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20 years old, six Spring Festival Gala! Regarding idol halo, he said…

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On the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2021

Wang Yuan partnered with sister Moon and virtual singer Luo Tianyi

Sang a children’s song “Listen to Me”

This is Wang Yuan, 20 years old this year

The 6th time on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala

“Like gives me unlimited motivation

I want to make my own pop music”

Once used as a juvenile idol group “Come on Boy”

Three people on the same stage

Have grown up now

Show your own style in different fields

Released his first solo songwriting and songwriting single from the age of 15

“Because I Met You” begins

Wang Yuan is no longer satisfied with simply singing

He is working towards the direction of a singer-songwriter

In 2019, Wang Yuan made an important decision in his life:

Study music abroad

Regarding why he made this decision, he said:

“I want to make my own pop music

Let others hear”

After more than two years of study

Wang Yuan from all over the world,

Inspiration from different types of music

The perception of popular music has also changed

“I think music is a very magical thing

It can convey emotion across language, time and space”

“It requires thinking ten times more than others

Also need to embrace life”

Become Famous

Idol halo

Behind you are fans’ attention and love

Wang Yuan also suffers from growing troubles different from ordinary people

For the halo and pressure of idol status

Wang Yuan thinks: “When you choose to go this way,

You need to think ten times more than others”

While being cautious

He will also allow himself to have some “little rebellion”

“If you are too closed, don’t touch life

It’s actually hard to absorb inspiration

So I am embracing life now”

Keep trying

Be your own “captain”

Although overseas

But Wang Yuan is not far from the public eye

Ten years later, people found

The little boy who was once immature and ignorant

Is already an adult on his own

In 2017, Wang Yuan established his own studio

Multiple attempts to start a personal acting career

Music, movies, fashion, variety shows…

You can see him working hard to expand his potential in many fields

As an adult, he also began to take care of his life

With more autonomy

In the voyage of life

He wants to be his own captain

“5 years ago, I was 15 years old

No accurate judgment ability in this industry

My team will help me decide whether to do it or not

Now they will still help me list the pros and cons of this matter

But in the end it will be up to me to decide”

“Work hard on the road to becoming a role model”

From 2018

Wang Yuan writes articles for “Global People” magazine

Is the only person in the history of “Universal People”

Columnist who has written for four consecutive years

On the last page of each month’s magazine

He shared his knowledge, insights and thoughts without interruption

With words representing the personality, style and pursuit of “post-00s”

Outline the distinctive characteristics of post-00s

Many fans describe him as “example”

For this term, he believes that he has not yet done it:

“I think I may never touch these two words

But I want to go forward on this road without hesitation

Keep loving, keep sincere

Keep working hard, keep kind, keep humble

These five maintenances are basic conditions”

“The outside sight is not a shackle

It’s urging me to get better”

In early 2017, Wang Yuan was invited to participate

United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum

Become the first Chinese teenager to board the UN speaker

In the same year, Wang Yuan established the “Yuan Charity Special Fund”

Served as UNICEF Youth Education Messenger

At that time, his body

I can still see the appearance of some children

But as it continues to grow

He gradually showed responsibility beyond his age

He took the initiative to take responsibility for his family and team

And convey positive values ​​to the public

“Let people discipline themselves first

I don’t think the sight of the outside world is a shackle

It’s urging you to become a better person”

▌Source of this article: CCTV News (ID: cctvnewscenter)



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