2018 Audi A7 car pros and cons

2018 Audi A7 car pros and cons

The recently launched 2019 Audi A7 has attracted a lot of attention. In the domestic market, this model is interested by a large number of users and expects Audi A7 2019 to return to Vietnam.

Introducing Audi A7 2019

Audi A7 2019 has just been officially introduced to the world market by the famous German car company. The latest version of this model is carefully cared for by the manufacturer in its beautiful exterior design, along with a range of modern amenities. Compared to the previous version, Audi A7 2019 is stretched longer in size and height to bring about a more harmonious and fit overall design. In addition, this model is also highlighted by the curves extending from the head to the rear like the classy coupes.

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Audi A7 2019

Exterior Audi A7 2019

Regarding the exterior design of the Audi A7 2019, sportier, more modern and classy is what the famous German automaker does for its new car products. The new model has a series of bold, stronger and sportier design lines, especially in the embossed veins in the bodywork and the distinctive tail lights.

Audi A7 2019 was introduced by the German car company with improved dimensions compared to the previous generation. The Audi A7 2019 specifications announced by the manufacturer are:

Dimensions specifications (mm) Audi A7 2019
Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 4,969 x 1,908 x 1,422
Wheelbase 2,926

In general, in terms of exterior design, the A7 2019 model retains the eye-catching design from its predecessor. However, the car uses a few minor changes, but brings a different effect on the appearance.

Car head

For the front of the car, the Audi A7 2019 is improved by the manufacturer based mainly on the designs available on the 2018 Audi A7. Therefore, compared to the Audi A7 2018, the model is not too much. difference. The car still uses the dark hexagonal grille, which is wider than the Audi A8. At the top of the car, the grille is wider and placed in a lower position than the brother Audi A8.

The first part of the Audi A7 2019

On the capo of A7 2019, embossed veins appear quite a lot to bring a bold sporty style to this new model. Along with that is a system of headlights with an attractive and eye-catching design. Compared to competitors in the same segment, the Audi A7 2019 headlights possess many modern technologies with special and impressive layout of lights. Specifically, the car uses sharp headlights with 3 versions including LED, Matrix LED and Matrix LED using Laser technology.

Vehicle body

Looking at the body, Audi A7 2019 received quite a lot of positive reviews from automotive experts and users. The bodywork stands out with a large embossed line that extends from the A to the C column of the car, providing a fairly seamless and sturdy body. The model still uses the design style that extends the hood with beautiful curves and slopes towards the wind wing. This design makes A7 2019 become luxurious and has many similarities with high-end luxury coupes.

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The car has a pretty seamless and sturdy body design

In terms of wheel equipment, Audi A7 2019 is equipped with large 21-inch wheels. This set of wheels is refreshed by Audi with 5 double-spoke, much sportier than the previous generation. In addition, this model also offers 15 optional exterior colors, including 8 new colors. Audi A7 2019 customers can choose to add the S line exterior package, the car will be equipped with more matte black details in the grille, air intakes, car pedestals … for a sporty and strong feeling. .


Audi A7 2019 car body evaluation, the car possesses an impressive and beautiful tail design, especially in the rear light cluster details. Unlike traditional designs, the rear lights on Audi A7 2019 are designed to stretch along the width of the body and light up sequentially when the driver unlocks the car. The special feature of this taillight cluster is that it is equipped with up to 13 separate, beautiful LED bars.

Eye-catching LED strip lights in the rear of the Audi A7 2019

In general, the rear end is designed in the style of beautiful yachts. The car is equipped with an electronic trunk door that automatically lifts to stabilize the body when the car reaches 120 km / h. In addition, the car is also quite invested by Audi when equipped with a pair of exhaust pipes that are hidden and made more angular.

Interior Audi A7 2019

Interior space

Entering the interior space of Audi A7 2019, the German model offers a luxurious and airy interior space leading the segment. The car uses mainly horizontal lines on the dashboard and door panels to give a much more spacious feel. In general, the design of the interior space on the car inherits quite a lot from the brother A8. Although the length has been reduced compared to the previous generation, but the space for passengers has not been reduced because Audi has scientifically reduced the details in the cabin.

