2020.06.24.  236,545 reads
				"The air gun blows her mouth." K7 Full Change Expectation Map Automobile Korea 449

2020.06.24. 236,545 reads "The air gun blows her mouth." K7 Full Change Expectation Map Automobile Korea 449


[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] That’s it OverwhelmingThe expression goes well. 5Only one month per month 13,416Sold. The model before last year’s face lift 2019The numbers sold during the year 66,039But, After face lift OneFrom the month 5Until the first half of the month, 61,717apply. Hobulho’s severely altered appearance has no meaning.. This is because the sales volume proves..

Because of this, there is one model that is rolling your feet.. Kia Motors’ semi-large sedan, K7to be. Brother K5Beat the sonata, The newly released Sorento also beat Santa Fe and win. But, K7Is blocked by a large wall called Grandeur.. To find a way to kick Kia K7Is developing a full-change model of, The spy shot is also appearing one after another.. Through expected K7 I looked at the changes in the full change design..

K series starter

K7silver 2009In years OneThe first generation model was released, It is a semi-large sedan that is currently under the hands of Hyundai Schott Group’s general manager of design, Peter Schreier.. At that time, Kia Motors, who could not find its identity, made the leap forward again. K I am the starter of a series.

OneEven at the time of generation release, it was shocked by the progressive and disruptive design., Currently on sale 2Even when going through a full change with a generational model, it surprised many consumers with a sporty design that does not look like a semi-large sedan.. Engraved radiator grill and, Z typeDaytime running lights are the biggest feature..

Recent K7’s
How was the sales volume?

2019year OneFrom the month 12Sales volume up to the month 39,515Among all domestic cars 16Rose on top. On the other hand, the Grandeur before Face Lift 66,039Road 3Rose on top. almost 2It is showing a difference close to the ship..

2020Over the years OneFrom the month 5Looking at the sales volume up to the month, K7silver 21,069Road 9Rose on top. But after the facelift, Grandeur, as mentioned earlier, 61,717As overwhelming OneRunning up. K7Ranking slightly increased compared to last year,, The gap with Grandeur is getting wider..


1 year after face lift
Full change notice

2Generation K7silver 2016Was released in the year, Last year 2019year 6Facelift in the month. Released After three years Facelift was changing with the changing cycle of the general automotive industry. But I was aware of the gap in sales volume with Grandeur., After face lift OneIt is predicting full change in a year.

Existing K7Customers who have purchased are already showing uncomfortable planting of becoming an old car.. In addition, Hyundai Kia Motors’ new car launch cycle has been very short recently., There are reactions asking whether to launch the market without catching the defect..


Wrapping the front of the vehicle
Tiger Nose Grill

Specializing in the recent new car forecasts Wowin Via spy shot K7 Full change prediction. The first thing that stands out is the Kia’s signature Tiger Nose radiator grille that covers most of the front..

The length of the existing headlamp extends horizontally enough to invade the place where it was located., Vertical also extended to the number plate. Also, the original engraved form is maintained..


Slender headlamp
Detachable turn indicator

The headlamp is designed to be thin and slender for the extension of the front radiator grille.. Existing Z type The character appears to have disappeared. In addition, a direction indicator light is applied separately under the headlamp to show that it is separated from the headlamp..

The lower bumper K7 Trimmed a little further from the figure to show the detail.. Instead, the fog lights on both sides of the lower bumper are removed., Only air intake remains.

Kia Motors
Apply new emblem

Another big feature in this forecast is the application of Kia Motors’ new emblem.. last year 12In May, Kia Motors filed a patent for a new logo, 12In the beginning of the month, it is said that it has been approved for trademark right, and it is only necessary to decide when to introduce a new logo.

The first application model K The starter of the series K7As applied to, Kia Motors in the domestic market K It can be expected to emphasize the importance of the series.. But this logo is exactly KIAI can’t see clearly, Consumers’ questions are getting bigger.


New 3G platform
To be applied

K7New through full change 3Will apply the generation platform. 3Due to the low center of gravity design of the generation platform, body safety and driving stability will be improved., The interior space will also be improved.. Here K5It is expected to show a silhouette in the form of a fastback as.

Full change 3Generation K7Will be released in the first half of next year.. As well as a new platform, advanced power trains and various advanced equipment will be applied., I am looking forward to seeing how the competition with Grandeur will flow in the future..


A big change K7The reaction of netizens who looked at the predicted degree of. “It’s like blowing air into your mouth with an air gun.”, “One more catfish.”, “Kia design was good, but suddenly why Are you doing this?”,It looks like an opening at the dentist.There were many negative opinions about the extended grill..

Also Still only expected”, “Still, Kia’s design will be better”, “Isn’t it different in real lifeThere was also an opinion that it was premature to evaluate only with the expected degree.. Also Is that new emblem true?”, “Do an Emblem Competition”, “KIAHey, KINYah, KNNYahThere were many stories about new emblems, etc..

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