company is among the global automakers. 6Topped.

Meanwhile, the ranking of global electric vehicles is an energy market research company. SNEBased on research data 5Climbed on top. Besides 2019In the year 1967First sales since its founding Achieved 100 trillion won.

This achievement is possible because not only Korea but also global customers have chosen.. In addition, The fact that local strategies that considered different purchasing tendencies in different countries led to customer satisfaction was also a factor of success..

if so, How many Hyundai models are active in various countries?? Let’s take a quick look at what models have captivated customers’ hearts around the US and European markets, which are the hubs of automobiles.

United States of America

Global automotive market, Avante in America(Local name Elantra), Tucson, Santa Fe, Palisade is a model loved by local customers..

Avante has accumulated sales in the global market 1,400It is a world bestseller that has achieved nearly 10,000 units. Worldwide 1,000Considering that not more than 10,000 models have been sold,, It deserves to be evaluated as a model that shines in the history of Korean cars.. ※ 2019year 8Monthly data

Avante is about in America 30It is a long-lived model that has been sold for years. TOP 20Came in. Especially a few years ago, riding the Avante About in 5 years 160An American car owner who drove 10,000 kilometers has become a hot topic.. This Avante It is known that only basic maintenance has been performed without replacing the engine and transmission, proving the excellent durability of Avante..

Recently scheduled to be released in North America in the fall 7It is expected that the reputation of the past will continue to the future as expectations for the generation Avante increase..

Meanwhile, Tucson and Santa Fe are global SUV With safety and rich convenience features ahead of, Captivated the hearts of North American customers.

In the case of Tucson 2004Years after launch in North America 16Cumulative sales in years Exceeded 1 million 3Consecutive years It is cruising with more than 100,000 performances.. Outstanding quality and durability as the factors driving such adherent performance, And thanks to efficiency.

Especially IIHS(American Highway Safety Insurance Association)In the small overlap test, which is famous for being the most severe crash test conducted in <2019 TOP SAFETY PICK +>Has been selected.

Then Santa Fe 2000First launched in the North American market. And Last 2013Hyundai Motor Company SUV First North American market Exceeded 1 million units,, last year 10Global sales by month 514It has recorded 10,000 units and is active as a family SUV.

Santa Fe is also leading consumers’ choices based on quality in the North American market.. As a representative example, US market research firm JD Mid-size in new car quality survey conducted by Power SUV Class Best Quality AwardHas been awarded.

JD Power’s new car quality survey, Transmission, Ride, Convenience design, etc. 233It’s famous for being tricky enough to get ratings on dog items. For this reason, consumers in the U.S. often use it as a reference for selecting a car..

In other words, it can be considered to mean that it was rated as a family car that you can ride with confidence.

Finally, the Palisade is also one of the best models in North America.. Flagship large SUVTherefore, it is priced at a higher price than other models in Hyundai Motor Company, but several journalists in the US

luxury SUVla Be wealthy.’
Spacious space and outstanding performance, Premium brand SUVEquipped with convenience features that overwhelm.’

And gave the same positive opinion.

Especially for North American customers 55 Limited with a percentage of the highest trim(Limited)Is confirmed to have chosen, We could see that our customers were willing to pay more for the premium features.. In addition, due to its excellent marketability, there were times when there were so many customers that it was impossible to sell as a rental and corporate model at the beginning of the launch.


2020Based on European local sales data i20, i30, Kona, It has been confirmed that there is a lot of demand for Tucson..

i20silver 2008It is a model developed as a European strategic car model. Hyundai Motor Company carefully analyzes the European sensibility and trends and reflects them in the i20., It is well received by customers for its excellent quality and practicality.. As of last year i20silver 80,000It proved that women’s units were sold and well reflected the needs of European customers.

Especially F1Together with the two major mountain ranges of motor sports WRCin, It is also a model who has been in high ranks several times and has helped to rise to the position of an emerging powerhouse in the motor sports frontier..

