2014 Ford EcoSport car review

2014 Ford EcoSport car review

In the old high-rise 5-seater segment, the 2014 Ford EcoSport is the choice that many buyers aim for because of its quite reasonable price and comfort.

Introduction to Ford Ecosport 2014

With somewhat complicated traffic characteristics like cities in Vietnam today, owning one 5-seater car high ground rated handy and suitable. However, the price of a new car in this segment is also quite high. If you have fallen in love with the high-grounding 5-seater, some experts suggest Suggest to buy a used 2014 Ford EcoSport. Because this is an old car that satisfies your family’s daily travel needs as well as has a very affordable price.

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2014 Ford Ecosport

Launched to the market by Ford Vietnam in June 2014 with versions 1.5L Trend MT, 1.5L Trend AT, 1.5L Titanium AT, Ford EcoSport 2014 has a design designed in a sporty, neat style. has attracted the attention and won the hearts of consumers. With the origin of a strong brand, even after 4 years of operation, the Ford EcoSport still does not devalue too much. So what makes its value, let’s evaluate possible feel the 2014 Ford EcoSport better.

Exterior EcoSport 2014

2014 Ford EcoSport It has a separate design not following the trail, the car has a round appearance, showing a healthy, muscular, mixed with straight lines connecting the curved blocks very harmoniously and reasonably. Details such as front bumper, rear bumper and body cladding are uniformly designed to give the car a liberal and dynamic feel. The 2014 design is still retained for later generations of the same generation such as 2016 Ford EcoSport, 2017 Ford EcoSport … Therefore, the 2014 Ford Ecosport, even though it has been used for more than 4 years, is not outdated in appearance.

Car head

The front end of the Ford EcoSport 2014 is uniquely designed with a thin headlight combination and runs along the car, combined with a large grille with chrome-covered edges. Most of the lines as well as details are very clear, making it muscular and healthy. However old 2014 Ford EcoSport disadvantages The lighting system is still Halogen, but this is also a common limitation of the car models in the same segment.

The front end of the Ford EcoSport 2014 is uniquely designed with a thin headlight combination

Vehicle body

Bodywork Ford EcoSport 2014 designed smooth but still dynamic. The front bumper, the rear bumper and the rib cage look like a unified strip with dark colors, giving the car a higher feel. The highlight of the car compared to other 5-seater old models of the same generation is its remarkable ability to wade through the 550mm high undercarriage. This is a very competitive advantage of the car when it comes to moving in often flooded urban areas of Vietnam.

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The body of the Ford Ecosport is both smooth and dynamic

Another advantage that is also a public point for this urban model is the short length of the car, so it is very convenient to join traffic with heavy traffic. The rearview mirror is also modernly designed with electric adjustment and integrated with turn indicator lights. Lazang is an alloy with a size of 16 inches.


The tail is still traditionally designed with spare tires placed at the back. The slightly protruding rear lights create a muscular feel to the car. The rear bumper is dark in color for a solid feel. The rear door handle has also been hidden very subtly, creating a neatness for the rear end.

The tail of the Ford Ecosport with rear spare tire in a traditional style

2014 EcoSport interior

The old Ford EcoSport 2014 cockpit is characterized by a spacious space that creates comfort for the user, and the harmonious combination of high ceilings and large framed glass doors create a sense of ventilation for the car. . The 2014 Ford EcoSport dashboard is fully functional with soft colors and a convenient viewing position. In addition, the leather-wrapped steering wheel and the tablo panel are designed in a modern style with two large buttons on the sides with integrated entertainment keys. This helps the car keep its inherent youthfulness.

The old Ford EcoSport 2014 cockpit makes a difference with a spacious space

The seats of the old Ford Ecosport 2014 are designed in a sporty style and are relatively spacious. High-quality felt seats give customers a comfortable and comfortable feeling when sitting in the car. The rear seats also have ample space and comfortable legroom, making it easy for occupants to relax for each long trip. This row of seats also has the ability to fold with a 60:40 ratio to help expand the luggage compartment when needed. However, the drawback is that the armrests on both sides are a bit low.

The rear seats are quite wide

The old 2014 Ford EcoSport is equipped with a fairly complete entertainment function. The car has a sound system up to 6 speakers, CD player, AM / FM radio, connected via USB, AUX and Bluetooth ports. Although SYNC voice control feature, but the system does not support Vietnamese, this is also a limitation of the old Ford EcoSport 2014. Many people 2014 Ford EcoSport car review has a pretty good air conditioning system when it only needs about 5-7 minutes to cool the cabin.

Engine Specifications 2014 EcoSport

Specifications EcoSport 2014 as follows: Type 1.5L Duratec, for a maximum capacity of 110 horsepower at 6,300 rpm rev / min. Maximum torque is 138Nm at 4,400 rpm. Fuel consumption on the highway is about 6.7L – 9.5L / 100km. Thus, it can be seen that the 2014 Ford EcoSport has a pretty good engine and is particularly fuel-efficient.

The old 2014 EcoSport was fitted with a 1.5L Duratec engine by Ford

Choosing an old car that is both convenient and compact is also essential for those who often have to move around in a crowded and cramped city. With a high chassis, the car has the advantage when it comes to wading, but it should be noted that in the corners, the visibility of the car is not really good. The 2014 Ford EcoSport has a throttle system that is quite smooth due to its sporty and solid design. Through many experiences with various types of highways shows that the 2014 Ford EcoSport still shows the serenity and stability. A bit limited when the car accelerates at high speed is quite slow and wind noise into the cabin is also relatively loud.

Equipped with EcoSport 2014 safety

The 2014 Ford EcoSport has good safety equipment. Ford equips the Titanium version with safety features such as:

  • ABS system helps anti-lock braking
  • The EBD system helps distribute the force to the brakes
  • Vehicle theft prevention system
  • ESC system for electronic balance (Drivers easily control the vehicle, even in slippery terrain)
  • The system helps to assist when the car starts off on a steep slope to help the driver maintain the braking force for up to 3 seconds, preventing the vehicle from drifting on a slope.
  • The reversing sensor helps the driver to avoid collisions with objects behind that cannot be seen through the rearview mirror.
  • The vehicle is equipped with 7 airbags to help protect the driver and passengers

The safety equipment of the old Ford EcoSport 2014 is highly appreciated

Should I buy a used 2014 Ford EcoSport?

Old 2014 Ford EcoSport sold in the range from 400 million to 490 million depending on the different versions and old or new condition of the car. With this same money range, buyers have many other options in the same segment of B grade, but in sedans or hatchbacks such as Honda City, Honda Jazz, Toyota Vios … In the 5-seat segment of B grade, The Ford EcoSport is probably the best choice. Thus, through this review hopefully will give you more information about the old 5-seater Ford EcoSport car. Thereby, you can choose for yourself a car that best suits your needs and your family’s needs.

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