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2019 Summer Steam Sale officially opens: The biggest game promotion campaign of the year!

So after long wait, finally the best day of gamers came, when dawn today, June 26, annual summer discount event – 2019 Steam Summer Sale was officially Starting with thousands of games of all genres, prices are reduced to half. With the dramatic reduction in the price of massive blockbuster drama, this is a better opportunity for gamers to own copyrighted games with reasonable prices.

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Regarding this promotion, it is considered the biggest of the year because this is the time when most gamers fall into long summer vacations, need to buy favorite games to experience the high cost price yet. have the opportunity to own. Another reason is that Steam's competitor Epic Games Store is also launching a very powerful discount game called Epic Mega Sale, which makes Valve a little worried about its revenue during the year. now on. But whatever it is, users still trust and support Valve rather than test their opponents.

Following that event Steam Summer Sale 2019 will last for about 2 weeks and end at 0:00 on July 10, 2019, ie PC gamers will have about 2 weeks to choose the best, hot, AAA blockbusters that are being discounted from 50% until 85%, especially some discount games up to 90%. This is the opportunity for Gabe Newell fat guy "suck blood" from his users … There will be a lot of games discounted in 2019 Steam Summer Sale event this time so gamers have to consider carefully before "swinging money" for Steam. Don't rush to hook your purse when you see a game labeled "-85%" in green and then regret it later.

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Many famous and highly rated AAA titles until indie are deeply discounted. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Soulcalibur 6, Yakuza 0, … have been reduced to quite comfortable, even at 50% to 75%. PUGB also has only 170k, GTA V only has 229k, MHW 50% off and 400k, Devil May Cry 5 drops to 34%, Final Fatasy XV also drops by 50% while Civilization is close to the bottom with a drop to 75 %. … You can refer to some games worth buying are being discounted on Steam floor with 3 criteria such as: Cheap, OR and HOT are summarized through the list below:

* PUBG: 50% discount (VND 170,000)

* GTA V: 50% discount (VND 229,500)

* Rust: 75% discount (VND 70,000)

* Human Fall Flat: 50% discount (VND 82,500)

* Portal first and 2: 90% discount (VND 12,000)

* Friday the 13th The Game: 80% discount (VND 37,000)

* Pay Day 2: 75% discount (VND 30,000)

* Borderlands 2: 75% discount (VND 83,500)

* Tomb Raider: 85% discount (VND 62,500)

* Mad Max: 75% discount (VND 47,000)

It is also necessary to repeat a bit that Steam has a policy of subsidizing Vietnamese gamers, so most of the games we can inherently buy with chestnut prices than international ones. Now combining more promotions, it is determined that not buying will be very sorry for yourself. Steam accepts international debit / credit cards (VISA / Master Card) issued by Vietnamese banks, so the payment is very easy.
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Similar to previous years, besides the discount game, Steam also hosts mini games, this year's theme is Steam Grand Pix racing. Steam gamers can earn lots of rewards and even free titles on their wish list by participating in a competitive race. Players will have to complete 100 points every day when completing quests and 100 points when players spend $ 1 on Steam. In addition, when buying games, completing quests, and obtaining achievements, users will be boosted by boost meter, allowing their fleet of vehicles to run faster, get closer to the finish line and receive redeem points.

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For more details on these two events, gamers can visit Steam now:

Players can go to the list of games needed to buy on this holiday or add the game to the desired item. Make a reasonable cost, choose a moderate game to play instead of spending money to buy a series of games that can't be played. Wish you have a season Steam Summer Sale 2019 happy.


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