2020.06.14.  18,006 read The division commander's car, the prince of the rear-wheel drive midsize sedan'Daewoo Prince & Broham' Orlide 46

2020.06.14. 18,006 read The division commander’s car, the prince of the rear-wheel drive midsize sedan’Daewoo Prince & Broham’ Orlide 46

Daewoo New Prince

Medium-sized sedans were generally front-wheeled.

However, Daewoo’s Prince, produced from 1983 to 1999, was the only midsize sedan in Korea based on a rear wheel. It was heavy because it was a rear-wheel vehicle, and in winter there was a lot of inconvenience Daewoo’s fuel economy is poor, and if you ride in winter, Can not be done’There used to be a story. Prince of the rear sedan, Daewoo PrinceLet’s go to meet.

Royal prince

The first generation is the Royal Prince Opel’s Record EIt was a rear-wheel base vehicle based on. The engine was applied from 1.5 to 2.0. It is a rare vehicle that is hard to find among classic cars as it is just below the Royal Salon in Daewoo’s Royal Series.

Daewoo Prince 1800cc

From the second generation, the appearance of a familiar Prince begins to appear. After finishing the exterior design at Daewoo Motors’ Bupyeong R&D Center, Prince redesigned the front and rear of the old Opel Record E. minor It is a changed model.

But actually, not only the design but also the air resistance coefficient was excellent. The lowered front line is now in fashion The beginning of the wide & low methodIt was a sleek design that could be said to be.

Daewoo Prince

Since it was a rear-wheel system, its acceleration and high-speed capabilities were superior to those of competing vehicles. In particular, the DOHC model was outstanding when compared to its rivals, the Hyundai Sonata and Kia’s Concord. At that time The soft suspension is popularIt was the rear wheel method because it was pulled, but the effect of the rear wheel method was not as effective as cornering.

Daewoo Broham

Once through the facelift, the New Prince was also released, and the Prince-based Luxury sedan brohamIt was also released together. Could it be said that it is the same as the SM7 made by extending the body of the SM5 in the past? Broham, who used to be the Royal Super Salon, had a 2.0 SOHC DOHC engine and an in-line 6-cylinder 3.0 SOHC.

Broham’s initial appearance is the same as the Audi logo minus one circle with three small circles. The streamlined design was made with a lot of chrome lines on the front and back, and it was a luxury image, but in fact it was just a value-based model based on Prince, and it was difficult to compete with the modern New Grandeur, which was openly targeting the luxury market.

Based on Opel’s record E, it’s a car I’ve been concerned about for a long time. In the army Division leader’s carIt was also famous as, and abroad, there was Broham, who made a limousine based on Prince.

Prince was also famous as Chun Doo-hwan’s last convoy. Integrated rear lampLooking back in fashion these days, the design of cars seems to be turning around like fashion.

Prince’s next vehicle Daewoo’s LeganzaAs the front wheel type vehicle was designed, the existing Prince’s stand was cut off, and the rear wheel type medium-sized vehicle was no longer found in Daewoo.

If you’re looking for it, there are Genesis G70 or Kia’s Stinger, but the name Prince is also quite good, and I will recall once again the memories of Daewoo’s Prince, who applied the rear wheel method to an ordinary sedan.

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