Last 2017In 2008, the German automobile magazine Autozaitung’s comparative evaluation of small cars OneTake the place, High quality has been recognized. Autozaitung at the time was the body, Comfort, Powertrain, Driving performance, We have evaluated several items such as eco-friendliness, and have mentioned that the i20 has a comfortable seat and economical efficiency, making it true for long-distance driving..

Meanwhile, in Korea, i30 As a European strategic model, Hatchback, wagon, Fastback, They are active in various forms including high-performance models.. The solid driving performance and fluid design were enough to captivate European customers., It has become a greeting to help Hyundai Motors enter Europe..

As of last year i30And high-performance model i30 Nsilver 75,000I made great achievements, i30NWon the hearts of European customers for high-performance hot hatches. 1,000It has been recognized for its high marketability by performing more than one generation.

Meanwhile, last year’s British automobile magazine Evo(EVO)Is i30High performance model i30NAnd evaluated that its value is recognized in the European high-performance hatchback market, which considers both performance and practicality.. Especially Fast acceleration and deceleration thanks to short gear ratio and excellent braking performance.’Has continued to be well received.

Then Kona SUV It is a model that accurately penetrates the needs of Europeans who want a vehicle with versatility that can be used in a variety of situations while pursuing reasonable consumption amid strong trends. As of last year, Kona combines hybrid and electric models. 10More than 10,000 units.

Kona to be precise 77,649 versus, Kona Electric 21,790 versus, Kona hybrid 6,315 Has been sold.

Kona is a German automobile magazine reputed to be strict Auto BuiltDrew positive reviews from. Auto Bild is an automobile magazine that gives fair evaluation through meticulous analysis and criticism without filtering., I put Kona and the same model 52It is known to have evaluated several items.

Convenience equipment and advanced driver assistance systems for Kona(ADAS)Is applied and has a energetic engine,, Very good design and comfortable seat, And 5The long warranty period of up to one year was chosen as the strength..

Meanwhile, Kona Electric belongs to the top class among popular electric vehicle models and is famous for its high-quality models.. The mileage error is the smallest in extreme environments and Car of the yearHave been selected for.

In addition, Swiss, Netherlands, Spain, It has been recognized as having good performance and mileage enough to be used as a police car in the UK and elsewhere.. Besides 2Global in over a year By surpassing 100,000 units, it has become a key model that has helped Hyundai Motor Company to settle at the top of the electric vehicle market..

As above, the excellence of Kona Electric was widely known. 3Kona Electric was opened in the Czech production plant in January. 3It will be produced in 10,000 units..

In addition, the Kona Hybrid is also reaching European customers, passing strict European emission standards..

Finally, Tucson is active not only in the US but also in Europe. Tucson was a whopping in Europe last year 131,649As a sold model, From Autobilt, Germany BestI was evaluated.

In the middle of last year, Autobuild was semi-medium SUV Wide indoor openness in sector evaluation, Excellent loading and towing load, quality, Acceleration performance, Rear seat comfort, Ease of operation, Perceived noise, Convenience Equipment, guarantee, It got the highest score in many areas, including insurance premiums..

Thanks to these results Tucson scored evenly on several items,, Overall a good and versatile car(all-rounder)’Evaluated as.

Meanwhile, in Russia, which belongs to Eastern Europe, Hyundai Motor Company is considered one of the national brands. As of 2019, Hyundai Motor Company’s share was 10.2 percent. It ranks 3rd out of the top 10 brands in Russia.

In addition, if you look at the ranking by model based on last year, Crete and Solaris ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

Crete is a compact SUV, a strategic model developed to target emerging automobile markets such as Russia and India. It has a sleek and sporty image, a stable and confident design, and provides a casual driving life at a reasonable price.

In particular, it ranks first among Russian SUV models, and last year, thanks to its high popularity, it introduced a limited edition model’Creta Rock Edition’ that emphasized luxury.

Then, like Crete, Solaris is a Russian strategic model. Solaris is a model name determined through a local competition, meaning’sun’ and was sold as an accent in Korea.

According to Hyundai Motor Company’s Russian subsidiary earlier this year, the St. Petersburg plant in Russia has recently exceeded 2 million units since local production and sales began in January 2011. Of those, 930,000 are known as’national cars’ in Russia, enough to be occupied by Solaris.

