2009 Toyota Fortuner review

After many years, so far, the owner of the car has evaluated that the old Toyota Fortuner in early 2009 is still quite durable, but also revealed many disadvantages.

Introducing Toyota Fortuner 2009

Model Toyota Fortuner 2009 is the first model officially distributed in Vietnam. Until now, Toyota still offers Fortuner line with both gasoline and diesel fuel versions. Car price old car The current 2009 Fortuner ranges from 350 million to 500 million depending on the version.

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Toyota Fortuner 2009 model G version

Exterior of Fortuner 2009

In terms of aesthetics, a car produced nearly 10 years ago like Fortuner 2009 is certainly difficult to be beautiful and eye-catching like the next stage cars such as Toyota Fortuner 2015 or Toyota Fortuner 2016. The car is not create “pit” and strong shape like but soft and “faded” more. According to the users, the vehicle’s exterior equipment has the advantage of high durability. After nearly 10 years of use, if carefully maintained, the exterior equipment such as lasers, light boxes, rear view mirrors, door handles … are still quite sturdy and have not shown any signs of deterioration.

Exterior Fortuner 2009 is not too eye-catching but also quite durable

However, Fortuner 2009 also has a big disadvantage in terms of exterior, that is the chassis and coating of the car is very thin. NThis old Fortuner disadvantage makes the car easy to be distorted even in light impacts. In addition, fast paint scratches also cause car owners to spend more money to repaint, help the car always shine and ensure aesthetics.

Furniture Fortuner 2009

The interior compartment of the Toyota Fortuner 2009 is considered to have advantages in durability and disadvantages in terms of “poor” technology and utility. The leather and seat cushions of the Fortuner, after nearly 10 years of use, are still quite sturdy and show no signs of cracking like some of the competitors. In addition, the leather upholstery of this car also feels quite cool when sitting, not sweaty and uncomfortable. The car’s steering wheel, knobs and buttons are also quite sturdy and do not need to be replaced or modified.

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The interior of the 2009 Fortuner has good durability

On the downside, the Toyota Fortuner still inherits the “traditional” poor utility and technology of Toyota. In particular, the diesel version of the car is only equipped with a CD player, felt-covered seats, non-electric steering wheel and simple display. This is something that, according to the experience of buying old Fortuner, buyers should pay attention to consider. Not only life in 2009 but a number of successive lives later also share this “poverty”.

But in return, the 7-seat old Fortuner is equipped with two air-conditioning units with a fairly good cooling rate and intensity. The space in the car is also relatively spacious and comfortable. However, the third row of the car’s seat design is not too reasonable when it can not be folded to increase the luggage area for users on long trips.

Engine specifications Fortuner 2009

Toyota’s engine system has long been likened to “bronze pot” by its extremely high durability. With Fortuner, although this car has also been through nearly 10 years of use, the machine is still quite durable and less damaged. The automatic transmission is also quite stable, especially with the floor number, according to many owners, the hand number of Fortuner 2009 is a bit noisy, easy to be rattled when shifting gears after moving over 100,000km.

In terms of driving experience, Fortuner 2009 brings a pretty good driving feeling in terms of compactness, and the steering wheel is also low on the road, so when going on the street, it brings a relatively good feeling to the owner. ABS brakes also perform well and make the car more reliable on the road.

Fortuner 2009 is capable of running well in the city

However, the old Fortuner 2009 has a not too high engine capacity, so the car is not accelerating well, and the level is poor, so when passing, the driver should pay attention to this to ensure safety. In addition, the car is also not really good soundproof in both the petrol engine and the oil engine, so sometimes the explosion of the exhaust and undercarriage will echo into the cabin, causing discomfort for the people in the car.

Should I buy old 2009 Toyota Fortuner?

In general, with the actual advantages and disadvantages of the Fortuner 2009 above, whether to buy the old Fortuner or not completely depends on the economic capabilities and the needs of your vehicle. However, this 2009 Fortuner series is considered suitable for customers who buy a service car because it is quite durable and has little repair fees. This is also a premise to help you save money when driving for business purposes.

Hien Ha

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