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Genesis GV70, a luxury SUV through spy shots


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Genesis GV70, will you be a better brother than your brother? Spy shot preview

Hyundai’s compact C-Class luxury SUV is the Genesis GV70. The modern Genesis lineup is based on a classic and luxury tone. Like a British Bentley. Driving the success of the Genesis G80 and G90, the value of the GV80 also rises day by day, and the news of the GV70 is also rising.

No longer a legendary car! Let’s take a look at the release possibilities of the GV70 and the values ​​comparable to other luxury SUVs as a C-class SUV.

Hyundai plans to build a variety of Genesis lineups by 2021. First, the sedan lineup from G70 to G90 has already been built, and the remaining ones are the SUV and sports car line. The medium-size luxury SUV is, of course, the GV80 and the NEAR SUV is the GV70.

Anyway, as the GV80 is scheduled to be officially released in the first quarter of 2020, its popularity will be great, and the GV70 will continue until the popularity fades. Therefore, the scheduled release date is 3rd-4th quarter 2020 1st-2nd quarter 2021Looking at it is the industry’s view. (This is only because it takes into account market liquidity.

When the GV70’s first mule (test) vehicle came out, I was able to realize the size of the GV70. First, it’s a bit bigger than Tucson and smaller than Santa Fe. Ambiguous positioning? no. First, small luxury SUVs have always been popular.

The market for compact SUVs, such as Mercedes’ GLC, BMW’s X3, and Audi’s Q5 series, has been very popular with young men and women seeking their own luxury values. This can also be proved by the popularity of the Genesis G70.

The time has come when we no longer size cars and appeal for brand and luxury. It’s clear that the compact, yet uniquely positioned position is an attractive vehicle.

Estimates have already come out a lot. From the triangular grille to the design that mirrors the G70! However, the most realistic design is shown below.


The first feeling is not bad. If you compare a small C-class SUV to a young child, you can compare it with the appearance of an innocent youth. X3 is a bad girl GLC is a sports girl, and Q5 is a good schoolboy. GV70 is a rich manIt gives the same feeling.

because? This is because Bentley’s classic & luxury design motifs are included. The shape of the car is more like a sports coupe. The shape of the muffler that makes the pentagonal grill of Genesis vertically round makes the small but hard shape imprinted.

Oh, the design is not bad.

The Genesis GV70 is being tested hard on the circuit. The engine lineup seems to be similar to the G70 because it is a compact line. Genesis engine lineup of 2.5T 2.2DThis is likely to get in. This is a fairly reasonable configuration and can be done.

If you are in your 20s or 30s enjoying a compact life while riding a Tucson or Sportage, if your car is too simple for your salary, is this an alternative? It also looks like a vehicle that capable women can drive lightly. As the age group and the depth of ownership of the car vary, the launch will eventually bring great success.

Now, shall we look at the front and side views of the vehicle?

Certainly the design was really good. In particular, the shape of that exhaust diffuser, perhaps that design is the first. The grill on the front and the lamp on the back will create a classic lineup identical to that of the GV80, so it seems a bit dull now.

However, the design that goes down to the C-pillar makes the car much more compact and sporty. In addition to the luxury of Genesis!

The front view inherits Genesis’ family look. The appearance of the two-row headlamps and grills clearly shows that they are the pillars of Genesis. Now, what if you don’t look closely, the actual car is drawn?

Spyshot Source Motor1

Of course, it will be cheaper than the GV80, which is close to 80 million won. However, if the prices of competing cars are between 4,000 and 7,000, and predict the slight increase in proportion to the price of the G70 in the same lineup, similar to GLA Expect prices between 4,000 and 6,000You can. The main model is expected to be sold at around 50 million won.

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