In February of this year, a new model applied with Hyundai Motor’s design philosophy’Sensure’s Sportiness’ is unveiled, and it is expected to record higher performance than last year with sophisticated design and enhanced infotainment functions.


India is the so-called’hottest’ emerging automobile market. It has as many populations and vast territories as China, and the demand for automobiles is increasing rapidly in recent years, so it is attracting much anticipation. Some consider it an attractive automotive manufacturing market that can replace China.

Hyundai Motor Company is launching several strategic models that take into account the emotions of local customers in India, and at the same time promoting the brand through advertising that stimulates emotions.

Based on last year’s sales, the most popular model in India is the Venue, i10. It can be seen that they primarily prefer small SUVs and small hatchbacks, which suggests that Indian customers want a feature-rich vehicle at a relatively affordable price.

Venue is the best model with about 70,000 units sold last year. With its small but strong exterior, compliant performance and various convenience functions, it has captured the hearts of Indian customers. As a representation of this, Venue won the Best Quality Award in the ‘2019 Indian New Car Quality Survey’ announced by JD Power.

In particular, India is famous for poor road conditions. Venue is a compact SUV, so it has the advantage of more stable driving and lower maintenance costs due to tax benefits. In terms of tax benefits, cars less than 4 meters long have less tax, which is why they are a bit shorter than the Venues sold in Korea.

In the Indian version of the British automobile magazine Car,

‘Fresh design and excellent interior and exterior quality are merit, and daytime running lights are luxurious.’
‘Compared to competitive cars, the interior finishing materials are superior, and the interior space is ergonomic and spacious.’

Also gave an evaluation. As such, it can be interpreted as a car suitable for Indian customers.

In addition, the Indian version of in the UK and , a local media, also showed positive comments about the Venue. The two media compared the Venue and several competitive models of the same class and scored after a test drive. It has been well received for its excellent driving performance, comfortable ride, styling, and space.

The model that is popular in India is not only Venue, but also i10. The i10 is a regional strategic model for Europe and India. It is classified as a light model and has a cost-effectiveness ratio and a variety of advanced safety/convenience specifications, which has led to the satisfaction of Indian customers for a long time. The i10 is a popular model with 120,000 units sold last year alone, and this year, two models are being sold as the main axis: the GRAND i10 and the GRAND i10 NIOS.

In particular, the GRAND i10 NIOS is a model released after Venue and Kona Electric, raising its marketability with a larger body and a completely new interior and exterior design.


In Vietnam, one of the emerging markets, Hyundai Motor Company’s performance is also outstanding. As of the first half of this year, Accent and the GRAND i10 led the way, surpassing the Japanese brand that remained at the top.

In the case of Accent, it was ranked 2nd in Vietnam’s best-selling car in the first half, and Kona, Tucson, and Santa Fe were among the top 10, leading the performance. The reason why small models are so central is that Vietnam charges very high taxes on cars, and most of them are under 1,500cc.

Particularly, the GRAND i10 has a compact size and excellent practicality, replacing the two-wheeled vehicle and becoming the Vietnamese national car.

Meanwhile, this achievement is related to the decrease in sales volume caused by Corona 19 in addition to its excellent quality. For the top-ranked brand, 27 percent fell sharply, while Hyundai Motors showed a big difference at 17 percent.

From the end of June, the Vietnamese government is implementing a consumption revitalization policy that cuts the registration tax of local assembled cars by half. Thanks to this, the demand for Hyundai Motors is also expected to increase rapidly. In addition, expansion of the second factory in Vietnam is planned, which will become a global production base targeting the ASEAN market.

Hyundai Motor Company SUV Has been recognized by various automotive media outlets. And we are capturing the hearts of global customers every year with the advocate of superior quality.. In particular, behind the excellent performance, what kind of car customers in each country want?, Knowing exactly what parts are important to us has helped us to stand out as a global top automaker..

Hyundai Motor Company will quickly grasp the ever-changing global trends and customer needs of each country., We will always come up with a satisfactory model.

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