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2013 Nissan Sunny car review


Compared with competitors such as Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent, Mazda 2 … expert rating gWhat’s special about the old Sunny 2013 car?

Since its inception up to now, but in the old car market, 2013 Nissan Sunny has always kept its appeal to consumers. In the small sedan segment, the old 2013 Nissan Sunny is always the name that receives a lot of attention from users. Here are some old Nissan Sunny 2013 car reviews.

Introduction of the 2013 Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny is a car from Japan that has played a very important role in the development of the Nissan brand in the Vietnamese market. Since its appearance in Vietnam, Nissan Sunny has continuously improved to conquer consumers. 2013 Nissan Sunny was officially launched in Vietnam market in June 2013. The launch of Sunny 2013 has attracted a lot of attention to customers and is considered a serious competitor compared to competitors in the segment. . The old 2013 Nissan Sunny has had some upgrades and changes compared to the previous 2012 version.

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The old 2013 Nissan Sunny is a compact sedan

After a relatively long period of use, users will be able to feel the old 2013 Nissan Sunny for the pros and cons. Buying a used car can be risky, so when buying a used car, customers need to consider and choose carefully.

Exterior Sunny 2013

The old Nissan Sunny 2013 is designed in an elegant and simple style, aimed at customers who love the simplicity or the elderly, married. The old 2013 Nissan Sunny specifications for length x width x height are respectively 4,425 x 1,695 x 1,505 mm and a wheelbase of 2,590 mm.

The front end is properly designed in a simple style with a large grille with shiny chrome trim for an elegant look. Headlamp cluster and light sockets are designed to be big and sharp. The car’s front bumper is designed uniformly and in harmony with the entire car, creating an impressive feeling.

With its overall size, the body of the old Nissan Sunny 2013 is considered quite large compared to competitors in the same segment. The bodywork has long embossed veins running along the body of the car, increasing the elegance and increasing aerodynamics of the car. The downside of the old 2013 Nissan Sunny is that the rearview mirror does not integrate turn signal lights. But if users want, they can still request to equip this feature. The wheel set of the old 2013 Nissan Sunny is designed with two types of sizes: the MT version with the 14-inch wheel and the 15-inch AT version.

Exterior of old Nissan Sunny 2013 simple style

The rear end is designed to be higher than the body, simple lines look very neat, but make a strong impression on the viewer. In addition, the design of the rear end has made the luggage compartment of the old Nissan Sunny 2013 more widely evaluated than competitors in the segment.

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According to user reviews, the old 2013 Nissan Sunny after many years of use has been somewhat old, not as beautiful as the original. The image of the old Nissan Sunny 2013 has been somewhat degraded, worn out in many details, especially the wheels, door handles, … The paint color on the body of the car no longer has a new gloss but has a bit of fading. scratched by a car crash. However, if the old owner of the car is very well maintained and cared for, the exterior is relatively good, not much impact.

Sunny Furniture 2013

The interior space of the old Nissan Sunny 2013 is designed in a simple style, with comfort towards users’ comfort, spaciousness and convenience. Buttons, control keys as well as car details are arranged very simply, not fussy, easy to use. Some reviews say that if for those who love modernity and interior technology, the old Sunny 2013 will not be able to satisfy them. However, target customers of the old Nissan Sunny 2013 are the elderly, who like simple and elegant style.

Due to the smaller car size than some competitors in the segment, the old Nissan Sunny 2013 space is considered to be relatively spacious, creating a comfortable sitting space. The 2013 Sunny’s rear seats impress with 636 mm wide legroom. In addition, the ceiling space of the old Sunny 2013 is also considered to be much more spacious than its competitors. The seats on the car are soft, eye-catching and are covered with leather in AT version and light-colored felt in MT version. However, due to the usage process, the seat on the old 2013 Nissan Sunny is somewhat flat, no bulging and the color is silver compared to the new one.

The dashboard of the car is designed with two clocks that display separate speed according to the rpm. The display screen located in the center position helps the driver to clearly observe the specifications of the vehicle in the most concrete and easy way. Table taplo car old Nissan Sunny 2013 design in a classic and simple direction. Thanks to that, users can easily use the control buttons quickly and easily. The dashboard of the car is equipped with a dark hard plastic material and accentuated with a silver paint cluster.

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Interior of the old Nissan Sunny 2013 is quite simple but comfortable

The old Nissan Sunny 2013 steering wheel AT version is covered with leather with integrated audio control buttons. But the MT steering wheel is not invested a lot when it does not have integrated control keys and is not covered with leather. The car door is made of bright plastic material combined with some leather details such as door openers and armrests. The polished chrome armrests and door handles add highlights to make the interior more luxurious.

Overall assessment of the old 2013 Nissan Sunny, the interior details still retain simplicity but sophistication. However, after many years, the 2013 Nissan Sunny’s interior parts no longer maintain the status quo, but have shown signs of old and deteriorating.

Specifications Sunny 2013

All 3 versions of the old 2013 Nissan Sunny are equipped with a 1.5L DOHC, 4-cylinder petrol engine system. The maximum power of the engine is 99 hp and the maximum torque is 134 Nm. However, the status of the gearbox has 2 choices: 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. Compared to its competitors, the engine system power of the old 2013 Nissan Sunny is not appreciated because it is a bit weak. But in terms of performance, the old Nissan Sunny 2013 gives users a relatively good driving experience. The car has good acceleration, when cornering at high speeds is relatively stable.

The engine power of the old 2013 Sunny is rated weaker than its competitors

Besides, the ability to save fuel of the 2013 Nissan Sunny is also quite good. Fuel consumption in the automatic is about 6.7 liters / 100 km, the manual is 6.3 liters / 100 km of the mixed road. In addition, the car is also appreciated for its good soundproofing. However, in fact, the sound insulation and fuel consumption of the old 2013 Nissan Sunny is not as good as it was originally. Increased fuel consumption and poor sound insulation due to years of use.

Sunny safety equipment 2013

The old 2013 Nissan Sunny is fully equipped with the manufacturer’s standard safety features. Some safety technologies are equipped on the vehicle such as anti-lock braking system, emergency brake support, seat belt, electronic brake force distribution, 2 airbags, … In addition, the chassis Zone Body structure with high stiffness safety zone and force absorption zone helps the occupants to be protected in the best way.

Should I buy a used 2013 Nissan Sunny?

Currently, car prices old car 2013 Nissan Sunny is sold in the market with fluctuations ranging from 240 to 450 million. Depending on the vehicle version, usage status, old and new level of the car, the price will be different. If you are in need of buying a used car under 300 million VND, the price of an old Nissan Sunny 2013 is a suitable suggestion. With comfortable and safe equipment on the old 2013 Nissan Sunny, the price from 240 to 450 million is completely reasonable.

Prices for the old 2013 Nissan Sunny range from about 240 to 450 million

Old Nissan Sunny 2013 with simple style is aimed at customers who love simplicity, elegance and sustainability. So whether to buy the old 2013 Nissan Sunny or not will depend on the user’s preferences, needs, purpose and financial ability.

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