2020.04.22. 42,322 reads
				[아반떼 롱텀-③] “Shipping delayed than I thought… But the new tea tastes like this. ”

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2020.04.22. 42,322 reads [아반떼 롱텀-③] “Shipping delayed than I thought… But the new tea tastes like this. ” Motor graph 127

Hyundai’s new Avante was officially released on the 7th of this month. While writing a new car release article, I received a quote from the salesperson with a fixed price of 2486,5310 won. The sunroof and 17-inch wheel and tire options were selected for the top-inspiration trim, and the final payment included shipping charges and individual consumption tax (1.5%).

Two days later, after the conversion period ended, I contacted the dealer again. Motor graph Avante is 2 of 459 vehicles on the 9th. Of the 1,6849 pre-contracted Avantes, 459 inspiration trims with Polar White (exterior), Black (indoor), 17-inch wheels and tires, and sunroof were contracted, and our Avante is the second of them. It means that it rose.

On the same day, I visited the agency and made a formal contract. All that remains is to wait for the shipment.

Delivery is delayed?

Waiting for shipment, I visited the new Avante Internet Club. From the 10th, news of new car shipment certification has been posted. Both cars 1 and 2 are polar white with modern trim.

The information that the white car will be shipped first was correct, but it was unexpected that the top full-option vehicle would come out late. Some parts were delayed in supply. Delivery of all customers who chose Inspiration Trim as well as the motor graph was delayed. Then, on the 16th, I was informed that the vehicle had been assigned. The moment came to receive the real thing.

The moment you meet a new car

The new car awaited arrived.

In fact, it was going to go down to the Hyundai Motors Ulsan factory and pick up the car. However, it was decided that it would be difficult to leave the factory due to coronavirus infection-19 and receive a vehicle from a dealership.

Avante, who was scheduled to ship on the 16th, faces another challenge. Arrived at the Singal shipping site in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, but it was not delivered to the consignment company. There was no way to determine exactly where the delay was.

The time went by again, and on the 18th, Avante, who had been waiting, arrived. I already met the vehicle at the new car launch site and at the dealership, but seeing the vehicle of my choice makes me feel new. As I was looking at the new car, the congestion caused by the delayed shipment disappeared.

When I saw that I hadn’t teared one vinyl, I started to feel real.

When a vehicle is first received, a new car must be inspected. What to look for in the inspection process is largely the appearance of step difference and painting, finishing of interior materials, engine noise, operation of smart key and infotainment. In some cases, if a serious defect or damage is found, the vehicle must be refused and the vehicle returned immediately. It should be noted that in order to refuse to take over the vehicle, it must remain in the factory. If you apply tinting or black box construction, it may be difficult to refuse the acquisition.

First, it is good to conduct a new car inspection outdoors in the sun. If the day is dark or if you look around the vehicle indoors, you may occasionally miss a defect.

Items to be inspected for the exterior include general painting of the vehicle, the level of the step, and the presence of scratches on the glass and wheel tires. Inside, the sheets are checked for wrinkles, interior materials, and whether various mechanical devices are operated. It is also a good idea to check if the door, trunk, and sunroof are properly opened and closed.

The step on the left back door is noticeable. The hood finish is painted or the sealing inside of the trunk is insufficient.

Although minor problems such as steps are noticeable, there are no serious problems in driving the vehicle. If you find any of these problems at the Ulsan factory warehouse, you can immediately request a correction, but it is difficult to request a correction when you receive a vehicle at a post-consignment point. If you refuse to take over, you have to wait for another shipment. We plan to request a step adjustment by receiving it at a first-class office for oil replacement and regular inspection in the future.

When the inspection is over and the receipt is signed, step 1 is completed. Vehicles are transported in each local shipping area with temporary plates installed. The temporary license plate is valid for 10 days from the date of delivery, and it is only necessary to complete vehicle registration within this period. After the weekend, we headed to the ward office to register the license plate..

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