2018 Honda PCX and the appearance of an adult man

2018 Honda PCX and the appearance of an adult man

Large, superficial and massive are the adjectives that remind people of PCX, the car has always received special attention from “men”.
Compared to the previous generation, PCX 2018 is still superior and more attractive than before, with CafeAuto team to learn about the remarkable changes on this model.

The biggest changes focused on the front of the car include the headlight cluster is separate, not as seamless as in the old generation. LED light cluster is designed thinly and swipe upwards to create a sharp appearance.

Windshield is a new design element with concave contours to create quite sophisticated blocks. And the handlebars have changed with the rounded and extended design that comes with a prominent chrome border in the middle.

At the rear, the X-shaped taillights are designed to be wider but thinner, providing a unique two-layer lighting.

Notably, the LCD front center display screen instead of the modified analog clock is more beautiful and impressive. On it, display basic parameters such as speed, average speed, fuel amount, speedometer …. Along with the two screens on the side shows some other basic information.

Besides, the whole horn button, headlight adjustment button, right cos on the handlebars are larger and have a different gray color than the other buttons.

The mirror is also designed angular and younger than the rounded design in the old generation. The storage compartment of PCX 2018 can fit 500ml water bottles. However, it is a pity that the car is not equipped with a charging port for the phone as on the SH 150.

In the body, embossed ribs throughout the car makes the car look more calculated and angular. The fuel tank located between the two footsteps is quite familiar, opened with a button located in the smart lock cluster.

In addition, the footrest is covered by large aluminum panels with a vertical folding design, which is a point on PCX that makes users more comfortable to use. The air filter assembly and the engine block are designed to be solid and more consistent.

Both wheels on the Honda PCX 2018 are new designed, 100 / 80-14 tires instead of 90 / 90-14 like the old generation. Design 8-spoke rim shape propeller instead of straight 5-spoke form as the old version.

Compared to PCX 2017, the car has a wheelbase and a height of saddle increased by 2mm, while the ground clearance is larger than 2mm, the car has a length x width x height of 1,923 x 745 x 1,107 respectively. With the size and weight quite large as above, PCX is still easily wriggled in urban streets and suitable for long distances because the seats are quite comfortable.

Unfortunately, the most discussed on PCX 2018 is probably the lack of ABS brakes that only equipped disc brakes on the front wheels and rear drum brakes. While rival SH 150 has used ABS brakes on both wheels. In addition, the car still uses the telescopic front suspension system and the rear suspension as the spring. For the above characteristics, the user will feel a bit hard to drive on the fork after walking alone.

One notable improvement on PCX 2018 is the ability to keep the trunk in the middle to help users more conveniently retrieve items. With a 28-liter trunk capacity larger than the old 1-liter version, PCX can hold quite a lot of things.

The feeling of driving more compact and firm on PCX also thanks to the double hammock frame instead of the previous form of underbone. At the same time, the engine is also operated more efficiently thanks to the improved suspension system compared to the old generation.

The highlight of PCX 2018 is that the 150cc eSP engine produces 14.5 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque of 13.6 Nm at 6,500 rpm / minute. This engine is slightly weaker than the competitor SH 150 with the same specifications (15.5 hp / 7.550 rpm: 13.9Nm / 6,500 rpm).

Comes with the engine are some technologies such as liquid cooling system, electronic fuel injection system PGM FI, Idling Stop temporary engine shutdown, AGG temporary starting system, SMART Key smart key …

Currently, Honda Vietnam is distributing PCX 150 for VND 70.5 million, the cruiser scoooter is still a favorite choice for gentlemen who love the strength, pedestal and tallness.

Taking the car on a weekend morning, the initial difficulties when getting used to the car make driving my car quite difficult. The large and bulging body of the vehicle resembles the throttle lines, which makes me less confident when driving the vehicle up and down the high steps.

The large size of the PCX fooled my first glance, thinking that it was as difficult and heavy to drive as I had been. But when it came time to start and move, everything was completely unexpected. Giong high design, towards the driver and manage very gently. The long, large, comfortable saddle behind, but subtly embracing the driver’s sitting posture with smooth new leather material made me feel relaxed on my sofa. The legroom is wide and extends reasonably well for me with two postures when driving or stretching 120 degrees or standing 90 degrees.

A touring bike has been criticized for its ability to accelerate, but PCX 2018 will surely make me and you yourself have to think again. Whether one or two people, the PCX’s acceleration seems to accelerate in the first countries, the gearbox responds quickly, meeting the acceleration needs, surpassing me instantly. A small test we gave when driving with two people accelerating in the empty road from 0-40 km / h, PCX for 4.2 seconds.

Improved chassis and rear shock absorbers with larger tires give PCX 2018 more stable, balanced and quieter performance. When going through the speed humps, or deliberately going on the macadam roads the ability to extinguish the oscillation is quite fast. The low center of gravity makes me extremely confident with the wriggling phase in the crowded street, the cornering phase at high speed. If you are a new PCX like me, make sure only 1.2 days to get acquainted after buying, you are completely ready to experience with PCX leaning on each corner or journeys. far away on weekends.

It’s a pity that PCX does not integrate ABS, the rushing phase is still lacking confidence, but certainly for customers who prefer comfort, certainly ABS is not really as important as driving skills. After a day of experimenting with PCX, moving in normal street conditions, PCX consumes an average of 2.5L / 100km, a reasonable figure for a 150 cc model.

A picky product, but if you understand the different values ‚Äč‚Äčthat bring, from the strength, elegance, smoothness and stability, PCX is still a good choice. Although there are some barriers on price, design trends, but PCX is the scooter model that gives me the impression of operating with the highest comfort, not SH or any other scooter.

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