2018 Audi S7 Pros and Cons

The sleek, powerful Audi S7 is a sporty variant of the Audi A7 series with many worthwhile upgrades.

The latest generation Audi S7 possesses valuable upgrades from the exterior, the interior to the operating engine, the comfort features to create a model that competes with Mercedes-Benz CLS..

Exterior Audi S7 2018

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Audi launches S7 with an innovative design that focuses on large, angular surfaces to accentuate a distinctive sporty look and elegance. The long Audi S7 cap, Singleframe grille, bright chrome-plated horizontal bars with black, sharp headlights with LED technology automatically control the range of illumination and blue light from the light technology. Modern Laser Light. The more sporty front bumper and deeply cut in angular air intakes bring a distinctive look.

Audi RS7

Strong body with embossed veins running down to the rear. C-pillar strokes all the way down to increase the aerodynamics. The body of the car is also featured with rearview mirror shells, and a cool 20-inch sport laser. If you opt for the Black Optic Package exterior package, your sporty Audi S7 will feature bright and dark colors and 21-inch, five-bar dual star wheels.

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The masculine, sporty tail with long LED lights, herringbone taillights and rear bumper increase aerodynamics to help the body grip the road when moving at high speed. Characteristics of the S series with 4 exhaust pipes are also indispensable, but with the new S7 sport variant these four exhaust pipes help confirm personality.

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Interior Audi S7 2018

If the exterior design is eye-catching and attracts the sports car fanatic, the interior space will overwhelm anyone with the luxury and modern technology. The design of the cockpit is sharp, luxurious but not too ostentatious, but brings a subtle feeling thanks to the use of a minimalist taplo design with straight lines.

The materials used are premium leather, the other all covered with chrome. Sports steering wheel with small rim, beveled bottom and aluminum coated, high quality plastic. Diamond leather seats are designed to hug the seat of the occupants so that they do not lose focus when the car is moving at high speed. However, the rear seat is also a disadvantage of the Audi S7 due to its impact on the coupe’s sports car design.

Audi S7 Sportback 2020

2018 Audi S7 Engine Specifications

The new generation Audi S7 is equipped with a turbocharged 2.9L engine with a 48V light hybrid system and an 8-speed automatic transmission, bringing the maximum capacity of the S7 to 444 horsepower. S7 operates smoothly, quietly and without delay, the car takes just 4.3 seconds when accelerating from 0 to 100km / h.

Audi S7: Sportier, more powerful

Should I buy an old 2018 Audi S7?

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With a sporty, powerful look and a luxurious interior, the suspension and chassis of the latest Audi S7 variant are also tweaked to create a classy Audi S7 overall. . The price of the latest generation Audi S7 from $ 83,900 to $ 89,500 without shipping charges.

Duy Tung

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