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A sensible supercar with a 7,000-year-old feeling that a brand that has been neglected in Korea

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2020.04.24. 73,455 reads A sensible supercar with a 7,000-year-old feeling that a brand that has been neglected in Korea Auto Post 200

Chevrolet is recognized as a global brand overseas, but is neglected domestically. Last year, it recorded 77,000 units, which were reduced by 20% compared to the previous year, and excluded the sales of domestic cars except for the premium brand Genesis. Sales volume is lower than the imported Mercedes-Benz.

We recognize Chevrolet as a popular brand, but it is well known as a sports car. In particular, Corvette is a sports car with excellent cost-performance ratio and low price, although it does not lag behind competitive supercars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Last year, we released the full-change model and announced that it was completely transformed into a supercar. Today, AutoPost Issue Plus will take a step closer to the supercar Corvette made by Chevrolet, which has been neglected in Korea.

Writing Reporter Jinwoong Lee

The fruit of long research
Corvette reborn as a supercar

The 8th generation Corvette was unveiled last year in the United States. The new Corvette changes from the traditional FR layout to the midship layout, giving it a true supercar look.

(The concept of XP-880 Astro 2 based on Corvette)

In fact, Chevrolet began researching midship supercars a long time ago. In 1959, a prototype model called CERV first appeared. In 1964, the CERV 2, which was similar to the cars in the Le Mans race at the time, was born, and in 1968 the XP-880 Astro 2 concept was introduced. Since then, he has introduced concept cars with midship layouts several times.

It’s not well known, so Chevrolet steadily showed off the concept car, accumulating technology for the midship supercar. And based on a long 60-year study, last year, finally, the midship supercar mass production model ‘Colvet 8th Generation’ was released and attracted the attention of netizens around the world.

High exhaust natural intake engine
The same applies to the new Corvette.

Downsizing, which reduces emissions and increases output, has been popular for several years. Supercars are no exception, and there are various supercars including Ferrari and McLaren.Come out with the Bocharger. There is also a supercar with a hybrid system that increases fuel efficiency.

However, Corvette still adheres to the high-emission naturally aspirating engine. It will be good news for those who miss the emotion of natural aspiration. It is equipped with a V8 LT2 engine, which is an improved engine mounted on the 7th generation model, and exhibits 495 horsepower and 65.0kg.m with a 6.2-liter displacement (based on the Z51 pack).

Compared to the previous 7th generation model, the output increased by 40 horsepower and the torque increased by 2.3kg.m. It is said that it is less than 3 seconds of zero bag based on the Z51 pack. It has been reported that an overseas YouTuber has actually measured 2.7 seconds. It shows faster acceleration performance than some supercars.

The transmission is equipped with an 8-speed DCT and a performance shift algorithm is applied to adjust the shift timing according to the driving characteristics. The fuel economy also complies with 6.37km / L in the city and 11.47km / L on the highway. Of course, it is a standard of daily driving.

To become a supercar
Chevrolet’s Various Efforts

Corvette isn’t just about high engine performance. A lot of effort has been put into parts other than the engine to achieve high speed. The shortcoming was improved by changing to the midship layout. In the case of the FR layout, the load applied to the rear wheel was light, so there was a disadvantage in that it was difficult to secure the gripping force in a specific situation.

In addition, when braking, the center of gravity is tilted forward. When the midship layout is applied, the front and rear weight distribution is close to 50:50 when braking, thereby reducing the braking distance. The eBoost brake system, in which the electric motor generates hydraulic pressure, is applied.

The suspension is equipped with an improved electronic device called MRC 4.0 that provides more accurate data through an accelerometer. Responds quickly and smoothly, and contributes to improving ride comfort. It also includes a lift function, which allows the garage to be increased by 40 mm to protect against potholes, steep driveways and various road obstructions.

For weight reduction, the body and power train were made of carbon fiber, aluminum, and glass fiber. Front splitter and open two-piece rear spoiler add 180kg of down force for cornering Thanks to these efforts, the Nürburgring record was 7 minutes 29 seconds 9 seconds. It is similar to Urakan, which is more than 100 horsepower and lighter in weight.

Close to the fighter cockpit
The interior of the new Corvette

The interior of the new Corvette was inspired by the fighter cockpit. It is sharply designed around a straight line and the center console is quite high. On the passenger seat side, operation buttons such as air conditioning functions are arranged in a line.

The steering wheel has a design similar to a racing car, and the instrument panel is equipped with a full digital LCD. The 8-inch display located on the right side is tilted to the driver’s seat. The sports seat is made of carbon fiber, so it is fairly lightweight.

High-quality leather and metal are used throughout the interior to enhance the sense of luxury, and six interior themes, six seat belt colors, and two stitch options can be used to compose your own interior to suit your taste.

Hanwha about 7,395 million won
A supercar of less than 100 million

It is the price that attracts more attention than the strong performance of the Corvette. Supercars start with mid-200 million entry models, and the popular 488 Pista and Aventador S are priced at between 500 and 600 million.

In contrast, Corvette starts at $ 60,000 and Hanwha at 7.95 million won. Among the supercar brands, the top models such as 720S, Aventador SV, and Ferrari F12 TDF are similar in performance, but the price is set to be around the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It can be said to be the cost-performance ratio of the past.

Chevrolet reviewed positively
However, it is difficult to release this year.

As it boasts the best price / performance ratio, there are many people who demand domestic release. The demand for supercars is gradually increasing in Korea, and it is said that Corvette was once formally sold. Some consumers responded, “If you release it, buy it right away.”

Chevrolet is also positively considering the launch of the new Corvette in Korea, and is being cited as a car with a high potential for domestic launch along with the full-size SUV Tahoe.

However, it is difficult to launch in Korea within this year. This is because the production cost has been sold this year because it is very popular due to its high cost. Therefore, even if it is released in Korea, it will be possible to meet in Korea next year at the earliest. It was AutoPost Issue Plus.


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