Kia Sorento's brother “Sonnet” leaked inside
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2020.04.09. 94,677 reads Kia Sorento’s brother, Sonnet, leaked inside The Drive 82

Kia Motors Sonnet <출처=오토카인디아>

The inside of Kia Motors’ Sorrento’s younger brother Sonnet was released.

Sonnet is a small-scale SUV that shares a platform with Hyundai Motor Venue as a strategic model that Kia Motors is preparing to target the Indian market.

Kia Motors Sonnet <출처=오토카인디아>

Kia Motors is preparing Sonnet for Celltos and Carnival, which is attracting popularity in India, and plans to release it to India this year when Corona 19 ends.

Local media AutoCarIndia has released an internal spyshot of this sonnet. The media responded, “In contrast to the Venue, which looks a little ordinary inside, the Sonnet looks attractive and luxurious.”

Kia Motors Sonnet <출처=오토카인디아>

If you look at the indoor image, you can check the appearance of the wrinkled black sheet and the beige color at the bottom of the door pad. The leather-finished seats are red, double-stitched, and vents are visible in the center console.

Above the center console is a view of Kia’s 10.25-inch large touch screen and an infotainment system. The media said, “Same screen quality and function including the connected car technology are expected to be the same as those shown by Celltos.” Next to the screen is an instrument panel with a similar design.

Kia Motors Sonnet <출처=오토카인디아>

At the bottom of the center console, there are two vertically arranged vents, and they are finished with chrome borders and artificial aluminum. There are also wireless mobile phone charging pads and USB connectors. There is no electronic handbrake, but the sonnet appears to have a 360-degree camera and ‘drive mode’ the same as Celltos. On the Sonnet GT line, a Boss sound system and six airbags are added.

In the photo, the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, but Kia Motors also has the possibility of providing the automatic transmission of the same double-clutch unit as the Venue to the GT line. The media showed the expectation, saying, “It is not certain that an automatic transmission is coming out, but just looking at the leaked picture shows that it is at a different level from that of a modern car.”

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