2019 Turkish mobile game APP market report: betting games with distinctive local characteristics

The Middle East, as the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, has a high acceptance of mainstream games in the world.

The rapid development of mobile Internet in the Middle East in recent years, of which Turkey is the largest mobile game market in the Middle East, accounting for nearly 40% of the market in the Middle East, and Turkey is also the most demographic dividend game market in the Middle East. The total number of people in the country, and more than one-third of the population are gamers.

Based on its excellent geographical location across Europe and Asia, a considerable demographic dividend and a good Internet environment, overseas games enter the Middle East and North Africa market, and Turkey may be the best channel.

“PUBG” tops Turkey’s double list

In 2019, the Turkish iOS & Google Play Store games free list and best-selling list winners all fell to Tencent’s “PUBG MOBILE”.

In the free list, Turkish local games are listed in the top 3, and Turkish local game developers are good at light games. For example, many light games under Good Job Games have excellent performance in various markets around the world. In the best-selling list, the social gaming game “101 Yüzbir Okey Plus” owned by Zynga of the United States is second to “PUBG MOBILE”, ranking second.

“101 Yüzbir Okey Plus” was developed by the Turkish local social gaming company Peak Games. After being acquired by the American company Zynga for part of its business, it is now part of Zynga.

“101 Yüzbir Okey Plus” was born from the traditional Turkish domino game “Okey”, which is similar to the combination of Lamy cards and Chinese mahjong. Among the many “Okey” mobile games on the Turkish market, “101 Yüzbir Okey Plus” is the most popular Since the game was launched in 2013, the game has maintained its position in the top 20 of the Japanese best-selling list. More data shows that nearly 25% of the 25 million mobile game players in Turkey have downloaded the game, and its monopoly position can be seen.

In 2019, the Turkish iOS & Google Play Store game free list developer champion still belongs to the French casual game manufacturer Voodoo, and its “hand-drawn racing”, “Helix Jump”, “Aquapark.io” and other top players in the Turkish game list.

With the acquisition of the “Okey” series of games under Peak Games and the near monopoly of its own ace social card “Zynga Texas Hold’em” in the Turkish social gaming market, US Zynga has become the most profitable gaming company in Turkey in the past 2019. Since the acquisition of Peak Games, Zynga can see its ambitions for the entire Middle East market and even the global market. The global layout may continue to upgrade in the future.

In the Turkish iOS & Google Play Store in 2019, the free list is mainly based on categories such as leisure, simulation and racing. Casual games are mainly from France, Germany, Cyprus, the United States, Russia and other countries. The head products are mainly from Voodoo in France and Outfit7 in Cyprus.

The best-selling list focuses on strategy and role-playing. In addition, gaming games also occupy an important position. Gaming games have a broad market in Turkey. Due to legal restrictions, offline casinos in Turkey are decreasing year by year, and game activities are basically concentrated online. This gives gambling games a lot of room for survival. At present, the gambling games on the Turkish market are mainly divided into three categories: OKey, Texas Hold’em, and slot machines. Among them, the products of the American company Zynga, which completed the acquisition of Peak Games in 2017, are the most popular. welcome.

In the Turkish iOS & Google Play Store free games list, the locals mainly focus on text, racing and other categories. Among the text games, the “Kelime Gezmece” series of games under BigStar Games is the most mainstream. Racing games are mainly from Soner Kara, such as “Traffic Racer” and “Traffic Rider”.

The local games in the best-selling list are mainly gambling and leisure. In addition to the local developers Peak Games, which has been acquired by Zynga, the gaming games of local companies such as SNG ICT and Digitoy also have a certain market position.

Catering & home simulation game reveals the mountains and waters, local mahjong “OKey” may have something to do

The 2019 Turkish iOS & Google Play Store games free list and best-selling list basically show the pattern of China, the United States and the local market. Turkish local manufacturers mainly focus on a single product type, and most of them are light games. Almost all heavy games such as role-playing and strategy games come from overseas markets led by China and the United States.

Statistics of the Turkish Google Play Store game list TOP200 shows that there are about 20 Chinese games in the free list and nearly 70 in the best-selling list. In the TOP100, Chinese games account for about 40%, and Chinese games play an important role in the Turkish market. it goes without saying.

In addition to “PUBG MOBILE” in the Turkish iOS & Google Play Store game free list and best-selling list in 2019, Mu Tong Technology’s “Endless Duel”, Quick Game’s “Okey” game “Fun 101 Okey”, Youta Network’s “Underworld” Fengyun performed well in both lists. In addition to the currently most talked about MOBA games, Turkish native “Okey” gaming games are also promising.

The second-ranked “Game of the Sudan” in the best-selling list can be described as one of the successful representatives of the domestic game in the Middle East market. In the second half of 2018, the “Game of the Sudan” quickly entered the top two ranks of Turkey and Russia since its launch The top list of the cross-Eurasian market is highly sought after by local players, and the main revenue of the game is also from these two markets.

In 2019, Tencent has become the biggest winner of domestic game companies in the Turkish market mainly with the excellent performance of “PUBG MOBILE” and its lightweight version “PUBG MOBILE LITE”, as well as King Glory International Edition “Arena of Valor” in Turkey. In addition, Baby Bus (“Baby Supermarket”), IGG (“Kingdom of the Kingdom”), Meng Jia (“Sudan’s Game”), etc. also topped the list with their respective ace games.

In 2019, the Chinese games in the iOS & Google Play Store in Turkey, the free list is mainly based on simulation, MOBA and other categories. The simulation category is mainly based on catering and home furnishing. The representative works are Zenjoy’s “Dream Home” and “Crazy Restaurant”. The most popular MOBA category is Tencent’s “PUBG MOBILE” and its lightweight version “PUBG MOBILE LITE”, and Mu Tong Technology’s “Endless Duel”.

The best-selling list is still dominated by strategy and role-playing, both of which occupy more than 50% of the domestic game market in Turkey. Among them, strategy games mainly come from IGG, Zhixingtong, FunPlus, Longteng Jianhe and other manufacturers, and the representative products are “Kingdom of the Kingdom”, “Dispute between Kings” and “Days of Empire”. Role-playing games mainly come from companies such as Mengjia, Lilith, Kunlun Games, and Youzu. The representative products include “Games of Sudan”, “AFK Arena”, “Goddess” and so on.

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