2020.04.23. 24,882 reads

Already a year, Hyundai Motor '2020 Sonata' released

Motor PD


2020.04.23. 24,882 reads Already a year, Hyundai Motor ‘2020 Sonata’ released Motor PD 68

prefectureOn April 23, Grand Motors launched the 2020 Sonata, the 8th generation Sonata model. The 2020 Sonata is characterized by enhanced quietness and driving performance, which further enhances the productability.

Hyundai Motor has improved its quietness by applying windshield molding and thicker, one-row fixed glass to all models of 2020 Sonata. In addition, gasoline 2.0 has added double laminated soundproof glass to reduce noise. In addition, Hyundai Motor changed the shift pattern of gasoline 2.0 and increased the responsiveness of acceleration.

Customer preferences have also been expanded. Premium family and premium millennials, popular trims for gasoline and hybrid models, are equipped with 10.25 inch navigation as standard. The 10.25 inch navigation is a specification that has been selected by over 95% of customers who purchase premium family and millennials.

Projection type full LED headlamps are also standard on premium millennial trim. The Nappa leather seat, previously applied only to the top-level inspiration, has been added as an option for premium millennial trim.

The price of the 2020 Sonata ranges from gasoline 2.0 to 23.2 million to 3,217 million won, Sensuals (1.6 gasoline turbo) from 2,427 million to 3,287 million won, hybrid from 2.75 million to 3,579 million won, LPi 2.0 (for general sales) from 2,575 to 3,232 million won. (※ Based on 1.5% individual consumption tax. Hybrids are priced after tax benefits apply)

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