2012 Kia Carens advantages and disadvantages

2012 Kia Carens advantages and disadvantages

Affordable price, spaciousness, and fuel economy are factors that help the old 2012 Kia Carens become a suitable 7-seater car for home use or service business.

Introduction to Kia Carens 2012

Kia Carens (currently Kia Rondo) is a fairly successful MPV of the Korean automaker. Although not as famous as the other “brothers” in the “family”, Carens is still a modern 7-seat car model that is welcomed by its durability, economy, convenience and especially the “affordable price.” “. Carens’ main competitors are old cars Innova, Nissan Grand Livina, Mitsubishi Zinger, Chevrolet Orlando, …

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The 2012 Kia Carens is a cheap, modern, durable and economical 7-seat car

Oriented to produce a family car for every home, 2012 Kia Carens has made new improvements and additions, helping Korean cars to reach customers who run business and service. And A review of the old 2012 Kia Carens for a more detailed look at this old car model.

Carens exterior 2012

In the MPV multi-purpose car line, but Kia Carens makes us think of hatchbacks by the 5 + 2 design. From the outside, Carens 2012 has a small, neat size suitable for narrow streets. According to this manufacturer, 2012 Kia Carens specifications Length x width x height is 4,545 x 1,800 x 1,600mm, and 2,700mm wheelbase. It can be said that the appearance of Carens 2012 is a combination of sedan and crossover, if compared with 7-seater models at that time, Korean representatives are somewhat “small” than.

Carens 2012 has a “hybrid” design between sedan and crossover

At the top of the car, the reverse trapezoidal grille is wrapped in luxurious chrome trim, the large round headlight cluster has become easier on the eyes than other generations. Used Kia Carens 2010 – 2011 go back. The body of the car has 17-inch 10-spoke wheels, the rearview mirror with integrated turn signals. Behind Carens 2012 brings a feeling of strong, firmer with square lines, definitive. Tail lights and brake lights are designed in harmony with the rear bumper, dynamic chrome exhaust, …

General, old Kia Carens 2012 Not a car with a beautiful design, even in the latest generations, the car is only youthful, creating sympathy with the user.

Carens Furniture 2012

With the goal of producing multi-purpose cars for families, Kia engineers designed the small Carens on the outside but with quite a spacious cabin space inside. In addition, 2012 Kia Carens interior also refined, more luxurious than previous generations.

Kia Carens 2012 offers 7 passenger seats with soft felt upholstery, with headrests for all seats. However, according to those reviews Buy old Kia Carens 2012 The car is only comfortable with 5 passengers, the third row of seats is quite narrow and if folded, it will have a moderate area to store bulky luggage. Actually this is not just that old 2012 Kia Carens disadvantages Currently, there are also rare models of 5 + 2 cars with a spacious third row.

Interior compartment of Carens 2012 is spacious, comfortable for 5 people and moderate amount of luggage

Taplo board of Carens 2012 is designed simply and scientifically with buttons arranged intuitive, easy to use. The 4-spoke steering wheel is not impressive, can be adjusted up and down to suit the position of the driver and integrated with audio control buttons.

The comfortable equipment system provided on Carens 2012 is quite adequate for the needs of using a family car or doing business or service. These include outstanding amenities such as FM radio entertainment system, MP3 player, 6-speaker sound system with integrated multimedia USB / iPod / AUX port; the air conditioner for quick and deep cooling, in addition to additional air cavity under the feet; Electric sunroof,…

Engine Specifications Carens 2012

Stable operation, compactness, durability and fuel economy are the most outstanding advantages that users feel about Kia Carens 2012. Kia provides its 7-seater MPV with the I4 DOHC petrol engine with electronic fuel injection technology EFI. In which the most advanced version of the SX has a capacity of 2.0L delivering 143 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and torque of 198 Nm at 4,250 rpm. Carens 2012 fuel consumption is 6.3L / 100km of mixed roads.

Strong engine, durable and fuel-saving are the outstanding advantages of Carens 2012

Thanks to the sedan chassis system with a low center of gravity, the car feels light, compact, good cornering and safe, the thick cover is relatively good soundproof. However, Carens 2012 is still inevitable the inherent disadvantage of being prone to undercarriage when passing through complicated terrain, the suspension system is poor and cannot bear too heavy loads. Long trips with families over 5 people are too much for Carens. In return, the car engine is quite durable, although it is a petrol engine, this is also one of the important criteria that helps Carens become the first choice for those who want buy a cheap 7-seat car for about 300 million.

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Carens safety equipment 2012

The most notable safety and security equipment on Carens 2012 is ABS anti-lock braking system, 2 front seat airbags, remote control unlocking system, anti-theft feature, … quite reasonable with the price offered by the manufacturer, when placed next to the competitors in the same segment, it is still possible to evaluate the old Carens 2012 as a safe 7-seater.

Carens 2012 is an old and cheap multi-purpose car suitable for home use or urban business

Should I buy the old 2012 Kia Carens?

Price of old Kia Carens 2012 Currently at about 300 million, this is an attractive price for those wishing to buy a used 7-seat multi-purpose car. Carens 2012 owns a full range of advantages: spacious, economical, durable, safe and user-friendly. As a result, the car is suitable as a companion to families, and can also be used for business and service purposes.

Kim Oanh

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