2020.07.28.  8,941 read Maserati Ghibli S Q4 Gransport Revele Edition Short Tester Autodesigner 29
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2020.07.28. 8,941 read Maserati Ghibli S Q4 Gransport Revele Edition Short Tester Autodesigner 29

Following the previous Levante Trofeo, another model of Maserati that has not yet been experienced, as a new entry model of Maserati,’Gibly’, which was revived 7 years ago, was also tested at the event. Unlike the first-generation Gibli in the 60s and 70s and the second-generation Gibli in the 90s, the third-generation Gibli, reborn as a four-door sports sedan, played a major role in driving sales while lowering the Maserati brand purchasing barrier. .
Before the official launch in Korea in the summer of 2013, I met with exhibition vehicles during pre-exhibition, and some of my acquaintances bought it or I am the owner, but I haven’t even had a chance to test it myself! I was able to experience the car that I was curious about.

In particular, as the Levante was tested with the most high-performance model, the Levante Trofeo, this Gibly is not a general model, Ghibli Revele Editionto be. The Revele Edition also features a Gransport with a 350-horsepower engine on a 19-inch black/red two-tone wheel. 20-inch Urano wheel, Q4 4-wheel drive system, S Q4 Gransport with 430 horsepower engineIt is divided into, and I met it with the upper version, S Q4 Gran Sports.

In appearance, it may look the same as a regular Gibbly Gransport, but the Revele Edition Carbon is applied to the side mirror cover, B-pillar, door catch, and splitter at the bottom of the bumper.I increased the sporty feeling. In fact, almost seven years ago, until now, except for the light and bumper parts, there is almost no design change, but the long lines of the nose, fenders, and bonnets keep the volume full of body lines, sharp headlamps, and a large front. The grille, the strong impression of the trident emblem, and the proportion of the low car that seems to be crouching down on the floor show a unique luxury/sportyness compared to other competitors in style.

In the rear view, the top of the trunk lead with a circular quad-tip muffler at the bottom of the bumper. Carbon spoilerPlus, the overall atmosphere continues everywhere in the front and rear, and inside the wheel Brake caliper painted redThe black body has a strong contrast with the black body.

When entering the room, the strong contrast between black and red is at its peak. Crash pad top and cluster housing, central part of seat, red leather on door trim armrest, black rest, steering wheel with perforated punching, carbon on sports and rim top center, center console The finish is made of carbon, and even a large sized paddle shift is applied to the carbon pattern to create a passionate feeling and sexy sporty feeling both indoors and outdoors.

In particular, the Rivele Edition badge that tells you that you are one of thirty in the entire Ghibli Revele Edition and one in 15 in Korea will be put on the center console, so it will make the owner feel special.

The rear seats are no exception, so the seat and door trim are black/red two-tone and carbon varnish, and the headrest is also embroidered with trident embroidery. It is a sedan model, but because of the body with a long nose short deck ratio, the rear seat is rather narrow compared to other competitive models of the E segment, but it provides enough space for the 172cm tall writer not to sit down, Ventilation opening for rear row passengers and sunglass curtains The convenience features of the back are also somewhat cared for.

Just like other Maserati models, I’m very satisfied with the material and style, but compared to today’s car trends, the lack of a head-up display compared to competing cars, the navigation and infotainment systems are not very convenient to use, the texture of buttons shared with Chrysler, It is regrettable in the absence of other advanced features. Fortunately, a new version of the 2021 Gibly Hybrid, which was recently released, has newly changed instrument panel graphics, a 10.1-inch HD graphic center screen with a larger size, and a new Maserati Intelligent Multimedia System. Problem.

As a driving aid system Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Forward Collision Warning, Auto High Beam Assist, Surround CameraApplying, upgrading to a more active and delicate auxiliary system is also expected to be done through 2021 Ghibli.

When Gibly was first released, when Maserati announced that it would release a six-cylinder engine and add diesel, it was a Maserati fan. Even when I tried it, I realized that even with a high-performance six-cylinder engine, I can fully feel Maserati’s sensibility at Ghibli.

It’s not as thick as an 8-cylinder engine, but Maserati is still a Maserati. When you start it, it will start to make a pretty 6-cylinder sound, and when you switch to the sport mode, the sound will become clearer. This test environment is very limited, so I can’t explain the driving performance in detail. V6 3.0 liter twin-turbo engine 430 hp, 59.2 kg.mThe powerful power of her stimulated her desire to run, screaming strongly that she was ready to jump out when she pressed the accelerator pedal. It takes 4.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h from stationary. The top speed is 287 km/h.

However, in a situation where you cannot run fast and the road is quite congested, the uncomfortable and comfortable driving feeling left a new impression. When running in normal mode, the six-cylinder engine sound is more unexpected than expected, and the suspension also enables comfortable driving without nervously transmitting road shock. In addition, the quietness is quite satisfactory, but it is a problem to want to listen to the exhaust sound while pulling the paddle shift while putting it in the sport mode before listening to the quietness due to the characteristics of’maserati’.

However, there are some parts that can’t hide the fact that the car is a car that contains racing DNA, but if you brake at low speeds using a large-capacity brake caliper, a perforated brake disc, or a metal pad, you can hear the brake friction sound quite well. It may be annoying for those who want to ride quietly and comfortably, but for those who like to run, the braking performance of the brakes is more expected. It is a pity that I have not been able to ride for a long time now.

15 domestic limited edition! Maserati Ghibli Revele Edition S Q4 Gransport test drive is here. Sleek and sexy style with a smoky sound. It was an experience that felt the unique charm of Maserati. Although there are some unfortunate parts, I hope that this will change through 2021 Ghibli.

The price of the Maserati Ghibli Revelé Edition is 136 million won for Gransport and 150 million won for S Q4 Gran Sports.

This test drive was created by inviting a test drive event at the FMK Maserati Hannam Exhibition Hall.

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