2015 Ford Escape car review

Although there are many drawbacks, but according to the evaluation of the old Ford Escape 2015 from many people, this 5-seat high-rise is now quite cheap, is a very worthy option.

A general introduction to the 2015 Ford Escape

Ford Escape was first introduced to the Vietnamese market in 2001 and has captured a lot of consumers’ hearts. In the first days of its appearance, the Ford Escape was designed with a strong, sturdy style but still exuded elegance and charm.

Over the generations, 2015 Ford Escape has been changed and upgraded by Ford designers to increase competitiveness against competitors in the compact SUV segment. 2015 Ford Escape is designed in the style of new Ford language with a youthful, modern, sporty design and more luxurious than previous versions.

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2015 Ford Escape

2015 Ford Escape After 4 years of use until now, users appreciate it for its durability and strength. Although many years of use, in general, the car is still quite new with no breakdowns. Only some details on the car are somewhat degraded, slightly old due to the process of using such as paint color, tires, door handles, steering wheel, seats, … quite new, relatively good performance.

According to the user feel the Ford Escape 5-seater model is quite durable, high quality, high safety features, good price. Therefore, whether old or new cars, Ford Escape 2015 is always a heavyweight competitor in the segment. Here are some 2015 Ford Escape old review.

Exterior Escape 2015

Compared with the 2010 – 2012 models, the exterior of the Ford Escape 2015 has many significant changes from the most classic style in the segment to being more modern, sporty and luxurious. The old 2015 Ford Escape has the design of the iconic American SUV.

The Ford Escape car size has not changed from the version old 2014 Ford Escape car before. Specifically, the overall size of the Ford Escape 2015 has a length of 4,250 mm, a width of 1,840 mm, a height of 1,680 mm and a wheelbase of 2,690 mm. Although the size has not changed, but looking at pictures Ford Escape 2015 looks more compact and refined than the previous generation.

First part 2015 Ford Escape is rated a bit long in the style of a sports sedan. The grille is one of the highlight details for the front end with the design of long black bars. Deep accent headlamps create sharpness.

The bodywork with large floating ribs extends to bring an impressive highlight. The rearview mirror of the same color as the body of the vehicle has an integrated turn signal signal that enhances the aesthetic beauty of the car. The wheels are designed with 5-spoke 19-inch wheels using alloy material.

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The old Ford Escape 2015 is designed more modern and luxurious than the previous version

The rear part is designed neatly and slightly slanted upwards almost like the model Ford Focus life. The rear lights are also redesigned, eye-catching and more modern to increase the aesthetics and safety of the car.

So, Review Ford Escape 2015 After 4 years of use, we can see that the strong advantage of the car is high durability and good quality. That is why the exterior of the old Ford Escape 2015 does not have much change compared to the new one. The car still retains the paint color quite well, with only some scratches on the body, the door handles and the tires with silver and smooth signs. Left, basically, all the exterior of the old 2015 Ford Escape is quite new.

However, after a long time of use, users have also discovered it old 2015 Ford Escape drawbacks is in a low light under the car compared to the competition. So, even though it is a high roar model, the wading ability of the Ford Escape 2015 is not very good.

2015 Escape Interior

The size of the old 2015 Ford Escape compared to competitors in the segment is large. Therefore, the interior space of the Ford Escape 2015 is relatively spacious and comfortable. In fact, the interior space of the Ford Escape 2015 is larger than the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, … The center console of the old Ford Escape 2015 is arranged very neatly and harmoniously. The buttons of the panel use a glossy gray plastic material based on the touch of the piano keys. Taplo board is designed simply, easy to see so that the rider can easily observe and use.

Seat system old 2015 Ford Escape car Use leather upholstery. The front seats, although looking thin, are very solid, leaning slightly back to create comfort for the occupants. Because the car’s height is quite high with the rear seats that can be folded flat to the floor, it can create a very large storage area. When you need to use the rear seat, the user simply needs to move the latch under the foot so that the seat pops up.

The interior space of the old Ford Escape 2015 is quite spacious and comfortable

In terms of comfortable equipment, the old Ford Escape 2015 is equipped with many modern equipment such as CD player, Bluetooth connection, Radio, USB / AUX, 6-speaker sound system, … old Ford Escape 2015 is also equipped. Some of the features that only Ford models are supported for are the MyFord system. With this system the old Ford Escape 2015 is equipped with a touch screen and a voice control system.

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In addition, the old Ford Escape 2015 version is also equipped with a number of other features such as leather seats with electric heating function, 2-way air conditioning system, modern and high-end interior lighting system. . Evaluate 2015 Ford Escape interior after 4 years of use is still quite new, only some details due to high frequency of use, there are older parts such as steering wheel, driver’s seat, seat, … The rest almost of the old Ford Escape 2015 interior still looks. still beautiful, beautiful and quite durable.

2015 Escape Engine Specifications

According to the specifications from the manufacturer announced, the 2015 Ford Escape is equipped with many different engine options that are 2.5L, 2.0L and 1.6L. 2.5L engine version is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 168 horsepower with a maximum torque of 226Nm. For the 2.0L version, the turbocharged Ecoboost engine can produce a maximum output of 237 hp with a maximum torque of 339 Nm. The 1.6L version will create a maximum capacity of up to 173 horsepower with a maximum torque of 240 Nm.

According to the old Ford Escape, the 2.5-liter engine version is capable of running quite smoothly and consistently, suitable for long distances or crowded city roads. As for the turbocharged 1.6-liter engine, the car speed is quite powerful, corresponding to the Toyota or Honda model with a 2.5-liter engine. The old Ford Escape 2015 is capable of accelerating quite well from 0 – 96km / h, only takes about 8 – 9 seconds. In addition, the operating advantage of the old Ford Escape 2015 is the body system, sturdy chassis, for good cornering and grip.

The performance of the old Ford Escape 2015 is very stable and smooth

All versions of the old Ford Escape 2015 are equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, so the performance of the car is very stable and smooth. In addition, the engine system and gearbox equipped on the old Ford Escape 2015 also helps to limit the maximum fuel consumption. Therefore, the old Ford Escape 2015 is considered to be a car capable of saving fuel quite well compared to competitors.

2015 Escape safety equipment

The old Ford Escape 2015 is fully equipped with the company’s standard safety features such as: 2 airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution system, … In addition, the car is also equipped with Other modern features such as crab control system, rearview camera, anti-theft sensor, active brake assist, …

Some experts Review Ford Escape 2015 old safety system equivalent to the leading models in the segment. Although there are still some downsides, the 2015 Ford Escape is always appreciated in the safety tests.

Should I buy a used 2015 Ford Escape?

Currently, because the production and distribution has been stopped in Vietnam for a long time, the old Ford Escape 2015 model for sale in the Vietnamese old car market is not much. Vehicles for sale are imported cars. Depending on each factor such as the version of the vehicle, the quality of the vehicle, the status of the vehicle’s use, … the price of used Ford Escape is somewhat different.

If you buy an old 5-seater car, the old Ford Escape 2015 costs 500 million is an option not worth considering. Because compared to many old models priced at 500 million on the market, the Ford Escape is appreciated for its durability and performance.

The price of the old Ford Escape 2015 ranges from 500 to 600 million VND or more

So if you are in need buy a 5-seater old car 500 million, the old Ford Escape 2015 name should not be ignored. The 2015 Ford Escape car model is suitable for customers who buy a car for family use or daily commute to work with simple style, muscular design, powerful operation, and safety. America.

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