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It was converted into a used truck camper bought for 1 million won, and it was & # 039; tax bomb & # 039;

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2020.05.17. 44,093 reads It was converted into a used truck camper bought for 1 million won, and it was & # 039; tax bomb & # 039; Auto Herald 24

Contributor Kipil Kim Professor of Daelim University

Is the government’s promise to make the automobile tuning industry an advanced food item? In the past 50 years, the automotive industry has developed to the level of an advanced country, but the car culture or aftermarket that is suitable for this has not escaped from the level of a less developed country. It is the same as without any major change. The automobile tuning industry is a vehicle culture that emphasizes the development of new technologies through new extreme attempts, the added value of vehicles, and the personality of owning vehicles.

Developed countries are an industry that has grown to at least trillion won and many tens of trillion won. With the automotive aftermarket as the center, we are linking and revitalizing the motor sports industry, making it a rich and successful industry.

In recent years, it has been newly transformed by applying eco-friendly and high-efficiency technology to match the era. Unlike the government’s promise and the legal and institutional basis of certain regulations, the government has declared that the automobile tuning industry will be advanced in the past 10 years. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is repeating the practice of shouting only activation for the purpose of maintaining vested interests, and has no actual effect and only echoes.

In developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, only cars and transmissions are used to manually create cars in the backyard, attaching plates, and running on the streets. However, the Republic of Korea, where the accreditation procedure is leading to a high-cost structure by an institution that has the vested authority, is Korea. The auto camping, which was the expectation, that is, the camping car culture, also stood on the crossroads while meeting the stumbling block.

The camper culture is a culture that started to blow naturally as the national income of 30,000 dollars was completed. In Korea, some of these auto-camping winds have begun to blow, and related industries, such as camping-related parts and structures, have been activated with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses, and the basis for overseas advancement has also been established. Some companies have developed camping parts that are more than the best brand in the world to increase their share.

However, as the government emerged as the biggest stumbling block of the camping car tuning industry, it was at risk for the related industry to die. This is because the government promoted additional taxes when remodeling the camping car. When purchasing a new car, of course, various taxes, such as individual consumption tax and education tax, are imposed. The problem is that, when the structure change is more than a degree, there is a situation in which the tax bomb will be corrected as in the case of a new car.

According to the Enforcement Rules of the Automobile Management Act, if any one of the following five types of camping car is installed: cooking facilities, repair counters, toilet facilities, tables, toilets, it is regarded as a camping car. The government intends to tax if the cost of restructuring exceeds 50% of the vehicle price in accordance with the taxation regulations in the Basic Rules of the Individual Consumption Tax Act. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance will release the interpretation of the vote on this soon, but the idea itself is pathetic.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s preparation is insufficient, but the IRS’s attitude to find and interpret the logic to be imposed from taxes before the camping car industry is fully activated is serious. Reorganization of automobiles must be at the level of developed countries, and only the safety, exhaust gas, and noise are clearly regulated and the rest of the innovations must come up with innovative reform plans.

If the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport makes it possible to revise a new or used car, regardless of the vehicle type, if there is a logic from the IRS, there is no way to avoid taxation when remodeling the camper. No matter how high the value of a used car is, the cost of remodeling a camping car is more than 50%. Even if you replace only a genuine bumper for a used car of 1 million won, it may cost 1 million won. Cars, like any other product, should not have a meaning for the cost of the structural change compared to the price.

On a uniform basis, the date on which the tax is imposed on the change of the car structure must be reconsidered. The idea that anyone considers a car as a necessity as a luxury item and pays various taxes while paying the price for used cars and calculating the cost of used cars, so we have to stop right now. In terms of revitalizing the automobile tuning industry, the cost of changing the structure of a camping car should not be levied other than the general VAT. It is said that if the cost of remodeling a camping car is 4 million won, a tax of 1 million won may be imposed. It is no different from not. <김필수 대림대 교수>

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