2020.06.30.  8,919 read Remnants of Japanese language left in automobile terms, let's write!  KCC Auto 62
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2020.06.30. 8,919 read Remnants of Japanese language left in automobile terms, let’s write! KCC Auto 62

There are many foreign words and compound words of unknown nationality in automobile terms. I used to find the correct words and meanings of automobile terms that are commonly used in everyday life, but require purification.

There are many foreign words and compound words of unknown nationality in automobile terms. [출처: 직접 제작]

The representative example is’Gis’. In addition to car terms, it is a word often used in everyday life, but its origin is Japanese. Hmm, the Japanese word’kiju’, which stands for wounds, was transformed as it came into Korea. It is correct to use it as a flaw or scratch. Dashikbang is also a term that comes from the Japanese expression of a room attached to a’Dashboard’. The’Glove Box’ is correct. It is derived from the space where driving gloves were put in the past. On the other hand, Tama is a Japanese word for beads or bulbs. It is appropriate to express it as a light bulb.

[출처: 직접 제작]

In this way, there are many cases where Japanese remnants remain in the terminology of automobiles. The word’휀’, which refers to the side body of a car tire, is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word’Fender’. Same for Teru. It is easy to think of the English word’Tail Lamp’. It is a Japanese compound word that changes tail to deruro and lamp to back. It is a Japanese word for dismantling, which refers to the work of dismantling and repairing parts. It is right to call it’maintenance’. Jippa or jippa, which are used when the engine works abnormally, are also remnants of Japanese. It should be changed to’engine relief’,’engine abnormality’, etc.

[출처: 직접 제작]

It is often said that when the fuel gauge scale points to the bottom, it is a budgerigar. The budgerigar is also Japanese. It means that a child does not move because he sits down, and the meaning expands, meaning that a tram or car has failed and cannot move. It doesn’t fit the meaning of the’lack of fuel’ we use. Mantan is a compound word of unknown nationality that is composed of an oil tank in’man’, a Chinese character that means fullness. It is good to express ‘tribal’ as an ancho and ‘full’.

Some expressions come from Japanese, and some Japanese expressions have influenced them. A representative example is Craxon. The horn is the Japanese expression of horn’Klaxon’ in Japanese. ‘Horner’ and’Clarson’ are correct. In the English-speaking language, it is usually called Horn. Originally, Clarson was a horn maker, but it became so popular that it became a proper noun. Shoba is also an abbreviation of the pronunciation of the shock absorber in Japanese. You should use the word’buffer’ or in English.

[출처: 직접 제작]

‘Muffler’ is an English word for car silencer. It is often expressed in mafura, which is a mistake in Japanese pronunciation. It should be used as a muffler or silencer. Serumota can also be called’starter motor’ or’starter motor’ in Japanese pronunciation. On the other hand,’Assembly’, which refers to the finished product that assembles individual parts, is the correct expression. ‘Tinting’ is also an accurate expression of tinting, which refers to attaching a film to prevent sunlight, ultraviolet rays, etc. on automobile glass.

‘Handle’ is an English word for handle. Often used to refer to a device that controls the direction of a car, but the exact word for this device is’steering wheel’. Or you can call it the steering wheel. Room mirrors and rearview mirrors are incorrect English expressions in the mirror to check the back of the car interior. ‘Rear View Mirror’ or’Rear Mirror’ is suitable. In the side mirror,’side view mirror’ is an accurate expression, but it is not an abbreviation in short.

In addition to the terms mentioned above, there are many other terms related to the wrong car. It is an inaccurate expression, but it is mostly used because it has been used so far. However, misuse will lead to confusion, and will go beyond its original meaning. Using the correct car terminology is not difficult. Just use the correct expression.

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