The interior space on the car

According to experts in the automotive sector, the Audi A7 2019 has a more modern interior compartment thanks to the maximum reduction of mechanical buttons and replacement with modern touch technology. Vehicles equipped with 2 large-sized touch screens for the entertainment system and central display clock. With this equipment, Audi A7 2019 is completely confident in the modernity of its interior space, even making competitors in the same segment worried.

In terms of seating equipment, the new model is equipped with Valcona leather seats. However, the seat design does not have many new improvements compared to the previous generation. The car has 2 seat options including 2 front seats and 2 or 3 seats for the rear seats.

Compared to the previous generation, the Audi A7 2019 model still thoroughly applies the angular details on the taplo board and the steering wheel of the car. The car’s steering wheel is designed in a new 3-spoke form. This steering wheel cluster is covered with high quality leather, with keys to control the entertainment and operation functions of the car. Behind the wheel is the Audi Virtual Cockpit digital dashboard with a large size up to 12.3 inches that fully displays the car’s parameters, providing effective control for the driver. In addition, the car is also equipped with a touchpad with a fairly high sensitivity.

Steering wheel of Audi A7 2019

Equipped with comfort

Feeling Audi A7 2019, the car owns the most modern facilities in the segment. The car owns entertainment technology received from the Audi A8 family, the most prominent one is the 12.2 inch Virtual Cockpit instrument cluster. In addition, the car is also equipped with a 10.1 inch screen with the designation MMI Touch Response. This display is used as the center console of the entertainment system, with a variety of adjustments from the entertainment system to the control of the vehicle’s operating modes. In addition, the car is also equipped with an 8.6 inch touch screen used to control the air conditioning system, talk.

Audi A7 2019 is equipped with 2 large-size screens for the entertainment system

About the entertainment system, the car is equipped Bang & Olufsen 3D premium sound system with 19 speakers for an immersive audio experience. In addition, the Audi A7 2019 is also equipped with voice control, eye-catching interior luminaires and information display on the steering glass for safety and comfort at a fairly high level.

Audi A7 2019 Engine Specifications


Under the hood of the Audi A7 2019 is a turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine block. This engine block produces a maximum capacity of up to 340 horsepower and maximum torque of 500Nm comes with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox for gentle gear shift. In addition, the Audi A7 2019 is also equipped with a 48-volt Lithium-ion battery cluster capable of stopping the engine at high speed ranges, bringing the ability to save 0.76L / 100km. Comes with it is the Quattro four-wheel drive system that gives this car a maximum speed electronically limited to 250 km / h.

This model is equipped with an engine block with a capacity of 340 horsepower


In terms of performance, Audi’s new model with a powerful turbocharged engine helps Audi A7 2019 accelerate from 0 to 100km / h in just 5.3 seconds. In addition, the vehicle uses an upgraded pneumatic suspension system to provide better performance. In addition, users can also optionally add a suspension system with the ability to lift and lower the ground by 10mm.

The vehicle has outstanding performance thanks to a powerful engine block

Equipped with a body that uses a majority of aluminum materials, the weight of the car is significantly reduced for outstanding performance and more fuel economy. Depending on the version, the brake disc on the Audi A7 2019 will have different sizes up to 15.7 inches for greater safety.

Safety equipment Audi A7 2019

This luxury model uses a series of sensors and cameras arranged throughout the body to ensure the highest level of safety. The system will receive input data from 5 radars, 5 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors and even a laser scanner that provides information and warnings to help the driver control the car more safely.

Audi A7 2019 is equipped with many advanced safety technologies

Vehicles equipped with relatively popular safety features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist with AI system with 3 Parking Packs for remote parking support reversing assistance in narrow spaces. Other optional features include HD Matrix LED headlights, four suspension settings as standard coil springs, 10 mm lower sport suspension, air suspension and adaptive options.

Should I buy the old Audi A7 2019?

In foreign markets, car selling price Audi A7 2019 is sold for 67,800 Euros (equivalent to 1.82 billion VND). With many innovations, Audi A7 2019 is sure to be one of the focal points of the luxury sedan segment.

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