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Super SUV Urus, utilizing his personality ' Pearl Capsule' Edition release

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2020.06.19. 23,757 reads Super SUV Urus, utilizing his personality ' Pearl Capsule' Edition release Auto issue 18

Lamborghini has announced the new color and design edition of the’Urus Pearl Pearl Capsule’ of the’Urban’ super sports utility vehicle.

The first Urus-only customization option, Urus Pearl Capsule Edition, was completed by the Lamborghini Centro Stille Design Department to demonstrate Urus’ unique style and outstanding performance.

This edition is a clear two-tone appearance design with Lamborghini’s traditional color, Gialo Inti, Arancio Borealis, and Verde Mantis, applying the high-gloss four-stage pearl effect to the black loop, rear diffuser, and the combination of the spoiler, and the completion of the spoiler. That’s it. The matte gray tail pipe on the back is harmonized with the 23-inch high-gloss black rim that points to the body color.

The interior trim is based on a unique two-tone color combination, and the seat is stitched with a hexagonal logo, and the carbon fiber and anodized black aluminum detail stand out. Here, the fully automated ventilation Alcantara seat, an option available only in Pearl Capsule Edition, provides excellent comfort.

Lamborghini Urus customers can now express updated in-room color palettes, special colors that are constantly expanding, and various indoor customizations provided through the Lamborghini personalized program’Ad Personal’.

Stefano Domenicali, Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, from the city center to the sand dunes and from the village to the ski resorts, the next step in Urus, who tries to challenge customers from anywhere, is the next step in the ability to expand the SuperSUV’s ability to expand the supervisor’s ability to expand the SUV. ””, “Lamborghini’s add-on program and Lamborghini color are essential elements of our brand. With these new options, Urus customers can select the exterior and interior by reflecting their personality, lifestyle, desired style, etc. “It was there.”

On the other hand, after launching in 2019, around 80,300 Urus have been delivered worldwide, approximately 80% of Lamborghini’s customers are customers entering Lamborghini’s brand for the first time, and 10% of them have been known as women. The preference color of customers who run a variety of lifestyles has also been very diversified, and we prefer many more restrained colors as well as traditional sporty Lamborghini colors.

Domestic launch of Super SUV Lamborghini’Urus’

In addition, in addition to the color options, the 2021 model Urus provides the most abundant level of standard equipment, including up to 12 standard functions and head-up displays in terms of technology, safety, and ADAS. As a remarkable product improvement, an updated parking support package including an exclusive new key design and the latest intelligent park assist is provided as an option.

Urus Pearl Capsules are scheduled to be provided starting in 2021.

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