2018 Kia Sportage review

In the 5-seater high-rise segment, this year Kia has invested more in Sportage representatives. This model promises to make many competitors have a headache in finding sales.

General introduction Kia Sportage 2018

Kia Sportage is a 5-seater Kia model that is highly appreciated by many users around the world for its interior and exterior design. In the new version, this model is brought by the manufacturer to significant improvements in exterior design, completely escaping the unfortunate minus points of the previous generation. Hope that this year’s Kia Sportage will gradually regain its position in the 5-seater crossover / SUV segment, becoming a serious competitor to the models from the world’s leading car brands such as: Hyundai Tucson , Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5 …

Kia Sportage

Exterior of Sportage 2018

In terms of exterior design, the car is not much different from previous versions. Kia Sportage still possesses a sporty look and attractive style in the exterior details, especially the front end. Vehicle with overall dimensions of length x width x height are 4,470 x 1,854 x 1,645mm, and wheelbase length reaches 2,669mm.

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Car head

In terms of front-end design, the Kia Sportage has a quite sporty and aggressive style. Especially in the headlights and fog lights. The car uses a tiger nose shaped grille characteristic of Kia doors. This grille is painted in dark colors for the overall sporty front end. The car’s capo is outstandingly crafted with two embossed ribs extending from the grille to the windshield, providing a harmonious and sturdy overall front-end design.

Beautifully designed headlights on Kia Sportage

The Sportage was brought up by Kia engineers with a beautiful headlight design that is slightly curved. This HID headlight cluster is equipped with automatic on-off feature with modern lamp washing feature. In addition, the LED daytime positioning lights are also more eye-catching redesigned with LED fog lights with 4 single bulbs hidden in sophisticated lamp niches. With this design, Kia Sportage proved to be more advantageous than competitors thanks to its impressive and fancy feeling for users.

Vehicle body

The wheel recess is made taller, the window frame is finer and more beautiful are the notable plus points of this model compared to the previous generation. On the bodywork, Kia uses embossed details that extend the purpose of giving the overall bodywork a solid look. The car uses a 5-spoke aluminum alloy laser with a beautiful design in the shape of an attractive tower with 3 size options from 17inch to 19inch.

Wheels have a unique design

Kia Sportage uses a rearview mirror with an electric folding function with integrated turn signal lights. On the EX and SX versions, Kia equips the car’s rear-view mirrors with anti-freezing heating. This feature is especially appreciated by users, including Vietnamese users, thanks to limited blind spots due to complicated weather. Regarding the Sportage door handles, this detail is painted in the same color as the body, and the top edge is silver-plated.


Compared to the previous generation, the rear of the Kia Sportage does not have many differences. This model still owns a sporty and strong tail. The rear of the car uses a pair of LED taillights with a 3D design and is divided into two independent zones. In it, one is mounted in the door of the luggage compartment, partly located close to the rear bumper of the car. In general, this design makes the Kia Sportage completely different from its competitors, an adventurous design that has brought many remarkable successes.

The rear end of the Kia Sportage

Most Kia Sportage users rate this car has a rather pity rear end, better than the Honda CR-V or Mazda CX5 from Japan. The car uses a silver-plated rear bumper with large ribs to make the rear of the car more attractive. In addition, the 2 exhaust pipes are also redesigned by Kia closer to recent designs, the glass at the back of the car is also equipped with a rain wiper to increase the visibility when driving when it rains.

The vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary brake light located on the spoiler for more effective warning, especially in fog, rain or traveling at high speeds. In addition, the number plate position, the reverse camera slot, the rear door handle and the car logo are also kept.

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Sportage 2018 interior

Interior space

Kia Sportage has a much wider wheelbase than the old generation, so the car’s interior space is also much more spacious when compared to the old Kia Sportage. Entering the interior space of the Kia Sportage, it can be seen that Kia manufacturer is quite investing in the interior space of this SUV. Most of the interior details are in a modern, luxurious and comfortable style for the user.

