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Hyundai 2020 All New Avante N Line Teaser Released

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2020.04.28. 30,865 reads Hyundai 2020 All New Avante N Line Teaser Released Auto Design 133

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled a teaser image and video of ‘Avante N line’, which replaces Avante Sports, a high-performance version of All New Avante that is scheduled to be released in June. As customers’ reaction to the merchandise and style of the 7th-generation Avante ‘All New Avante’, which was formally launched and sold earlier this month, is good, expectations for the upcoming Avante N-line and hybrid models appear to be high. .

Camouflage camouflage wraps, but when viewed from the exterior’s silhouette, the large design doesn’t seem to be much different from the all-new Avante 1.6 gasoline model, and the black two-tone N line 18-inch wheel tires are visible. The side mirror cover color is applied in black, but like the i30 N line, you can expect to apply the side mirror cover color differently from the body color.

The side line does not seem to have much difference from the existing all-new Avante, and it seems that the brake size has also increased to respond to the increased output and driving performance along with the increase in wheel size.
The rear design also doesn’t make a big difference, instead you can see the twin-tip muffler applied to the bottom of the bumper. The overall appearance of the camouflage test car vehicle does not seem to differ much from the 1.6 gasoline model, except that the N line badge is not visible on the grill, and the same parametric jewel pattern grille as the base model is applied. As it seems that the existing bumper is cut off roughly to prepare, it seems that the possibility of applying bumpers and grills of different designs cannot be ruled out.

It’s almost as if the interior was barely revealed, but if you look at the video for a while, you can check the steering wheel with a paddle shift applied with a seat with a red stitch and a bucket shape to match the tendency of the N line. Do. When looking at the rear view, it may be that the steering wheel such as the i30 N line is not applied, but the perforation is not easily seen on the rim, and the steering wheel of the Sonata N line, which previously revealed the prototype, is the same as other sonatas. If you note that the design is about the addition of a perforated and N-line badge, there is also the possibility of applying a new style.

The engine of the 2020 All New Avante N line is known to be applied with a 1.6 gasoline turbo engine, and the highest output is the same as the i30 N line, the 204 horsepower and maximum torque of 27kg.m, similar to Avante Sport, but other improvements will be applied as well. The transmission is also expected to be applied to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. (Maybe the new wet 8-speed DCT will be applied ..?) Once through the video, the exhaust sound seems to have been made quite aggressively.

All New Avante N Line Teaser Film

Information on the new 2020 Avante N line is expected to be released in mid-May, and we look forward to adding more new points beyond the predictable range.

Photo, video source: Hyundai Motor

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