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"I am in charge of high performance" Sub-brands of automakers

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2020.05.19. 18,696 reads “I am in charge of high performance” Sub-brands of automakers Motor Daily 51

Automakers have their own sub-brands for high-performance models. High-performance sub-brands have important meanings because each manufacturer mobilizes all the latest technologies and all development capabilities. In the case of Hyundai Motor, a domestic manufacturing company, it is also showing a high-performance model through the ‘N’ brand. Some of the car company’s sub-brands have already become ‘legends’, and BMW’s M Sport and Mercedes’ AMG are representative sub-brands. Meanwhile, Ford’s Mustang was reborn as a sub-brand for an electrical high-performance model, such as Mach-E, different from the image known as a recent Mustang model. If so, let’s take a look at the sub-brands that have known the technology and brand image through the most famous and high-performance model among the existing sub-brands to date.

M-BMW Established in 1972

M3 and M4

Since the introduction of M1 as the driving vehicle on the first road, BMW M has released the most widely known M5, M3, and so on. Founded in 1972 as BMW Motorsport GmbH for the development of racing cars, M became one of the most widely known high-performance sub-brands as it was also applied to cars on roads gradually. Strictly speaking, M has the status of a manufacturer in Germany, but the door room badge of the M model is written as BMW BMW GmbH, not BMW AG. Technically, it differentiates from the general BMW model, indicating that it is not a subsidiary. To this day, the M model is one of the most desirable BMWs and has been evaluated as a brand that shows strong confidence.

Audi Sport-Audi Established in 1983

Audi RS models

Audi reorganized the rally championship by applying Quattro technology to motor sports. Audi’s four-wheel drive model was branded as Quattro, and the Audi Sports brand’s S and RS models for high-performance models were introduced. Typically, RS6, RS7, RS4, etc., over the entire model lineup, the RS version exists, and the midship supercar model, such as R8, was also promoted.

Nismo-Nissan Established in 1988


Nissan, short for Nissan Motor Sports, is a brand for Nissan’s high-performance model. Starting with Sryline R31, we have launched a high-performance version of GT-R, and recently sold GT-R, NISMO, 370Z Coupe, NISMO, and Centra NISMO.

SVO / SVT / RS-Ford Established in 1981

Ford SVT and RS models

Ford strengthened its model with the high-performance versions Mustang SVO and Falcon SVO, and subsequently changed the name to SVT. The pickup truck model F-150 based Ford SVT Raptor was also introduced. Ford was positioned to strengthen the RS brand, which stands for Rally Sports, which has been in use since 1968, with the news that the name of the SVT brand will disappear. However, with the recent development of the Ford Focus RS next model, the future of Ford’s high-performance sub-brand is darkened.

AMG-Mercedes-Benz Established in 1999



AMG started as an independent company to develop a high-performance model of Mercedes-Benz. At first, the focus was on motor sports, and since then, it was expanded to road driving cars. With the great achievements of motor sports and the success of the road-driving model, AMG has gained fame, and now it has established its own relationship with brands such as Pagani and Aston Martin, and is providing AMG engines. Along with the powerful AMG brand model, AMG provides a sporty AMG appearance based on a standard model called AMG Line, similar to BMW’s M Sport and Audi S Line.

SRT-Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep established in 2003

Dodge Viper SRT, Dodge Challenger SRT Daemon

SRT stands for Street & Racing Technology and is a high-performance sub-brand of Fiat Chrysler Automotive. The first vehicle was a Dodge Neon in 2003, and it gained great popularity in North America by showing its fast performance with the Neon SRT model of a four-cylinder turbo engine. Since then, the most well-known Dodge Challenger SRT daemon through the Dodge Viper SRT is a model capable of reaching a speed of 60 miles in a stop state in 2.3 seconds using the 6.2-liter Supercharger HEMI V8 engine. .

V-Series-Cadillac Established in 2004

CTS-V-1 generation

CTS-V 3rd generation

GM’s Cadillac was born in 2003 to create the V-series sub-brand to catch up with the German competition model. The first model was CTS-V, which used a 5.7L LS6 V8 engine to deliver 400 hp. Since then, the second generation CTS-V was released with a 556-horsepower specification, and the third generation with a 640-horsepower specification. CTS-V was also active in various motor sports, and achieved the rap type as the fastest sedan in Nurburgring until the Porsche Panamera Turbo set a record in 2009.

Abarth-Fiat Established in 2007

Abbas Lineup

Fiat’s high-performance sub-brand, Abbas (Abarth)Was established as a separate brand to sell the high-performance model of Fiat 500. In the beginning, Abbas worked as an automaker in the 1950s and participated in auto racing.It was acquired by Fiat in 1971 and reborn as a brand responsible for producing Fiat’s high-performance model and motor sports.

GR (Gazzo Racing)-Toyota established in 2016

GR Supra and 24 Hour Le Mans Racing Team

Toyota has established the Racing Motorsports Division to replace ordinary and stable images. The Toyota California Racing Motor Sports Team is active in Le Mans and WRC for 24 hours. Recently, the new Toyota GR Supra was launched, and the existing Supra high-performance model was revitalized. In particular, the model name indicates that it is a Toyota high-performance model. GR added, butIn January, I announced a four-wheel drive GR Yaris model equipped with an 257 horsepower engine. According to Toyota, a new GR model will be released in the future.

Polestar-Volvo Established in 2018

Fall Star 2

Fall Star 1

Founded in 1996, the company was established in 2005Polestar)After changing the name to, he started developing high-performance models in cooperation with Volvo. In 2015, Volvo took over Polstar and turned it into a sub-brand for a high-performance model. Polestar recently announced that it will focus on producing high-performance electric models as an independent brand. The first model is the high-performance gasoline hybrid Fallstar 1, and is in the plan to launch the electric vehicle Fallstar 2 afterwards. Polestar 2 will be equipped with two electric motors for Tesla Model 3.

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