Interior space of Kia Sportage

The space between the rows is quite spacious, so passengers in the third row can sit longer in the car without feeling as tired as other models. The car has an electrically adjustable front seat, with a sporty design that embraces the user’s back. The third row space on the Kia Sportage is quite abundant for 3 users. However, a downside Kia Sportage that many users regret is that the luggage compartment is too small. If you fold the entire rear seats at a ratio of 60:40, the car’s luggage compartment volume is only 1,700 liters, while the rival Honda CR-V can hold up to 2,007 liters and the Toyota RAV4 is 2,075 liters.

In terms of steering wheel, Kia Sportage uses a sporty 3-spoke design. This car’s steering wheel cluster is covered with carbon-imitation leather which is quite luxurious and firm when held. On the steering wheel of the Sportage is also integrated with many functional control keys such as volume up and down, hands-free conversation, channel switching of the infotainment system … In addition, in the premium version is SX Turbo, car It is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof and interior lighting system that adds quite brilliant LEDs in the evening.

The Kia Sportage steering wheel has a sporty design

Equipped with comfort

Evaluate the Kia Sportage in terms of comfort equipment, the model is equipped with a lot of modern amenities, especially in the entertainment system. The car owns a 6-inch entertainment screen and a large 6-speaker sound system. This audio system can connect via Bluetooth or the new UVO entertainment system that can connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A special feature of the UVO tool is its ability to control features such as satellite navigation, voice commands, parking prompts, and diagnose the vehicle’s operating status …

Entertainment system with high-end touch screen

In addition, on the most advanced version, SX Turbo, the car is also equipped with an 8-inch touch screen and high-end 8-speaker system with Harman Kardon technology for an excellent audio experience for users. In addition, the steering wheel will have a modern heating feature and integrated sports paddle shifters.

Behind the steering wheel is the center display cluster with a beautiful and intuitive design with full parameters such as revs, speed. The center area of ​​the instrument cluster is also equipped with a 4.2-inch TFT LCD screen that fully displays the vehicle’s operating parameters. The Kia Sportage is also equipped with an anti-glare internal rearview mirror, a panoramic camera, automatic air conditioning system, leather seats and an electrically adjustable front row.

Sportage 2018 engine specifications


Depending on the version that Sportage is equipped with different engines. Specifically, the LX and EX versions are equipped with a 2.4L engine while the most advanced version of SX Turbo is equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine.


Capacity (horsepower)

Torque (Nm)

2.4L petrol engine

181 max

237 max

2.0L turbocharged diesel engine

240 max

353 max


Feeling Kia Sportage for performance, this small SUV offers exceptional performance in a variety of terrain conditions and speeds. The car’s steering wheel handles quite sharply and accurately when driven at low speeds. At the same time, the feeling of driving and the ability of the Kia Sportage to climb is also highly appreciated thanks to the reasonably adjusted torque.

The car is capable of strong performance on many terrains

The car has the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal which responds well in many different speed conditions. This ability makes it easier to control the vehicle in crowded areas such as in the city or in residential areas. Not only that, the stiffness of the suspension on the Kia Sportage also gives this car an extremely powerful off-road capability. In addition, the Korean model is also capable of high fuel economy. According to the Kia Sportage specifications announced by the manufacturer, this model can run 1,000km when filled with fuel tank with a combined fuel consumption of about 6.5 liters / 100km.

Sportage safety equipment 2018

In terms of safety equipment, the SUV from Korea is fully equipped with active safety functions such as cruise control system, front and rear parking sensors, automatic parking brake system. , tire pressure monitoring system and a set of 6 high-quality airbags. In addition, the car is also equipped with a Start / stop button, a flat bottom steering wheel with gearshift, Cruise Control cruise control system, driving mode selection system (Eco, Normal, Sport) and ESC system follows the 5-star standard of European NCAP. On the most advanced version, the SX Turbo, the car is equipped with a blind spot monitoring camera, collision warning sensor, rear parking sensor and automatic parking brake.

Kia Sportage is equipped with many safety functions

Should I buy an old 2018 Kia Sportage?

Currently, the Kia Sportage model has not appeared in the Vietnamese market. However, in the Malaysian market, car selling price Kia Sportage GT CRDi Diesel version is sold for about 850 million VND. With the above price, Kia Sportage proves to be a quite outstanding model when compared to other names in the small SUV segment in Vietnam. This car also owns a lot of modern equipment and beautiful design, which will definitely be a reasonable choice for many domestic users.

Trong Tan

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