2020.07.01.  14,405 read Small SUV throne, Kia'Celtos' year-end model released Vodka 42
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2020.07.01. 14,405 read Small SUV throne, Kia’Celtos’ year-end model released Vodka 42

Kia Motors released the Celltos model 2021, a year-old model with enhanced safety and convenience specifications, on the 1st.

On this day, Kia Motors launched the model change model ‘2021 Celltos’ of the small sports utility vehicle (SUV) Celltos and started selling it in earnest.

2021 Celltos has newly applied advanced safety and convenience features such as front collision prevention sub-intersection countercar (FCA-JT) and rear passenger notification, and a’gravity’ model featuring differentiated design elements is additionally operated.

Kia Motors has significantly improved customer convenience and safety by applying a rear passenger notification to the trim before the new Celltos. It is the first in its class to be equipped with an anti-collision aid that extends the range to the opposite car, and automatically assists braking even if a collision hazard is detected with an oncoming vehicle when turning left at the intersection.

In addition, a new gravity trim has been added to enhance the luxury of the interior and exterior by applying differentiated design elements. The Gravity model uses the’sharp edge of the shape’ as a design motif, ▲ exclusive radiator grill ▲ 18-inch black front processing wheel ▲ metallic silver color design point ▲ gray interior is applied to create a more sophisticated image.

The dedicated radiator grill has a hot stamping method applied to a rectangular pattern that is repeated in three dimensions to create an intense front image, and the 18-inch black front machining wheel with a triangular surface stands out to show the speed of rotation. In addition, a metallic silver design point is applied to the exterior mirror cover and door garnish for a more sophisticated image.

In addition, Kia Motors enhanced the sense of luxury by changing the material of the LED signature lighting grille of prestige and signature trim from matte to glossy. With excellent visibility and wireless update, the 10.25-inch UVO pack with high customer preference has been configured to be selectable in all trims.

The selling price of 2021 Seltos is: ▲ 1.6 gasoline model trend: 1.34 million won, prestige: 2.248 million won, signature: 2.45 million won, gravity: 2.528 million won ▲ 1.6 diesel model trendy: 2.125 million won, prestige: 2.44 million won, signature: 2.64 million won , Gravity 2719 million won. (Individual consumption tax 3.5%)

An official from Kia Motors said, “Celtos, which has shaken the market of the most competitive small SUV market, has returned to a more excellent product with the highest level of safety specifications and advanced design elements of its class.” As a result, we will strengthen our position and deliver the best impression to our customers.”

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