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2020.06.25. 27,229 read “I’m worried!” Genesis G70 F/L real foreign news evaluation The Drive 68


Recently, Genesis G70It was confirmed through the spy shot that the facelift of. New genesis G70silver 252horsepower 2.0L Turbocharged 4Cylinder 365horsepower 3.3L Twin Turbo V6 There is also an expectation that the existing engine will be slightly upgraded and released..

The interior is expected to be equipped with a large touch screen infotainment system, and it is known that a variant model of the shooting brake will be released in Europe..

Leaked genesis G70 The image of the face lift model is New as expected G80, GV80, G90This is the appearance of borrowing the design elements of the new Genesis..

A new design feature is the mesh insert shielded grille, Split headlamp design, Split tail lamp design, There are new front and rear bumper designs and more.

However, overseas eyes looking at such a design are negative..

American car media Carbuzz(Car Buzz)Is These elements are large G80and G90It might look great at the moment, small G70Seems to be a little overwhelmingWhile This style seems to go better with a wagon or sporty model.Expressed regret.

Also “G70It’s been years since, A charming car that doesn’t look old-fashionedSaying Genesis is G70If this isn’t broken, if you don’t touch it “Do” Showed a reaction.

Foreign Motor Trend(Motor Trend)Degree “G70Is we 2019It was a satisfactory car enough to count as the car of the year.While On the other hand, the new model seen in this leaked photo G70Seems to be somewhat dislikedI was concerned.

With this image leak 2021 G70Seems to be ready to debut, 2021There are predictions that it will not be released until 2010..

Motor trend is new G70The estimated price of 2.0liter 4For cylinder model 3800From 10,000 won, 3.3liter V6 Model case 5300Expected to start from 10,000 won.

Reporter Dayoung Kim


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