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A monster-like 911 that is 10 seconds faster than the 918 Spider.


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2020.05.12. 7,550 reads A monster-like 911 that is 10 seconds faster than the 918 Spider. Autostadt 20

Supercars beyond hypercars
911 GT2 RS

Porsche’s representative lineup is undeniable. From the standard trim Carrera S to the GT3 RS, where you can jump straight into the circuit at any time, Porsche offers a number of options for enthusiasts. Among the many 911 series, the most powerful performance model of the end is the GT2 RS, the main character of today.

GT2 RS, a terrifying monster that boasts no performance deficiencies compared to some of the world’s leading hypercars and records a better circuit lap time than them, is like a legal drug from Porsche. Let’s take a look at GTS RS, which is the best in both road cars and track machines.

Porsche’s signature hypercar
918 Spider

When you think of Porsche-made hypercars, you will most likely point to the first 918 Spider. Porsche’s Hypercar 918 Spyder, which appeared in 2015, uses the V8 4.6 hybrid powertrain and boasts only 2.8 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 100km / h and a top speed of 345km / h.

The 918 Spyder’s sense of acceleration and cornering performance, which pushes it with an incredible torque of 130.5kg.m, is comparable to the world’s leading manufacturers of machines that produce other hypercars like Ferrari and McLaren. Porsche clearly showed its presence in the hypercar market with the 918 Spyder.

911 in a beast’s mask

Porsche unveils the GT2 RS as the final model of the king before the 911 generation passed. This is the most powerful lineup in the 911, but it has a similar appearance to other 911s, but it is characterized by a more radical style and a more extreme performance than the style.

As it is the model of the 911’s final version, the output and cornering performance is also concentrated in all of Porsche’s technologies, so it can run faster than any other car when the driver’s skill is demonstrated. It has the appearance of the 911, but it is a scary vehicle with the world’s fastest car title.

Fastest lap time
6 minutes 40 seconds 33 seconds

On October 25, 2018, Porsche hit the fastest track on the 911 GT2 RS. He climbed the Nürburgring of a car called a green hell and broke the road car record by breaking 1 lap in 3 minutes at 6 minutes 40 seconds.

The GT2 RS MR, created in collaboration with Mantai Racing, was the best 911 to drive on track as well as on the highway, and it was able to achieve this record thanks to perfect tuning. At the time, the Porsche Works driver Las Kern, who drove the 911, said, “It was so perfect that we didn’t have to take any risks for it.”

At codename 993
The history of GT2 RS started

The history of the 911 GT2 RS begins with the codename 993. At the time, the first GT2 RS was created by Homologation in 1993 to participate in the FIA ​​GT2 Championship. The rear wheel platform and six-speed manual gear were adopted to meet the rules for entering the race, and the engine was equipped with Porsche’s proud 3.6-liter, horizontally opposed turbo engine, which exerted 450 horsepower.

The brake and suspension system is the same as the racing car specification, so it was unmatched. At this time, only 57 cars were made for the race, so it was very rare.

Nissan GT-R
997 GT2 RS

The codenamed 997 GT2 RS, which was officially released in May 2010, then helped put the 911 on top. When the Nissan GT-R, who had shouted the 911 of the time at the time, outperformed the 911 in the Nurburgring lap time, Porsche developed and released the GT2 RS to achieve the excellence of overcoming the GT-R with lap time.

The GT2 RS was further refined by the pride fight between the two brands, and at the time it recorded the Nurburgring lap time of 7 minutes and 18 seconds, achieving the highest record in mass production. It was a record-breaking shorter than 10 seconds from 7 minutes 28 seconds of the previous Carrera GT.

GT2 RS is always
I showed off the best performance

The codename 991 GT2 RS, which appeared after 997, was born again into such a beautiful monster, and it spewed out a shorter 10 seconds of the Nurburgring lap time than the Hypercaine 918 Spider. The story that Porsche’s technology is endless comes from these results.

The new 992, which is currently on sale, will also welcome automotive enthusiasts around the world with stronger performance at the time of the next generation 911. Porsche’s endless challenge continues.

Writing Journalist Kim Jae-han (visitor editor of Autostadt)

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