2020.07.23.  9,787 reads Standard of large domestic SUV, Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy Tester Red RPM 53

2020.07.23. 9,787 reads Standard of large domestic SUV, Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy Tester Red RPM 53

Red RPM This is Jung Joon-seok

This is the vehicle that caused the boom of a large SUV in Korea.
Among the full-size SUV palisades of Hyundai Motor Company, the test-ride test, which recently added the top lineup, starts.

First, the external design was changed by adding a dedicated design to the calligraphy model based on the existing palletise.
The change is in the same way as the Santa Fe Inspiration that was introduced earlier.

As a result, the graphic inside the grill changed into a very unique pattern engraved with numerous triangles.

The skid plate at the bottom of the bumper also expresses a design that adds detail while matching the color with the molding decoration surrounding the grille.

Other than this, Hyundai Motors has the same configuration as the existing Palisade, such as a composite lamp that separates the top and bottom, or a vertical DRL lamp, which is used by Hyundai Motor Company in the SUV lineup.

I also added two exterior colors, Rain Forest and Sierra Burgundy.
Among them, the rainforest, the exterior color of the vehicle, can be considered as the exterior color that applies only to the calligraphy model.

On the side, the part that was decorated in black on the side of the wheel house panda was changed to a form that added a sense of unity through one-tone cladding such as a body tone.

The wheel also has a new design dedicated to calligraphy.

The rear part also changed the design of the skid plate at the bottom of the bumper without much change from the existing palletise.

Other than that, it is the same vertical rear lamp as the front headlamp.

Overall, it is drawn horizontally and horizontally, so it expresses the design of the rear part that can show a wider and more stable palisade with a large body.

The interior also has a calligraphic design.

First of all, the seat has a unique pattern on the textured Nappa leather, and the detail is reflected in the door trim.

So, it expresses a little more luxurious design, and the door trim and dashboard inlay also have a more stylish look that feels like aluminum.

Also, although it is not a specific specification for calligraphy, the 12.3 inch electronic instrument panel has been newly added through a change of year.
As a result, if you change the drive mode, the graphic changes with a pretty good performance, and the overall design is applied to the Sonata, so it’s satisfactory to meet the gorgeous electronic dashboard while looking a little better. Jaw

In addition, since the vehicle has an optional four-wheel drive system, it is okay to graphically express how the drive is distributed according to the driving situation.

When the turn signal was turned on, the design that used the camera on the side mirror to display the screen on the instrument panel was also configured to look better.

A new ambient light mood lighting has been added to create a different atmosphere at night.

Ambient light has a lamp on the door side and a center center tunnel, and the indoor mood lighting is configured to select from 64 colors in addition to the specified color.

For the calligraphy model only, a semi-perforated leather is applied to the handle, so a handle that enhances the grip is applied.

Other than that, the bridge-type center console has a button-type electronic gear lever, and a dial-type control panel that can operate the drive and terrain traveling reaction modes.

This vehicle is a 7-seater model, and each of the two rows of seats has an independent shape.
As a result, the seating structure can be moved more comfortably even in the second row, and the overall indoor living space creates a comfortable space without lacking from the size of a car.

The space when sitting in the 3rd row seat varies depending on how the 2nd row seat is located, but the 3rd row seat can be operated by electric and configured to use the 3rd row space such as a USB charging terminal or cup holder. The point was a satisfying part

This vehicle is a Calligraphy model that adds internal and external design to the Palisede 2.2 diesel model, so the driving performance is the same as the existing model.
It is equipped with a 4-cylinder 2.2-liter diesel engine, and the transmission is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission. It has a maximum output of 202 horsepower and a maximum torque of 45.0kg.m.
So, rather than the comfort of the 6-cylinder high displacement engine expected in the segment where the Palisade belongs, the powertrain that considers fuel efficiency is applied in addition to the power performance that does not feel the lack of sufficiency to share the city center with a large family SUV. There is

As a result, it takes a while to take the accelerator pedal a little deeper to demand momentary power or to increase the speed when driving over a certain area, but it has a slow speed, but it does not feel any shortage in the initial acceleration or the most frequently used speed section. Gives
In addition, when stopping at idling or driving at low speeds, the diesel engine has some noise and vibration that conveys discomfort when driving.
However, in a situation where the driving is continued after reaching a certain speed, the discomfort is not transmitted, so the part with the setting trimmed to minimize the noise and vibration that accumulates fatigue when driving seemed okay.

In addition, the 8-speed automatic transmission that meshes with the engine tends to transmit power smoothly, and it responds smoothly at the time of shifting to each stage.
Of course, it’s not that aggressive when it comes to shift timing, but it has the right settings to match the vehicle’s characteristics in combination with the engine or overall response.

And the comfort is the soft and comfortable ride.
Of course, depending on the driving situation, the second row sometimes shows a bouncing response, and even in the first row, the vibration is transmitted depending on the road surface condition, but based on the space that the car size has, it is somewhat comfortable to seat any seat. The part that makes the ride possible is considered to be an outstanding factor in the performance of Palisades.

In addition to this, the semi-autonomous driving system that steers up to the steering wheel regardless of speed is based on the smart cruise control with stop-and-go function and lane-keeping assistance, which allows the vehicle to stop at a specified speed at a specified speed by keeping the distance from the vehicle ahead. It helped us to drive comfortably and safely in our daily life.

Total cumulative distance traveled over 5 days is 539.1km
Average fuel economy shown on trip is 12.7km/L

The more detailed story about Palisade is in the video, I hope you enjoy it.

It adds the top lineup called Calligraphy and adds exclusive details along with a dedicated design, but it adds a great deal of merchandise to this vehicle, which has never had an alternative in terms of cost.
As a result, it was a large-scale SUV palisade calligraphy of Hyundai Motor Company, which was considered to be a very attractive option for those who want a special palisade that is a little different from the palisades on the road.


Palisade Calligraphy Test Video

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