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2014 Kia ​​Carens review


Although there are not really many highlights, many people rated the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens as the cheapest price compared to competitors in the same segment.

Introduction to Kia Carens 2014

Kia Carens is a predecessor of Kia Rondo and is also a direct competitor of cult brands such as Chevrolet Orlando, old Toyota Innova, Suzuki Ertiga. Recalling the history of the first version of the year in 1999, Kia Carens carries the manufacturer’s ambition to become the number 1 passenger car on the global market. But this intention was quickly overwhelmed by the fierce competition of the European auto market.

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2014 Kia ​​Carens

The next version in 2006, although it has been changed some details, has not yet met the expectations of Kia. And without stopping there, the birth of the 2014 Kia ​​Carens seems to be a positive sign that the completion of the half-decade revolution of this Korean car brand. Because of that, when evaluating the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens, many people believe and affirm that this will be a bright candidate for the fierce competition of the 7-seat MPV segment as what the manufacturer has expected. wait.

Carens exterior 2014

At first glance from the outside, people will easily realize that this is not an aesthetic car. Feeling the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens at first glance is a fixed MPV shape and nothing stands out. Therefore, this is probably not going to be the choice for those who are more concerned with the aesthetics of the car. However, if you look carefully, you can see that the advantages of the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens are more expressed through the harmonious arrangement of the details.

Car head

The unique feature of the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens must be mentioned is the design of the grille in the form of tiger nose – a familiar design of Schreyer. This design, with sharp front lights and MacPherson strut suspension, gives the front end a personality and strong.

Carens 2014 front end design

Vehicle body

The two sides of the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens are rearview mirrors with integrated flexible turn indicator and electric folding along with embossed veins extending from the front to the rear to create a harmony for the overall exterior.

The 2014 Kia ​​Carens specifications are shown in the table below:

Size specifications

2014 Kia ​​Carens

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)

4,545 x 1,820 x 1,720

The standard long


Ground clearance



Tail lights are harmoniously equipped for the tail. The 16-inch alloy wheels are designed quite firmly. The rear torsion bar is meticulously adjusted for better handling and handling situations.

The rear end has a quite simple design

Carens Furniture 2014

As noted above about the characteristics of the car, the interior space of the old Kia Carens 2014 is spaciously designed and the interior is harmonious, creating comfort for all seating positions in the car. Each row of car seats is designed to suit the seating position. The second row of seats instead of the long-belt design like the old 2013 Kia Carens version, has been separated into individual seats and can be adjusted to tilt and slide. The seat area is also quite spacious and comfortable.

However, the downside of the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens also comes from this detail when giving up space for the second row, the first row of seats will feel a little cramped. The rear seats are convenient when they can be raised or folded down to expand the storage area from 492L up to 1,650L. However, this row of seats is also limited, so it is only suitable for passengers who are young children.

Interior compartment is quite small for 7 people

Looking at the dashboard of the car, many people also appreciate it not having high aesthetics. Materials used are matte black plastic with simple colors which limit the attraction. However, the manufacturer has also compensated for this minus point with the ability to perfect comfort. The storage space of the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens belongs to the top of the segment with ample space along with the design of the center console storage compartment.

The control panel is quite simple

Carens Engine Specifications 2014

Technical specifications

2014 Kia ​​Carens

Engine capacity

1.6L GDi petrol engine

Diesel engine CRDi 1.7L

Maximum capacity

133 horsepower

114 hp or 134 hp


6-speed manual gearbox

6-speed manual gearbox

6-speed automatic transmission (exclusively with 134-hp Diesel engine)

Talking about performance, the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens is considered to be more reliable than competitors like Citroën Picasso or Renault Scenic. The car’s spring system is more solidly designed and the shock absorbers work to prevent side sway when the vehicle is operating. According to some test drivers as well as those who have bought old 2014 Kia ​​Carens, the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens is capable of handling situations quite well: responsive steering wheel, electromechanical power steering system. Stable and smooth operation …

Carens safety equipment 2014

Old car Kia Carens 2014 is equipped with safety features such as: anti-lock braking, 2 safety airbags, solid chassis for a safe driving feeling on all roads … with some mechanical safety features. other version.

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Should I buy a used 2014 Kia ​​Carens?

Prices for old 2014 Kia ​​Carens are currently sold in the market with fluctuations in the range of 400-450 million VND. Depending on the dealer and vehicle condition, there will be different differences. This can be considered as the ideal price for those who are wondering whether 400 million to buy a cheap 7 car to serve personal or family moving needs. For those who are in need of buying a used 7 seat car for business, the old 2014 Kia ​​Carens is also one of the most reasonable choice.

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