2020.07.15.  38,153 reads SUV-style carnival, Palisades throne Kagai CAR GUY 134
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2020.07.15. 38,153 reads SUV-style carnival, Palisades throne Kagai CAR GUY 134

(Top) Kia Motors 4th Generation Carnival, (Bottom) Hyundai Motor Company Palisade

Kia Motors unveiled the interior and exterior design of the 4th-generation carnival in early July. After entering the pre-contract on the 15th, customer delivery will start in mid-August. It is known that the waiting contract has already exceeded 10,000 units.

The changed exterior design is positively evaluated as’SUV-like’. The existing carnival is a typical one-box minivan with a smooth connection of bonnet and A-pillar. The fourth-generation carnival was angled between the bonnet and the A-pillar, disguised as a two-box style like an SUV.

It is said that the rear design resembles a Lincoln large SUV navigator. It is interpreted as a strategy to make up for the popularity of SUVs and the relatively small decline in the minivan market. Instead, the expected 4-wheel drive model did not appear unfortunately this time.

Kia Motors unveils fourth-generation carnival exterior

Lincoln Navigator

Launched in December 2018, Hyundai Motor Company’s Palisade occupies 90% of the large SUV market. It is equipped with three rows and can be moved back and forth through an aisle to replace existing minivan demand. In addition, thanks to the four-wheel drive and high ground clearance, it is also possible to drive on rough roads. Last month, the model to change the model year was released, and convenience equipment was greatly strengthened. Considering the price, convenience, and safety equipment composition, it is said that it is not suitable for the domestic market. When the 4th generation carnival is released, it is expected to be able to compete directly with Palisade.

Carnival indoor

Palisade 2nd and 3rd row space

Carnival increased the size of the vehicle when the 4th generation model was released. The length of the battlefield and the wheelbase were lengthened by 40 mm and 30 mm, respectively, and the width was also increased by 10 mm. It measures 5155mm in length, 1995mm in width, 1740mm in height, and 3090mm in wheelbase. The total height is only 10mm lower than that of Palisade, but it is significantly larger in all areas. In particular, the wheelbase that controls the interior space is 190mm longer. The third row of Palisades is considered to be useful, but it is among the largest SUVs. It is incomparable to the carnival of the minivan concept. Carnival can secure enough loading space even if it is fully used up to the third row. On the other hand, when the Palisade is opened in three rows, it is difficult to utilize the loading space.

2 rows applied to the Palisades VIP model

4th Generation Kia Carnival 2nd Seat

The convenience equipment for the second row is also a cross wall (?). If you select the six-seater model, Palisade consists of two rows of captain seats. It supports the heating function as well as ventilation. If you select the highest trim VIP, two monitors for two rows, an air purifier cold and hot cup holder, and a wireless charger are applied.

Carnival is nicknamed’Daddy’s Dream Car’. The two-row convenience equipment is not envious of the flagship sedan. ‘Premium Relaxation Seat’, which minimizes the burden on the waist by pressing the button, was applied. Adjusting the angle of the backrest is also electric. The thigh rest is also optimized for long distance travel. However, two rows of front, back, and left and right sliding are supported manually. Carnival also has a separate monitor for the second row. We have prepared a’kids theme’ that utilizes the character’Pink Pong’, which is popular with children as the frequency of use is high.

Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy

Kia Motors, 4th Generation Carnival

Carnival also has a lower price than Palisade. When the 4th generation model is released, price increases are inevitable. Nevertheless, it is expected to be available for purchase from late 20 million won or early 30 million won. If you configure a usable option, you can purchase it from the late 30 million won to about 40 million won. On the other hand, Palisade can be purchased from the mid to late 30 million won level, despite being considered a cost-effective SUV. The majority of consumers have the highest purchase rate of the early 40 million won model. The advantages of the carnival are likely to be cheap, large size and abundant convenience safety specifications.

Palisade sold 31029 units in the first half of this year. It is the highest sales volume among Hyundai SUVs. During the same period, the carnival only sold 17331 cars. It is sold at an average of 2889 units per month. Sales are expected to have declined due to the generation change. Last year, it sold an average of 5,000 units per month. When the 4th generation model is released, sales of more than 6,000 units per month are expected to be achieved.

The border between SUVs and minivans is blurring. Existing minivan customers often choose SUVs, and SUV customers often come to minivans. The main reason for Carnival’s transformation into SUV is to secure competitiveness in the US market. SUVs and pickup trucks are very popular in the United States. The position of the minivan is shaking. Kia Motors’ aim for transforming the carnival into an SUV style is expected to work properly.

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