Strong, firm, strong, despite being stopped selling for a long time, experts still appreciate the old Ford Escape 2016 is worth considering.

A general introduction to the 2016 Ford Escape

The 2016 Ford Escape is considered a convenient and versatile crossover when it can meet most of the requirements of users such as for family outing, taking children to school, for work or transportation. simple goods … And despite being “disgraced” in the new car market, but with old cars, the Ford Escape 2016 is still considered a chosen option worth a reference. Competitors of Ford Escape 2016 include: Honda CR-V, old Hyundai SantaFe Sport, Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4 …

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Ford Escape 2016 meets many requirements of users

Exterior Escape 2016

First part

The front of the car is designed to be sturdy and quite muscular by the embossed ribs on the capo cap. The grille of the old Ford Escape 2016 is hexagonal with a combination of silver-plated horizontal bars and front bumper with a slightly protruding feel to feel very luxurious and polite. Xenon LED headlights and fog lights are designed to switch on and off automatically. The fog lights fit neatly in the cavity and are quite similar to the design of the old 2015 Ford Escape version. However, according to the user’s experience of buying an old Ford Escape, the minus point is at the front of the car when it is not equipped with LED daytime running lights.

The front of the car is designed quite sturdy and strong


The 2016 Ford Escape specs for dimensions include:

Size specifications

Ford Escape 2016

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)

4,524 x 2,078 x 1,684

Wheelbase (mm)


The body part is prominent with ribs connecting from the capo that extends to the sides of the door body and is larger in the rear side of the car. The door handles of the old 2016 Ford Escape are painted in the same color. The rearview mirror is integrated with turn signal turn signal and flexible electric folding. 17-inch wheels with multi-spoke alloy wheels are designed with an eye-catching honeycomb pattern.

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Tail part

Moving to the tail of the old 2016 Ford Escape, the manufacturer equipped with a slightly convex LED taillight system is divided into 2 compartments: extended and clawed to the rear sides, the other is located on the door of the trunk. In addition, the light system also has additional brake lights, reflective lights. The rear end has a large silver gray rear bumper, chrome dual exhaust. However, if you pay attention to the details, the disadvantage lies in the design of this exhaust when it is round and does not seem to match the square, sporty style of the car overall.

The tail section has a large silver rear bumper

Escape interior 2016

Interior space

Although classified in the small crossover segment, when experiencing the old Ford Escape 2016 interior, users will easily find a spacious and airy space. From the interior details to the decoration and arrangement, all are harmoniously balanced, creating a very convenient unity. That is why the 2016 Ford Escape has always been highly appreciated by those who “hunt” old cars for the “quality” and durability of this car’s interior.

Spacious interior space though classified in the small crossover segment

Equipped with comfort

Featured at the top of the car is the center console with an eye-catching stylized contour design. In the middle of the dashboard is designed a series of buttons with functions to adjust the volume, air conditioning and convenient jack system. The old Ford Escape 2016 version is equipped with the Sync 3 entertainment system, which is much more improved than the MyFord like previous versions. In addition, other details such as the 4.2-inch central display screen, voice control system, USB connection, rearview camera, air-conditioning door … are also fully designed for the 2016 version. This old Ford Escape.

The other comfortable details inside are quite meticulously designed. Old Ford Escape 2016 use high quality leather material for the steering wheel and seats. On the steering wheel there are flexible buttons and controls, the seats are equipped with a flexible opening folding system. On the seats are head pillows, between the seats are comfortable armrests for people sitting. The vehicle space is quite spacious, so the space between the rows is not a problem. The occupants can comfortably stretch their legs without fear of fatigue, especially on long journeys.

The details of the amenities are modern and luxurious

Not only has spacious passenger space, but the old Ford Escape 2016 also designed a large luggage compartment up to 971L, enough for storing bulky items, suitable for travel or needing to transport goods … Especially, When the rear seats are folded up, the space of the storage compartment can be up to 1,928L. However, the downside of the old 2016 Ford Escape about the interior is the dashboard and interface sound Design standards are low compared to the operator’s control. This makes operating during operation inconvenient and uncomfortable.

2016 Escape engine specifications

Ford Escape 2016

S and SE versions SE and Titanium variants

Performance options on SE and Titanium

Engine capacity

2.5L 4 cylinder 1.6L 4 cylinder

2.0L 4 cylinders

Maximum capacity

168 hp 178 hp

240 horsepower

Maximum torque

230Nm 250Nm



6-level automatic 6-level automatic

6-level automatic

Fuel consumption

10.6L / 100km 11L / 100 km (FWD drive)

10.6L / 100km (combined-road AWD)

10.6L / 100 km (FWD drive)

9.77L / 100km (combined road)

The performance of the old Ford Escape 2016 is highly appreciated with outstanding acceleration power: the 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine can accelerate easily from 0 – 96 km / h in just 8.7 seconds. . This figure also varies from 0 – 96 km / h in just 7 seconds with a turbocharged 2.0L 4 cylinder engine. The old Ford Escape 2016 operates smoothly, with little noise inside (even when moving at high speeds) and gives the driver a feeling of driving quite honestly like the feeling of driving a sport hatchback instead of an SUV. bulky. The towing capacity is also up to 1,587 kg.

The vehicle operates smoothly and has little noise

Trnag is Safe Escape 2016

The 2016 Ford Escape is equipped with standard safety systems: anti-slip system, steep start, stabilizer system, automatic headlight system, airbags, hands-free steering and trunk opening car induction. In addition, the 2016 Ford Escape also has a rear camera with blind spot warning and cruise control. Brakes and collision warning systems are also installed by the manufacturer for the old 2016 Ford Escape.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Vinh (Hanoi) is an old Ford Escape 2016 user who has evaluated the old Ford Escape 2016 about the test drive and braking experience: “I experienced on the Escape SE 1.6 and noticed that the old car But the braking feeling is very smooth and very safe. This car has the ability to brake rapidly from 96 km / h to a stationary state with a distance of 35 km. This is not a bad choice for an old car “. And not only Mr. Vinh, on old car forums, many people share the feeling that the 2016 Ford Escape version evaluated this as a box for the safest and most authentic driving feeling in the segment.

Vehicle users rated the Ford Escape 2016 with good safety equipment

Should I buy a used 2016 Ford Escape?

Price old car Ford Escape 2016 is currently sold on the market with fluctuations in about 600 million VND. Depending on the condition of the vehicle as well as each different dealer, there will be a difference in price. However, this difference is often negligible.

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For people with normal economic conditions, it is advisable to buy a used car for 600 million to serve regular travel. And if you want to be convenient for traveling on difficult roads such as mountains or bad roads, buying an old 5-seat car is a better choice instead of buying a low-undercarriage. Among them, many people still wonder whether to buy the old 2016 Ford Escape or not? Through the information above about the old Ford Escape 2016, hopefully you can come up with the most suitable choice for you.

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