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Forget the triangle, now it's the real Avante!



2020.04.14. 47,500 reads Forget the triangle, now it’s the real Avante! Camine 186

I recently told you about the design of Avante (Elantra, the North American launch name) that evolved to the 7th generation. It was officially launched in Korea through online launch on the 7th. #All New Avante The test drive was held yesterday at Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang.

In fact, even though the nickname of the triangular band was created due to the great design challenge (?) In the 6th generation facelift, I am still more familiar with the cute name “Abangi”. But now I think it will be difficult to use the expression “cute”.

It’s cool, it’s full of force … Well, this expression seems to be more appropriate, and to be more specific, it’s even weird.

Ah … For reference, I think we should start the test drive by explaining (“)” that the word “monster” is not an expression that has a negative meaning for this all-new Avante design. It meant that it was like a small sedan made by a supercar brand like Lamborghini.

That’s not to say that All-New Avante also copied Lamborghini. The atmosphere just resembles …

Look at this bold trunk line … It looks as if you’re wearing a large spoiler and is holding the buttocks high up in the sky. I just gave it a feeling.

Besides, the side that is often referred to as the character line created a scary image like a scary brother who fought in the neighborhood with a sharp cut-out.

It looked like I was crawling down on the floor with a loud exhaust sound, but when I look at the whole shot, it’s a semi-mid-class Avante. It’s just the size of the tire that looks out of place …

But it’s not bad from the side. I’m using a wheel that is only 17 inches long, but I pulled out a nice spoke design that makes it look like 19 inches. In addition, the low flat ratio tire size also contributes to the sporty feel.

That was the only downside I found while preparing for the all-new Avante test drive for a while today.

From now on, a brief test drive of praise will begin, so those who are uncomfortable may leave. But, I like it (empathy). Let’s go out … ^^

Is this the Avante handle?
Good world.

So far, there was no such handle in this class … and look at the gearbox side. I’ve already advanced about a generation or so, I’ve been telling you that it’s not so good to apply button-type electronic gear to Sonata and Grandeur!

The gear lever of all-new Avante is so pretty, and the grip feels good. If you wanted to be a little greedy, if you made it shorter and smaller, it would be easier to put things in the wireless charging / storage box in the front, and the space efficiency would have been better. Button location and design including the air conditioning panel, wherever there is no fault.

However, there seems to be some dissatisfaction with the bulkhead processing, which is unclear whether it is for social distance between the passengers and passengers. It looks good, but I think it could be a fatal weakness for young customers in their 2s and 30s who will spend a lot of time with their beloved girlfriend or boyfriend.

Well, I’m a life docgogo, Gaet Myway and I’ll live alone all my life …

The indoor space cannot be said to be comfortable, but it is not uncomfortable. The width of the specifications has been increased by 25mm, and the wheelbase is also increased by 20mm, so it must be a little wider than the previous Avante, right?

I can’t compare it correctly, so I decided to skip it …
Good trunk space.

And the dashboard was freaking out, that’s the bottom level … a 10.25-inch dual screen that seems to have to be applied beyond the Grandeur level. #Panoramadisplay Has been applied to All New Avante.

The instrument panel graphics are great too, and the clusters shown in the default comfort mode show classic speedometers and rpm gauges that bring out an analog fragrance. I kept seeing this …

This time, the graphic in the sports mode, and if you look closely, the carbon panel is also delicately expressed.

Now … I think this is a rough description of the interior and exterior design. It was a short test ride of only an hour and a half, and it’s a bit hard to put on the title of the test drive, but I’d like to see it.

I will step on it now …

But it is better not to expect too much. As you know, this is because the all-new Avante based on the 1.6-liter gasoline smart stream engine launched is not a powertrain for running fun.

This is a setting that can be used with good fuel efficiency. The next 1.6 turbo or N-line (or sports) should be enough to have some fun running on the highway, right?

That wasn’t as frustrating as the 2.0 n / a engine from the last Sonata. It seemed to show the punching sensation as you step on it, or the response overall in the low-speed section.

I’ll cover the details through a separate test drive, but on the specifications, the output that I experienced was better than the numbers of 123 horsepower and 15.7 torque. but…

It’s such a bizarre, not very high-powered supercar-like output.

For reference, you may feel a little frustrated in the high-speed section, which is over 100 kilos per hour. Personally, I think the combination of the powertrain that best fits the current medium-sized vehicles is the 1.6 turbo engine and the dct mission …

If you look at the performance of the current n / a engine and ivt (stepless transmission) combination, you can think of it as not a famous restaurant, but a neighborhood in Jajangmyeon.

My mother said that I don’t like Jajangmyeon, but … I usually don’t like Jajangmyeon. 1.6 Turbo N line or sports model is expected.

The autonomous driving assistance function that started immediately with one touch was also good, as well as safety-related convenience devices applied as a basis for all trims, digital keys interlocked with smartphones, sharing the location of my car, ballet mode, and voice recognition vehicle control, etc. ?) Many advanced convenience options have been applied.

Let’s take a closer look through a separate test drive that will lead …

It’s been only two years, but … it’s different! I would like to praise this 7th generation All-New Avante as a successful return to design.

Oh, all-new Avante price price! This part wasn’t too bad either. Based on the inspiration trim full option that was tested, the price is 24.64 million won. The most basic model price starts at 15.15 million won (smart), and the modern price starts at 18.90 million won and the inspiration starts at 2,392 million won.

With this design, it’s good enough for interior details and convenience options, right?

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