2014 Ford Everest car review

Many people are concerned that the old Ford Everest is as durable as the Toyota Fortuner. The old 2014 Ford Everest reviews from the following users will answer all.

Introduction to Ford Everest 2014

At the time of launch, Everest 2014 also received a lot of support and positive reviews from users around the world. This model also offers the family group an additional attractive option with many advantages. In Vietnam, Ford distributes Everest 2014 with 3 vehicle versions: 2.5L MT 4 × 2 for 704 million, 2.5L AT 4 × 2 for 757 million and 2.5L MT 4 × 4 for 837 million.

2014 Ford Everest model

Currently, the price of the old Everest car is about 700 million depending on the version and the actual quality of the car. However, to choose a car that has not been damaged and deteriorated much, the buyer should bring the car directly to Ford’s maintenance centers or reputable repair shops for inspection and advice.

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Exterior Everest 2014

The exterior of the old Ford Everest 2014 is considered not really suitable because it is not as harmonious as the 2015 Everest. The front is still a bit small compared to the body so it is not balanced. The rear end has not really made a strong impression on the user because the design is a bit lacking in accents.

The front end of the 2014 Ford Everest is a bit small compared to the bodywork

However, the exterior equipment of the old Everest 2014 is also quite good in quality. The light clusters, rearview mirrors … are quite durable and less damaged. The exterior paint and the chassis of the car are also quite thick and durable, so the 2014 Ford Everest is less degraded on the exterior and difficult to dented if there is a slight impact.

2014 Everest Furniture

The utility and interior of the Ford Everest 2014 are quite complete, but nothing too outstanding compared to other competitors in the same segment. The interior of the car remains largely the same as the old 2013 Ford Everest with premium leather or fabric seats, two independent air conditioning units and rear spoiler for the rear seats. The utility is still a CD player with Radio and connection ports like AUX / USB and no entertainment screen.

Utilities of Everest 2014 at the basic level

However, xold Ford 7 seats still has a big advantage that the interior space is extremely spacious even when seated with 7 adults. The luggage compartment is also very large to store and the owner can also fold the rear seats to increase the carrying capacity. In addition, the car also has a lot of compartments and small drawers to increase the space used and keep the car neat and clean.

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Engine specifications Ford Everest 2014

Everest 2014 is the last version using a 2.5L engine because versions from 2015 have been upgraded to a 3.2L capacity. All 3 Everest 2014 versions are installed with a 2.5L capacity, 141 horsepower capacity. With this capacity, the Ford Everest only has the ability to operate stably, smoothly without the ability to accelerate really impressive compared to many other competitors. This is also a major disadvantage of the 2014 Ford Everest.

2014 Ford Everest uses 2.5L engine

However, in general buy a used car 2014 Ford Everest still gives users a pretty good driving experience. The clutch pedal (in the MT versions) is power assisted, so it runs very smoothly and light as the AT versions. The soundproofing of the old 2014 Everest, although not too impressive, has also been improved a lot compared to the 2013 Everest.

Safety equipment Everest 2014

Safety equipment of Everest 2014 has the highlight is the appearance of automatic throttle Cruise Control. The driver can preset the desired throttle when the car reaches a speed of over 40 km // h. In addition, Everest has no other remarkable safety technology because the car only has 2 – 4 airbags depending on the version, the ABS brake force distribution system and the electronic brake force distribution system EBD. The lack of sensors and reverse camera is also a drawback that makes Everest 2014 less attractive in the eyes of users.

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Should I buy a used Ford Everest 2014?

Although it is a multi-purpose car and suitable for families, it must be admitted that the current price of 700 million used cars is no longer suitable if buying a used SUV like the 2014 Ford Everest. In this price range, car owners It is entirely possible to buy the old 2015 Ford Everest with a comprehensive upgrade: the 3.2 L engine, the addition of top-of-the-line safety technologies and the addition of an entertainment screen in the center. Thus, if you choose, car owners can completely choose the higher model Everest 2015 and the price difference is not too much.

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